I tried a 200IQ play and had to abort ._.

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  1. * gets shot once *

    So I’ve lost a lot of my hp

  2. well a lot of redline warrior for being a scout …..like your vids but hm… maybe the 132A aint that good as scout ;D

  3. this is the reason why i hardly play this game anymore, Wargaming had ruined the lt tanks after the intro of tier 9 and tier 10 lights.Wargaming do you know your own games , STUPID MUPPETS at Wargaming . And I refuse to be a follower and play RUSSIAN

  4. What I don’t get is WHY do you play LT as a medium without VR? And you do that in high tiers. O.o

  5. Great content, as usual 🙂

  6. The Tokyo Craftsman

    51,000 people online there, here on the SEA we struggle to get 5,100 at times LOL

    • yep, and the standard of games is suffering. Meanwhile ANZ is nearly dead. It used to get what HK gets now, but now it only gets barely 1k.

    • The Tokyo Craftsman

      @Lupi33 Yes, I’ll log onto the Singapore server even if it is “Overloaded” compared to the Oz server. I’ve been on the Oz server with less than 1000 people playing…. wow…

  7. i tried that play with mt-25, i didn’t knock any trees there, about 4 enemy tanks drove up there and they spotted me only when they got very close to the bushes where i was – like 2-3 meters

    • They will have spotted you within 50 meters as that is the proxy spotting distance. Also it is worth noticing that there’s less view range in lower tiers.

    • @Tomato Potato they can spot you if they get close to the windmill, kinda

    • @LemmingRush Being a stupid human I try this play quite often just because I’d just love for it to work. In most cases I get spotted when they get to the windmill as you say.

  8. Actually, The Conq aimed where you normally would aim, as the meds don’t have good shots, but the heavies are a bigger threat. I hate crossing there as tried it a lot and usually ends bad.

  9. Knocks down two trees, how does he know im here???

  10. Every game, the arty starts pinging the map where they want you to spot… Then they start cursing, then you get messages after the game… Usually guys with 25k battles in lefh and 45% WR. Yet, they know the best strategy.

  11. Lemming strategy 1. Abandon important flank so your team dies. 2. Farm remaining enemy tanks by yourself to get more damage.

    Of course I am joking but.. 😀

  12. OMG, LR, I want you to not suck at light tank play but you do! Please stop brawling in heavy area, that is not your job, you could have gone with meds and lights in El Halluf and won that early fight with support. The enemy can see they have numbers and then have confidence that they will win in the lower part of the map. XVM people can also see you in heavy brawl area and are happy for you to be there, so they can win the lower valley.
    You defo had numbers to win that lower fight and put pressure on their campers, instead, you trade with aFV215 and then run and hide back in base with a couple of low skill base campers, leading to inevitable lose.
    PLEASE PLEASE try a light tank traditional play with this tank and HELP YOUR TEAM TO WIN.

    EDIT: just watched 20seconds of malinovka, you had a great opportunity to get 6k spotting damage but again drive to hill. the shitbarn is dead right with his ‘Good Job Scouts’ comment, he can do nothing without eyes. you waste his damage potential by driving to the hill. Such BAD play.

    • I agree to a point. there was another light on his team so enough to cover either flanks/middle of map. In a 2/3 arty game on malinovka I too go to that bush he first went on slope of hill so arty and team 1: know what tanks going hill if any :2 allow for team to snipe heavys and arty to get damage. Once that task is done he should have tried to spot from middle of map. Too often he is after getting as much damage rather than fufil role his tank is made for.

  13. I was usually running vents, optics, rammer on this kind of LTs.
    Vert. Stab. isnt that necessary for LTs. Vents(plus BiA/Food) helps in that area enough as LTs have decent accuracy on the move/turret turning by default.

    • That’s what I’ve been doing as well. In addition to the point you raise, I find that lights tend to get most of their damage either shooting from stationary ambush positions or at point blank range – neither of which are situations where vert stabs really help.

