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Source: QuickyBaby

In World of Tanks Badger has the highest DpM and arguably best frontal destroyer in the game… so why don’t I love it?


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by and available as a free download.


  1. QB please check out wot console again. It’s like armored warfare now, we are getting modern tanks soon.

  2. If ypu can make a video about which tier 9’s and 10’s would be a good idea to sell or keep, it would help a great deal. Just to have an idea of what seems like a good idea and so on and so forth.

  3. The T110E5, I should have stoped grinding with the T29 😅

  4. Well i selled the M4 54, because his armor layout sucks hard. The T9 M4 51 on the other hand bounces more shells because his frontal armor has a better angle and doesnt have this huge lowerplate. And has closely the same DPM.

  5. They need to give this tank 315 ap pen or apcr to justify the pen. Then buff its premium pen to 380. Only way dpm will ever work.

  6. Tortoise for the win! 🙂

  7. Everything QB said is right, except he avoided to talk about the major problem of this tank: when you go hulldown, everyone just shoot gold at the (pardon me) boobs of the tanks. And as shown in the video, this just eradicate the essence of the tank (imho). He was doing all the job for going hulldown and E4 and Maus just penned him. Being super honest, a player should go “super hulldown” and expose only the gun at maximum depression angle, but the situations in which this can be done are very slim.

  8. Am i crazy or is this the same badger gameplay QB featured last badger video?

  9. I got the premium tier 8 STRV, and recently picked up the E-25.

    I feel this way about both tanks. I KNOW theyre excellent in the right hands, I KNOW what they are capable of… But just dont have enough experience playing either to apply it. The STRV, I made the mistake of dismissing its crew and throwing my IKV crew in it (this was before when I was an idiot and didnt realize both the importance of crew skill, and the ease with which I could’ve just… ya know… Cross trained the crew at a later time). And I have yet to throw decent equipment at it other than camo and binocs. And, it is a very situational tank, and its siege mode gimmick demands that you go into and out of siege mode sparringly and only when you need to… which I’m bad at judging.

    And the E-25 is such a weird combination of qualities, I just have a hard time getting good results out of it. Should I scout, should I sit back and plah like a traditional TD, or run around the map like a madman, risking my small health pool? I feel like a good E-25 player often does a little bit of each in each game, and knows exactly when to do something else, and that’s something I’m not good at yet.

    Anyway, yeah, those 2 tanks feel that way the most to me, knowing full well they’re good tanks.

  10. Hello QB. Could you comment on WG decision not to include the Chieftain in the next clanwar event?

  11. i got the badger and kept the tortoise. Just like you said: I like the badger, cause its basically a t10 tortoise, but “pound for pound” the tortoise feels stronger on t9 than the badger on t10. i want that video about “Bad t10 Step-Ups”! I have the feeling on several tech trees, that t9 is great and the following t10 just doesnt cut it competitively in t10 games like the t9 did. That was the case on badger, e100 and more … and thats the reason why i hesitate to get the kranwagen or SuperConquerer … they just dont seem a good step up from t9.

  12. I want to slap the shit out of that Maus player

  13. T 34 3 for me, when RNG decides it likes you you can do so much damage , had a 7k combined game recently, 4 HE shots penned, 1 into an ebr and the others into a grille 15 platoon, blocked 4k at the end, that strong turret and big alpha can work so well sometimes, other games everything pens you and you cant hit a tank 10 yards away, so frustrating to play.

  14. Many of the non-soviet tanks are better at tier 9 than at 10…

  15. TVP! Love the tank but cannot get it to work or win in it!

  16. Amx m4 51 worth keeping but the tier 10 is meh

  17. Maybe you could do a tier 9 tier list that would be good as you did tier 10 and 8 premium.

  18. Hey QB, do you think a wider gunarc would fix this vehicle?

  19. I watch your youtube until you got more beard 😂

  20. Badger needs a bit better armor and its lower plate is a big hinderance. In t10 gold ammo seems to be the norm.

  21. Tortoise ans badger havn’t the same gameplay in my opinion , the Badger should be play in a hull down position with his 10 of depression and the tortoise have a wickspot at the top so no hulldown but his lower glacis plate is better so city or stay away from ennemies (just my opinion and how i play these tank), so because of their wickspot we can not really compare these tank .

  22. really bad tank: 6k dmg and 6k blck

  23. I find it quite odd that the badger all of a sudden has a lower plate, while not a single one of the tanks before in that tech tree have a weak lower plate.
    It just requires a completely different playing style all of a sudden because you’ve never had to worry about being hull down before.

  24. do the video 9/10 it will be worth it

  25. I love my tortoise and kept it. cant seem to geth the badger to work. never had a good game in it.

  26. World of Gold Ammunition

  27. The kranvagn; I can’t find the right positions all the time and therefore that incredible turret is basically useless more often than not

  28. It’s the same with the French heavies.. Tier 9 is a beautiful tank that performs above average and then you get the tier 10 and you feel like you somehow lost some aspects of the previous tier… I love the AMX M4 51

  29. Obj 430 non U is that feeling for me, always swinging shots left right and center. but one game out of ten is good enough to keep grinding onto the 430u.

  30. E3/E4 are best front line TDs…750 Dmg troll armor what more you need?
    1:10 That is clear reason why Badger suck,lower plate instead of E4 where you need track him:)
    3:30..this is where you need be,hulldown:E4:Muhahahaha!

  31. The french tier 9 HT is also better tier for tier than tier X imao

  32. Back in the day, when they were tech tree tanks, the situation was similar with the amx 30 and 30b…tier for tier, the 30 was a great tank, the 30b was mediocre at best.

  33. I would love the video about which tier 9 to keep 🙂

  34. i have this with the VK 100.01 P

  35. The E75 always felt like a better tank than the E100, but the recent buff has helped lessen that concern.

  36. Return to STRV 103B. I think that’s the right tank for you to just have fun.

  37. For me it’s the FV4005

  38. Qb pls play in the next cw campaign get yourself a 907 or a vkk because the vkk will probably be removed next cw season.

  39. I’m sorry, I like Quackybabs, but this video just felt like he was whining about the Badger not being overpowered.

  40. QB: Badger is inconsistent
    WG: Ok lets buff Obj.140

  41. I took off all the damage increasing equipment off and stuck all the survival gear on. There is enough dps without anything

  42. Yes. Please compare tier 9 and tier 10 tanks that follow in sequence

  43. For me its the K-91

  44. Best way of playing a Tank, don´t read it´s statistics !!! Why ? RNG here in Europe is the worsest of all World wide, the statistics are often false Displayed in the Garage and Kommends or shouts on Websides are mostly from Players who are playing a Stile, which is not made for the Vehicle at all !

    I have stopped counting the Tanks which are not good at all, which players wrote or said, because I have had and will surely have my best Games in them like the American T95 or the T28 before it.

    All in all: If you don´t like them the way you play, addept a new Style for them or stop playing them at all if you are stuck in your Gameplay !

  45. Whenever i see someone in a badger they seem to die early in the game

  46. That Maus on your team…

  47. I think I’m coming over to PC world of tanks.. console version is now and completely screwed.. it’s turned into Armoured Warfare

  48. Absolutely garbage on wot console. Hugely nerfed rof compared to pc. Makes it actually less effective than a tortoise.

  49. I can see how frustrating it is to only get approx 6000 damage……i think you should sell it 😉

  50. I love my Tortoise, Top 3 tank for me. But I too cannot come to play the Badger all that much.

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