I Tried a Stock Kv1… (spoiler) It’s pretty bad!

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  1. kv1 is pretty much the first good heavy you can side scrape in

  2. 良い一日を過ごしてください TR2016

    it was hell trying to get past Kv-1 stock. I hated it so much. I’m glad I was able to free xp the last 3k from getting kv1s

  3. As someone who stopped playing WoT since the MM update, do you recommend to return? Did the MM got better. Tier X is not playable without premium even in good matches and tier 8 gets upranked to T10 all the time. Is it still a problem. Are there still strong premiums released? Are there new factions? Can remember the italian hype.

    • MM is much better – a lot more 1 tier and 2 tier battles now and Tier VIII is perfectly playable. Tier X is still a credit sink and strong premiums tanks are still the rule. Poland has been added as the newest nation.

  4. Centurion stock is shit. I am a bad player but it’s just unplayable

    • Vera_Merceneres

      try to save free exp and unlock all modules when you research a new tank,it takes longer,but it makes the game more enjoyable.

    • Agree with Vera..Lots of the stock tank grinds are really shitty. Save as much free as you can to unlock modules you need. Even if you have less than it will take at least you shorten the grind down. I agree on the Cent. I also went up that line and that was one of the more miserable ones stock.

    • Cent 7/1 stock is really miserable

    • Yes, i agree managed to unlock the turret with free exp now grinding for the gun

  5. 800 views , am here , and no, KV-1 is at least a decent tank , once its full ofc.

  6. with the 57mm, you just have a oversized T-34 with the 57

  7. Vera_Merceneres

    game lost because no sixth sense,it’s such an obligatory skill. It’s nice you have it instantly in AW.

  8. A bad Russian tank?


  9. KV-2 stock is much worse

  10. I really appreciate this video now I don’t feel like such an idiot. Also NO FUN FOR YOU!

  11. The KV-1 was my first heavy. After watching YT videos on it, all of which said it was super-uber, I thought I could just roll out stock and wreck people. Yeah, you can’t do that. Especially if you’re new to the game.

  12. Your mistake in low tiers is ‘assuming there is a meta’. If you assume all 29 other players will play their tanks and the map completely randomly – you’ll have a better understanding of how ot play tier 5…

    • bikebudha01 yes finally someone said it.

    • That applies to tier 10 as well lmfao. I don’t get how such bad players can fail their way up to tier 10, consistently get wrecked, and they carry on playing the game. Surely it can’t be fun for them

  13. Bad to the bone

  14. The poor Lee was asking you where the m8 was after it killed u and you just didn’t bother. (I died so I don’t care anymore attitude??) or you just didn’t notice?? it honestly couldn’t have hurt for you to ping the map and help the team hey. on a side note I do enjoy there lower tier tank replays cheers.

  15. We came for the sarcasm, but we stayed for the laughter. Thank you, LR. It was fun seeing you get a little silly, and we also got to see how a professional deals with running a stock tank – the 75% crew made it even more applicable to those that are facing new tanks. =)

  16. who killed the Quack tank? 🙂

  17. KoopaTroopa 2006

    I actually liked my stock KV1

  18. Just wait the next 50 battles you will be bottom tier and your teammates will not help you and your average damage will be 120 and the experience earned will be 38 and it will take you 750 battles to get your crew to 100 % and will still won’t have 6th sense. After another 500 battles you might unlock a few things useful but still won’t be able to pen anyone and bounce off of light tanks asses. And that’s how much fun World of Tanks can be.

  19. Peter Quinineza

    We’re talking about shit stock tanks you gotta have to try the tier 6 veeled weehicle.. i’d like to hear you swear on how bad it is on stock haha

  20. I DARE YOU to play a horrible stock tank e.g. ARL V39 or 25TP with a 50% crew from ANOTHER tank to make it less than 50%….

  21. yes we did learn.
    1. dont drive stock tanks
    2. load lots of gold
    p.s. ” stock kv1 is not bad” – bounces gold shot on tier 4 lol

  22. How come you reupload?

  23. Instant Like for the intro.

  24. stock “ANYTHING” is pretty bad !

  25. If I wanted to drive around I would take a tank that has ‘self propelled’ in the name.

  26. Grinding KV1? You know what it means? KV2 is coming!

  27. is it just me or does he look like ethan from Mr. Beasts channel

  28. Ambassador Somewhere

    The KV-1 with the 57mm is a murder machine.

  29. The blank pause previously was enough to show how bad KV-1 stock can be.

    But this is nicer, almost thought i was pranked previously

  30. i learned, you been playing to many high tier games to much. lol the media has change in low tiers.

  31. Low tier games. I really enjoy watching youtubers play low tier games. Something I can relate to

  32. Lesson learned – Do Not Play Stock Tanks !

  33. The KV-1 is my favourite T5 tank what do you suggest I play?

  34. From the end of the video, it looks like you had modules researched for the KV-1, but you played it stock. Sick Sick person.

  35. m8a1 player = seal clubbing filth high tier shitter

  36. The way you’re able to anticipate the enemy’s moves and counter them is scary. Your final push was a misplay in retrospect, but it was still a much better game than I’d have turned in.

  37. One of my most successful tanks..

  38. Martin Waterhouse

    The WOT NA #ShowdownSaturday this week is even worse a tier 4 heavy – the D.W.2 ! Should be an interesting challenge

  39. Until u play the kv85

  40. nice black screen

  41. I was a noob when I got it, so i actually didnt mind it. Now I have it almost 2 marked

    And no, I am not a sealclubber. I play it onece or twice a month when everything goes wrong in high tiers

  42. Jeanuard Orbigoso

    My Panzer 38 Na always wrecked the KV1 but obviously I used Aprc because 65 mm pen to AP is not enough even in rear

  43. Your lack of faith in the Matilda is disturbing.

    It is a clubber.

  44. Mr. NobodySpecial

    try running german tier 5 VK heavy tank completely stock. the significant waste of time, mental health and brain cells is guaranteed

  45. The kv-1 is a good tank to learn sidescraping

  46. KV-I loaded is a great earner. vent, rammer, gun laying drive. Can chuck the laying drive for food… it’s a thing, because you can end up brawling a lot the aim is… shout RUSSIA! Sniping isn’t a good idea. Good to have BIA & repairs. They scrape well for their tier so just play like you’re 100% spotted until you get 6th sense. Top gun is good with regular ammo. Need gold obviously for higher tiers. This tank is great fun when it’s top tier… like most tanks in the game obviously.

  47. Fkin masochist

  48. Really, you’re using Gold in a tier 5 match, with one of the strongest Tier 5 tank and as toptier ? I’m F2P so I usually drive around with stock tanks and there’s nothing more annoying than Tier 3-5 players spamming gold. Schooting at Armor 10-20 with gold ? C’mon, I know that you’re skilled. You don’t really need Gold ammo. It’s usually for the unskilled.

  49. If you want to self flagulate then go ahead but to show it on you tube is a bit much. That was ugly and painful to see and should be banned.

  50. Herr Lykanthrop

    I love the Kv-1, not stock tho

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