  14. This is meant to be a constructive comment and I’m not trying to offend anyone by any means but this is my opinion about this video: these are 2 classic examples of what people is doing wrong with light tanks since in both of these battles you either played too passive or you were making some other people’s roll (with the exception of the “agressive” spot at the mill in Malinovka which was actually a good play). For the rest of the time you were just wasting time and in some way you wasted the chances you and your team had to win the battles since the only thing that you provided for like 90% of the time was firing support (which is really wrong since you don’t have the dpm to do it properly). But this is what you get since the wn8 system rewards this kind of play more than a light that chooses to make IMO what it’s supposed to be doing.

    • I don’t agree because I don’t believe these two games were winnable with the players that were there. In the last game the team ambles up the hill like they were going to the beach. A LT is not just for spotting, it’s also there to troll the enemy and take advantage to support your team mates. LT’s are my second most played tanks not far behind MT’s. Try lighting the enemies that need to be hit with arty and your medium and heavy tanks but they’ve decided they’re busy doing something else instead. Lemming’s not perfect in a LT and most players aren’t either including myself.

    • @Peter Johnson there’s no such thing as perfect but these 2 battles are REALLY far from it. I like to play light/scout tanks from time to time and if there’s something that I’ve learnt is that it is (by far) the less forgiving class to play since every action you make (or not) will directly lead you to success or complete failure. Also another thing that I’ve learnt is that one of the most crucial momments in light tank gameplay is right at the beggining of the battle and in open maps like Malinovka if you let your counters take too agressive spotting locations is more likely for you to lose the game. The battle on El Halluf showcases this perfectly since he left the middle of the map unspotted and went to a typical medium/heavy tank posiition trading shots with bigger alpha opponents (so wrong). Spotting the middle of the map on El Halluf (at least for me) gives me 2/3 shots of spot damage and more importantly if there’s the case of the enemy lights rush the middle of the map you can spot them back and you and your team are aware of his position (this is a very important thing that no one talks about which is not giving ur enemy lights the space to breathe). But as I said in my previous comment this is not rewarded by the wn8 system so I understand why so many people don’t play “the vision game” and decide to focus on “the pump one more shot worth of damage game”.

    • @Filipe Gomes You can be the best spotter in the game but it doesn’t mean your team will win. I play ELC Even 90 a fair bit including in Frontline. I’m probably an overly agressive spotter although I believe my objective is not to win medals but to try and last the entire game. Yet in some games myself or one other have been the last survivors. Does that mean I haven’t carried out my role properly or does it mean a fair bit of the team failed for whatever reason?
      Two of my favourite tanks are WZ-131 and 132. My Win8 is in the 50’s, not perfect by any stretch but better than most. To me LT’s can really make me think at times and I like the fact that if you make a really bad move it can be the end of the game within seconds. I also play LT’s a lot in Frontline because it’s a different challenge.
      PS I don’t disagree with you on El Halluf.

      And your last sentence is so true.
      PS Grinding for the T-100—LT atm.

  15. Goddamn you can type fast!

  16. Game 1) leave your teammates, hide on top of hill – farm damage – lose game. Game 2) go to the top of the hill run away …. try to farm damage – lose game

  17. Although it’s legitimate to play the medium ramp in el halluf with a light, the WZ-132A is not well suited for that position because if it’s rather weak gun depression. It’s good for a first shot but then I’d consider bugging out of there.

    In my experience, you can play the mid but you definitely have to stay on high ground until you’re sure what’s down there. Just running into the valley hoping that not enough of the enemy team will do the same (as suggested in some comment here) isn’t a strategy that will make you happy in the long run, I think. So until you have information you might want to try and spot td’s from the hills around G9.

    It’s not a fancy play but if you’re careful you can catch out td’s or repell an enemy push.

  18. Think like a noob, in other words what would a player with little skill do.

  19. All the best ideas are for naught with a crap team. Your gun will only shoot so fast and do so much damage.

  20. what could i have done, tell me. SCOUT FOR TEAM!

  21. the usual unicum play, run, run away. “we” will lose and il’l bring up my win rate with platooning with my buddys another day.

  22. Only suggestion might be to ask arty to support you on hill rather than hope they will.

  23. Getting too many ads. Like 5 on one video. But I liked to see game play in tanks that are not played much.

  24. I made a 200IQ play that failed recently too!
    Well, I’m a much worse player, so maybe it was more like a 150IQ play…
    Honestly it probably wouldn’t have even failed but RNG decided I would miss one shot and two shots flat into the side of a OHK same-tier heavy would somehow fail to pen (wish I had Battle Hits on to see where they actually hit). Then a top tier mobile TD sandwiched me and I died.

