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  1. only reason i came back is skink

  2. German: Wirbelwind
    Canada: Sherbelwind

  3. you asked how the BV155 was. as someone who owns it i can attest to it being a very weird and different, however not bad plane.

  4. NotSoRacistRaspberry

    I do so bad with the challenger and so well with the avenger. I just don’t get it

  5. That’s a Canadian vehicle, not American. Jeez Phly lol. 😜

  6. It’s funny bc I’ve never got killed by a challenger

  7. The BV-155 is fun to fly. Surprisingly good CAS. Dog fighting and ground pound. Works well to fly using the elevators. I just bank and pull up on the stick, can out turn most planes if you play it like that. Rolling takes a long time though.

  8. well what make skink have high tier is the armor. Skink can’t easily die by aircraft and somehow can survive from tanks too

  9. The fun canadian hahaha

    You’ve played anti-air from the ground. Could you please play anti-air from the air? I-16 type 10. It’s a phun agile phighter

  10. Maybe this comes as a suprise to alot of people, but Gaijin has no actual idea of what they are doing. It´s just slamming stuff into the game and let the cash register ring, has been like that for quite some time now.

  11. “itss kink day my dudes”~ my interpretation of the title

  12. Fuck all planes. No skill to kill a tank that cant fight back

  13. Anglo-Saxon Wirbelwind

  14. I uninstalled warthunder, so much peace it’s unbelievable.

  15. I absolutely LOL’d at 16:42

  16. Early shermans already look organic enought with those round curvatures on the cast armour of turret and hull. But this brings it to another level! THis thing literally looks like an organic animal

  17. I wish the skink was back to 4.7

  18. Hey phly, what do you think of britain at this br?

  19. Oh shit did you actually see my comment asking for the skanky skink😂

  20. Bro I feel like you were gone forever cause I haven’t got a recommended video from you for ages

  21. May I ask how do you mark something like 5:58? I will be grateful if someone can tell me🥺

  22. Is no one going to address the fact that this vehicle is 5.0 but somehow the whirlyboi can still be 3.7?

  23. @6:20 … LMAO – 5-6 heavies on your position .. scary moment there

  24. A grave misunderstanding

    AA can be so satisfying and ez when you know how to play it, i sometimes rack up 6air kills per game with my r3, depending on how many planes are up. And the best part is, not only are you gaining SP, your also protecting your team from bombs, and every plane killed is worth like 2 tanks for the enemy

  25. It was a great addition to the 4.7 lineup with the firefly and Churchill. A real shame it’s gone up. Probably won’t be played by me. I don’t usually play 5.0 above (love 6.7 to 8.3) as I like taking out full line ups.

    I should add I don’t like playing the WW2 tanks with modern vehicles like concept and Ystervark although I do like them (play them at 6.0 with the MK1 cent) just personal preference, the skink kind of fit for me.

  26. Archielo609 airsoft

    Sea furry lol

  27. I’m still puzzled why it was introduced at 4.7 and moved up to 5.0 very quickly after that

  28. For some odd reason, the skink was actually upteired from 4.7 to 5.0, odd and shouldn’t be there but oh well, the snail does what it wants.
    Be interesting to see you play the Bosvark too!

  29. I read KINK DAY and was mildly confused…

  30. legend in war thunder

  31. blazingbl2gaming op

    Make the skunk 3.3. it’d be great for the American 3.3 loadout and would make more sense considering the armour thickness. Plus the is basically an American wirbelwind, so why not make it the same as the italian wirbel.

  32. The BV 155 claps hard, just throwing that out there

  33. 2S38 + Su25 video incoming Pog

  34. Came for the Skink
    Stayed for the Challenger gameplay

  35. Wait a goddamn minute! I just realized something huge! I just remembered my very first time watching you, and that was 2015 😱 What a goddamn journey we been through Phly! I love your help energy, I love your interactions with the fans, your editing, your humor, and they are what keeping me watching you despite I personally don’t play this game. I love you Phly and keep up the great work brother 🫡 LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!

  36. This is the most cursed skin I have ever seen and its AWESOME

  37. You are trying to understand gaijin?!!😲😁.Its a waste of time.
    They are greedy,that is a fact.

  38. Saulius Kapitanovas

    I want to see you play the old soviet tanks. Because they are used in Ukraine now

  39. Hispano cannons are used on any briish aircraft that uses 20mm cannons

  40. Maybe i should start playing WT again lol

  41. Skin k day? Weird title Phly..

  42. You need to bring back BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR AA system for a game. It was 85 years since you played it.

  43. Those guns never got put into a plane

  44. AC-130 Spectre Gunner


    got me laughing like every other vid 🙂

  45. 16:40 sea furry

  46. i’m not the only one who read kink day

  47. I find it hilarious that the skink is 5.0 and the wirbelwind is still 3.7

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