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Source: Circonflexes

Maximum Effort in the Flatpanzer.
Upload your replays here: http://circon.wot-.com/ !


  1. first to comment uau 😀

  2. now 3 mark the jackson

  3. When i played this tank i had a 7 second reload time xd pleb crew

  4. Alexander Krikorian

    Shoot gold at the back of a T20 and side of KV2 why not XD

    One thing I gotta say is it’s really annoying to see you waste all of your gold on paper targets when you could easily have reloaded AP at any point there.

  5. Cant wait for HD Widepark! And Mittengard! #stillwaitingfornewmaps

  6. 0:10 don’t know about suicide rates, but alcoholism went up for sure. One needs something to numb the pain.

  7. Swedish TDs and Japanese HTs. Two of the worst things that ever happened to this game.

  8. Hey Circon, was wondering if you were planning on post more overwatch or the hunger games style game?


    man play lights and show as skill other tanks is easy

  10. XimerTracks - NCS Music & Remixes

    @Circonflexes. Yo, I see you’re a youtuber too, I thought you might want to use some of my music. I upload more songs now, please check them out youtube com/XimerTracks

  11. Lol…gg Circon.

  12. Why you kemp mountain, no fair plane. D:

  13. That scorpion g though, thought we were dealing 200 iq, but apparently it was just 200 wn8

  14. People said tier 6 was the new tier 8 and at first i didn’t get it, But after seeing this video, it kind of makes sense, If the tier 8 tanks get MOSTLY tier 10 matches, That just means the Tier 6 tanks won’t see them as often 🙂

  15. Last few days every game team like this gave me cansur.

  16. that new world of tanks blitz ad is a joke

  17. should’ve shot the t34-85 not the UDES … I would 100% have thought of it on the spur of the moment 😉

  18. Is it just me or are these teams becoming more regular, some very frustrating games lately even at higher tiers

  19. #BringBack+3MM

  20. honest question, i got curious, why does it have the nickname flatpanzer?

  21. I played this tank with the stug gun and it was horrible at everything. Frontal fires every shot etc. It takes a lot of courage to grind gun marks in this piece of s***t

  22. People talk allot of shit about the ikea td’s, but their pen at t8 means they can actually fucking pen something. That is why i play them, please tel me if I am missing something.

  23. WG should send a free pack of razor blades to you after making an account. After a year of playing their games, you surely will have had some thoughts of offing yourself.

  24. “When you try your best but you don’t succeed”

  25. I just played you the game before this one! Gosh darn it! :p

  26. His is an evil laugh.

  27. wish i was as chill as circon while gaming

  28. I sold this tank… I regret it now

  29. even Circ can’t save the teams/mm we get now

  30. Play tier VI, complain about skill level…

  31. “Do or do not, there is no try.”

  32. You tried so hard…
    …and came so far!
    But in the end…
    …it didn´t even matter 🙁

  33. Dude where did you get that gun sight from?

  34. max eff.

  35. l know wish they remove that too

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