  25. You know these weird play is why I get killed by shitters often, they just make plays you don’t expect anyone with a brain would do. Like why would you aim at that spot all game long, when there’s literally never someone there…

  26. Finally another video, been refreshing for weeks.

  27. You Don’t have to knock down trees at the A-0 corner to hide there, just don’t get all the way in corner. you can bush up inside the behind the smaller foliage.

  28. Erm maybe I missed something and perhaps it’s sarcasm calling it 200 IQ but you spend so much time dithering about what your plan is that you don’t seem to achieve much. The evidence of your self congratulatory greatness is lacking… no offence

  29. Rush always a like From me. I literraly started and ended my work Day with this vid. Eight hour pauze in between. Today was a good Day.

  30. New headphones?

  31. you just called it STRV -_- its pronounced Stridsvagne

  32. Look foward to watching this after work!!!

  33. Sure, do some dmg but mate, you are playing a light tank on the red line… xvm that important to you? This reminds me of that joke where the nephew asks grandma “why do you powder your face with all those things every day?” “so I look beautiful” to which he replies “and why doesn’t it work?” ALSO: you missed some very nice hiding spots behind the arties. Is this on the NA server? You wouldn’t get away with this on EU. An idea on what you could have done more… SPOT??? ON an open map… you try red corners and heavy places with a light??? there are 14 OTHER guns which can shoot, most of them better than yours… you could spot for them as a light, but where would your XVM be then?

    • 1. He doesn’t use XVM or mods.
      2. Based on his ping, and that he’s Canadian, he IS playing on the EU server. He’s mentioned he wanted to switch servers due to the player base.

  34. Lemming:
    The wz-131 isn’t that good, but the wz-132 will be.

    Lemming later:
    The wz-132 is kinda trash, but i know the wz-132A will be great.

    Lemming now:

    • If only he had watched skill, he would know that waaaaaay ahead of time before he wasted his time grinding the line lol

    • @GustSergeant True, but i am also grinding the line just in case i happen o like one of the tanks along the way
      Though so far, the wz 131 was the best.

  35. He keeps saying my prescence and I imagine a king saying be gone from my prescence

  36. Hey lemming. Love your videos as always.
    Can you make a video on the p43ter? I really like the Tank but I’d like to see how you play it

  37. You help me justify my game play – the difference? You survive and outlast to have mostly successful games. Two thumbs up!

  38. 4:55 Im keep shooting gold at him ´cause Im a good player ?

  39. Most Europeans can speak English, you know? lol

  40. I made that same play in a batch at and was able to clip multiple heavies without being spotted

  41. Oh no he is going threw a phase -@-

  42. It was lost in the first 15 seconds when your team didn’t deploy.

  43. In both games your heavies totally shit the bed. The Mauschen and E100 and Tortoise man. You vastly over estimate arty players ability and willingness to do anything useful. Most of them are lucky if they only drool out of one corner of their mouth at a time. Oh, and the chinese LTs are trash now – you’re always going to be let down by them. T-100 master race 4lyfe

  44. Play Mediums as as a scout you are truly worthless.

  45. Personally i see the second match as a complete light tank fail as the biggest guns are doing nothing without proper spotting …..it is what happens when lights do not do their job and would rather damage farm……i think going hill was a waste just by looking at the map you knew you couldn’t take and hold it so it was not worth the piddly 1k spotting damage…..just my two cents

    • Exactly! As a light tank on Malinovka, you must help your bigger guns stay engaged. But with Lemming’s setup, he couldn’t really do that. That setup is okay for most maps (if you play your lights like meds), but on Prokhorovka, Malinovka and maybe couple of others, it’s not.
      I also didn’t like the last play on El Haluf (when he retreated to 0 line), when it was obvious that Grille, JgPz and Standard B were coming from a different direction… He ended up relocating to A0 bush … I think that would have been a stronger play if he did it right away. (But on El Haluf, that was a great score overall. I’m just being nitpicky.) <3 LemmingRush

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