I THREW THE GAME – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. just my opinion but you shouldve waited behind the rock for the action x, if he didnt peek just take the 1 on 1 with the 430u and use the rock to try and out maneuver him (if he were to push just tank the shot and end him, then should be an easy kill on the 430u)

  2. I got the M48 recently and I like it a lot.

  3. im a pubbie. cant support you!


  4. Wait you’re not an actual lemming irl, wtf.

  5. DigitalSynapse0101

    WTF? How could you?!? Gonna unsubscribe…..lol

  6. Wargaming made Sandriver a shitty camp openfield map because of F1 position now you can shoot and hide behind rocks in your TD after firing your HE shell for 200 damage into a tank at 500 meters

  7. i love your voice…it’s to bad it’s swears often XD.

  8. He finally has a facecam 😮

  9. Ronald Schertzer

    Love your channel!

  10. snowisthebestweather

    That fakeout. I though he was somehow going to throw that first one.

  11. Thibault Giesbertz

    would love live commentarys in BC 25t, but still great vid!!

  12. hey bud can you link your twitch account in every description to make it easier for anyone who wants to go there.

  13. Facecam eh? Approved

  14. If they hadn’t already, they need to make a serious/angry Russian accent voice pack.

  15. best game of the day – losing credits, lol

  16. Noland Charles Kinder

    Capping doesn’t win games. Wotlabs said so. Also Cent wouldn’t have been able to take such superior position uncontested if only there were some other class present that could have hit him from above.

  17. “I love the female voices” -LemmingRush’s perv side

  18. who the F is that guy in the corner ??

  19. First time seeing you. You have kind of Michael Shanks look.

  20. What’s wrong with QB’s voice?

  21. James The Archaic One

    You can lead the pubbies to water, but you cant make them drink

  22. I thought that u were a yellowhead lol.

  23. can you do a video on wheeled vehicles and how to play them properly

  24. After all these years finally a face to the voice nice to see your a young fella I would hate to think you where an old git like me playing as well as you do Lemming

  25. Dave TheGoldNoob

    “Are they teamkilling each other already ?”
    Nope most of us just prefer to play without things like team icons and maps as it makes it more realistic and therefore more fun, the slight downside is the allies and enemies look the same

  26. Good to see you!

  27. I love the cam. Now I finally have a face for the voice that I’m touching myself to.

  28. I think WG knows they put an obvious camping spot at F1. It would be cool and self-effacing if they put a campfire and tent right in the middle of that spot.

  29. Lemming : shows face

    Everyone : OwO

  30. Your voice doesn’t match the face I’ve created of you in my head

  31. I thought you were a girl this whole time

  32. I like seeing your face for once

  33. These videos are very helpful and informative as you go through every thought you are encounter, however try to hold back some of swearing as them words fill no purpose.

  34. Lemming complaining about 250 ping while i play with at least 300 ping

  35. i wouldn’t mind tooning up just hit me up screen nameXBrawn1

  36. Wargaming Super Noob

    You and I totally are in agreement that the American female crew voices are the best in the game. Also, can’t believe that “QB’s wife” (the blonde) isn’t the commander in the Patton. She’s my favorite.

  37. Would never have guessed that you look normal, not some genetically modified super WoT master race Belorussian…wait, no…that’s QB. You and your voice…shocker…now I know you’re not the conceited git I thought, just with the voice, swearing and giggles…you are actually just a gifted player and an intelligent dude. Wow. Who’d have known?
    You make awesome videos though…you’re like a Mozart for WoTs…

  38. Whoa 1st time seeing a facecam vid from you! LOVE SEEING YA!!

  39. I was expecting a Cheetos dusted, Dew swilling, lard bucket with a neck beard and shadow of a mustache.

    Who are you and what have you done with Lemming?

  40. I already said this to you on stream but I always imagined your room to be darker

  41. Ninja Plays Games

    You don’t look like LemmingRush. Thought he was a lizard person.

  42. Ye… Who’s stream vid did u stole.. Nice editing since that guy’s lips in the vid move same time as u speak ???

  43. well you’re smart but you need better aim and better reaction time..

  44. I always get a kick out of seeing the captions..everytime it says your name it’s something different lol. I’ve seen ‘rc crush’ ‘lemon brush’ ‘even blush’. So many of them lol.

  45. So you survive to sunlight? What kind of vampire are you? ?

  46. Why QB here?

  47. Why is there pic of a pussy on the left side?

  48. Wait what… Such a random face reveal, or have I missed something?
    My IDOL!

  49. You look so uncomfortable asking for the Twitch Prime subs at the end there :>

    Why no live stream yesterday tho?

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