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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tank’s Polar challenge for Object 274a is pushing me to my limits and I’ve made it worse playing stock tanks!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. My most horrible experíence was the Indien Pz. stock. Its has a Tier 7 gun and can meet Tier 10. Unnecessary to say that even with premium you wont pen anything. I dont know how i got throuh the torture. All i know is that in order to equip the next gun (Tier 8) I had to research the tracks first.

  2. I highly doubt he has that much gold and free experience having not spent any money in that account …. maybe it’s just a lot different in the Asia server cause I almost never get gold codes or anything and I def don’t get anywhere near that much free experience just playing and I have a shit tone of boosters …

  3. QB is allways pointing out the difference between players that pay and players that don’t, as if there are only players who allways spend the most and players that don’t spend anything.
    The reality is that the absolute majority of players does a balance between money vs time and the latter does not come without advantages because it Will make a more hardened and experienced player.

  4. Centurion is beast when is full upgrade,have 2 marks on him,strugle for 3 butt you must learn how too play with that long reload

  5. chin up, it’s all good

  6. QB: “I suck in this tank!”
    Meanwhile, there’s an obvious golden M next to it.

  7. Oooohh you know what was the worst experience for me in WoT? Playing T-10 with stock gun. You need to try it QB

  8. More or less every stock tank is a pain in the ass doesnt matter what type

  9. Centurion 7/1 is my favorite tank. Stock was very hard to play, but after getting all the upgrades, I just loved every minute of it

  10. Αλέξανδρος Τσάτσος

    When you play the Conqueror without the fully upgraded gun

  11. I like these tanks.
    I like VK P, I 3 mark VK P.
    Wargaming makes it a heavy tank and ruins it.
    I like E1, I 2 mark E1, and on my way to 3 marks.
    Wargaming makes it a heavy tank.
    I like centurion 7/1 and I am just afraid to play it because its gonna become a heavy tank.

  12. Running2 StandStill

    good video QB, always is when you play sorta live.

  13. My win ratio is 38% for past month so yeah…

  14. I think Centurion 7/1 is just a better Centurion 1 when its stock, but the stock Centurion 1 was the worst tank I’ve ever played competing only with the Type 95.

  15. Thank you for that QB. I had a comment last night pointing out my poor stats. I know it shouldn’t bother me, but it did. I am a ftp player and maybe average ability, so knowing that you don’t do great in stock tanks (although better than me) gives me hope that I will improve. This video couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Really enjoy your videos.

  16. Stock german tank is a headache
    Stock Russian Tank was an easy journey
    Stock swedish tank is quite painful but somewhat nice
    Stock american tanks was also a headche

  17. Im here from Valley of Tears

  18. QB:7/1 is the most suckest medium tank to grind
    E50: cries here with utterly slow engine with 11.4 power to weight and also painful traverse and gum

  19. RIP T54E1 and VK 30.01 P but got butchered and turned them to Heavy tanks because it’s not a Russian tank. Miss those speedy flanks of these tanks and flexibility

  20. Michael LaBossiere

    This video provides a good explanation why some decent players have bad win rates: players who grind the tech tree and play many stock tanks with bad crews will lose much more than comparable skilled players who focus on playing and optimizing a small set of tanks. Then there is the ancient art of seal clubbing to boost the win rate. Hmm, they need to add a seal clubber decal and perhaps a seal blood camo paint. Then again, a blood soaked tank might be a bit much. Or just enough…

  21. I was playing wot while watching this and got the same 2 maps WTF.

  22. I just grinded the T54E1 from stock to T57 F2P

  23. Eduardo Tierno Yamin

    I always watch your great videos and that’s why I have to say that I just keep trying to play with stock tanks in my “absolutlyFreeToPlay” account because you show how to do it.
    Beautiful video just because it reveals many truths.
    Congratulations … again. keep it up!

  24. What is he saving his free XP for?

  25. LOL!!! “If you play a tank stock, you will do worse”… Welcome to how most of us play the game. Grinding all of them!

  26. Денис Канов

    how did u get soo much gold?

  27. I suck at light tanks

  28. Mate, did you stop cutting your beard after you were half through?

  29. 38% WR but you have Ace with the Cent 7/1, I have 55% but no Ace :p

  30. What I do know is buy the tank if any discounts are available
    Then not play it until u have enough credits etc to fully arm the tank up to max. So essentially I play my first games with. Early 100% upgrades
    Do the hard work up front

  31. Michael von Biskhoff

    Play the KV-4 without the top engine. It would be fun!

  32. After seeing this.. I suck in ALL tanks .. lol. Your “worse” games are my best.

  33. Type 61 isnt that good as stock. No armor and having a small alpha usually doesnt end well.
    I must say that Tortoise is probably the best stock T9 you can have. At least of what I have played. You have all the armor from the beginning and the gun isnt that bad. Specially when your aggressive and perma track enemies.

    If you want somewhat stock tank gameplay from marathon. I uploaded one Type 61 “Not even top gun but so delicious dpm”. It shows in the end well what the gun can do in right moments.
    Also Is-3-II gameplays. “QB Not full upgrade but the best spotter in game!” and “The accuracy of this gun is good, but sometimes bad (stock)”.

    The latter I have only 22% wins aka 4 out of 18. So this two games are half of the wins I have gotten so far xD

  34. WhiteBoy NamberoneWotBlitz

    is it worth it play wot 2020?

    Me: Its worst wot than league of legends.

    wot need it pay premium days, premiums tanks, etc.

    in lol dont need it pay nothing, only skin and dont change nothing, just appearance

  35. I’m not a pro player but when he’s in free to play I think we’re even.. Very different on seeing him using too much high equipment and skills buffs in money

  36. Antony Barn Stormer

    M3 Lee when I was learning, play it forward play it back I had no idea.

  37. “Progeddo”
    Cmon QB, you’re not American.

  38. Michael Hildebrandt

    Nice to see you struggle in stock tanks, grinding the same winning percentage as I do 🙂

  39. Why didn’t you use your free xp? At least for tracks or engine?

  40. I see you have over 160000 free xp so. Everybody has to grind through this even in your normal account you had to do it…

  41. Really good video though. To be honest, MOST vehicles in the game are pretty horrible to play stock.

  42. How did QB got the Gold on that account?

  43. quick question for anyone to answer.
    just got the tiger p, what is the recommended equipment for it? for a free2play type player?

  44. the perfect definition of hell, stock churchill GC 0_0

  45. 3.3k wn8 play play shit like this , lmao

  46. u should play with jingles when his hand is better

  47. So smooth mentioning Jingles!

  48. Ah yes i have just finished getting stuff for Cent AX, and i had 21% win ratio on Cent 7/1.
    Bad bad tank, its only somewhat good with the top tear gun.

  49. Heavy weapons Guy for Smash Bros

    I’m already on the firefly tank, and I keep dying, I want more xp, how do I get more so that I can earn more xp and credits, any tips on how to play the firefly tank?

  50. Oooh look at me I’m quickybaby and I don’t play stock tanks ever and i suddenly suck when i have to play stock tanks HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

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