I Truly Pheel Bad For This Vehicle (War Thunder M15 Gameplay)

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I Truly Pheel Bad For This Vehicle (War M15 Gameplay)


  1. My my Phly you worked up so hard today. So perky. So LMAO

  2. “Just got clapped twice in a row by the same person.”

    -Phly’s quote of the year 2020

  3. You got catfished twice in a row 😉

  4. With the M15 I usually use the 37 until it has to reload then I use the .50s and I think that works

  5. Phly, play the T-126, the up-armored T-50 prototype

  6. I could have watched this for a few hours. This one was entertaining.

  7. I pheel bad for this tank.
    M15:- ??:((

  8. They should swap the M16 and the M15A1, at least.

  9. All the M15 needs is better depression over the front to match the model, and better recoil on the 37 and it could be decent. Also maybe the M15 “Special” as a modification?

  10. Phlydaily I know you going to buy aa gun oh I forgot the bmp and t44 don’t go left sight on the map go right

  11. Phly complains that the Wirbelwind not ammo-racking and the m-15 does, yet when I play wirbelwind, its the only AAA that gets ammo-racks

  12. “over br”

  13. Now use the Duster or just the next American AA.

  14. i think the ZUT-37 is even less picked. you cant really use it as SPAA bcs of low turret Traverse, slow Firerate and small clip size. But its semi effective as TD.

  15. ThOnKoNg InTEnSiFieS

    hy, Phly.
    Play RaketenJagdPanzer 2 , I never see you use this tenk.

  16. Nice Garbage Truck.

  17. Phor*

    What the hell Phly???

  18. What about the Stormer HVM? Starstreaks statcards says 7km range but they explode after 5 km Well done Gajin

  19. I always used 50s for aircraft and the 37 for ground vehicles

  20. Whenever you have had a bad day watch a Phly video, and all is OK in the world! Thanks Bro 🙂

  21. “It’s still really bad but you can do things with it.” (insert low class sexual innuendo here) 😄

  22. Sandwich meat cock?

  23. “Yup just blast my ass”😂😂

  24. Do I get the ru251? Is it worth it?

  25. Soooo… The 37 mm cant cut down trees but the 50 cal can…..

  26. So-ki at 6.3 because next AA is 6.7

  27. I’d say the Wirbelwind is 3.7 because the allies have much more terrifying CAS at lower BRs. But tbh the Ostwind should probably trade places with the Wirbel.

  28. The silver bullets display team

    Cough cough use the he 219 bc you ain’t used it and I’m special

  29. Oh hey did they fix this things guns?

  30. Phly take to the skies in the P-51A you haven’t flown this plane in a video since December 2015. Attempt #2

  31. Phly, if you get the 1.3br Italian SPAA, with other similar br tanks, put the last Ammo type (Pz-something) it has 64 or round about there mm’s of penetration. The way it shreads tanks in that BR is almost unfair, but you do have an exposed gunner, so sneak attacks are recommended. Have Phun

  32. 12:35
    and here we see the common weakness of most russian tanks:
    *poor gun depression*

  33. Phly, try playing adats now days.

  34. “Yes the 3 Inch” ~ Phly 2020. “Blast him”

  35. Loved that rant 😂😂

  36. ive to say the i learn a lot from phly where to shoot , where is a good position to be camper xD, the weakness of my tank and what is good for, to the hater learn even if u dont have spaded tank learn how to improve yourself , i dont have premium maybe some tank have expert crew but i till can get 10 kill o maybe more becouse of good position and knowing the weak spot of the enemy and i say thx to phly for that even if i have only rank 6 in german and russia .

  37. Please take out the la5f attempt 200: also a burst on a wirble head on fits perfectly through the slots and kills the gunner. Please phloppy

  38. Phly please take out the FW190F8 with the rockets, 180mm of pen!

  39. Phly too short. Lead always too short.

  40. Looks _almost_ fun. So… classic War Thunder!

  41. 1:10 bug still happens, so the 50cals just point up far more than the 37mm

  42. If you think this anti-air isn’t good, try getting kills on aircraft with the KV-2. AGAIN.

  43. D.C.A.S

  44. Phly thank you for this video. I don’t know anyone else that would give this POS the time of day. I laughed, I cried, I felt your ammo rackings…

  45. Bigsmily2001 [aka King_Beaufort]

    For loving the unloved, play the Chi-Ri II. It got powercreeped since the last time u played it, but still a decent tank.

  46. Imagine if War Thunder added emotes

  47. That is one crappy vehicle. and your dead right, games should last longer at least till all ground vehicles on one side or the other are lost. cheers.

  48. I’ve got some kills with that bug

  49. I’ve got kills with on 37 cal

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