I Turned 183 into ARTY! | World of Tanks Arcade Mode Holiday Ops

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Holiday Ops Arcade Cabinet, Snow Ball Fight. World of Tanks FV215b 183, AMX 50 Foch 155, BZ-176 and /51 – Turn Every Tank into Artillery!

Holiday Ops 2023 is at its full power and today they released their newest arcade mode in World of Tanks. In this mode you can turn every tank into artillery with … Check out!

What do you think?


  1. Arcade cabinet… Something I wasn’t expecting! 😀 Did you try it out, enjoying it?
    Also, from the bottom of my hearth, I want to wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS, MUCH LOVE!

    • the first days of playing. 11 YEARS ago. i played an arti, what i didnt know. the arc was crazy ofcourse. with the hardly zoom out possibilty, i was trying to click on enemies to lock them, lol. extreme noobing

    • Got my bonds fairly easily, actually quite a good game mode. Does suit prem tanks with decent HE (hint hint). Love the winter prokorhovka map.

    • Please try it out with hwk 12
      Since I’m imagining it being able to be able to hit very vertical with its slow HE
      It looks like the arcade mode reduces shell velocity by more or less 50%
      You may need to tilt tank upwards or on an incline

  2. Dezgamez straining out another video instantly lol

  3. This time I actually managed to watch wargamings video first rather than the CCs vids haha

  4. Dez try the Caliban. It’s broken. Quite literally.

  5. I’m waiting for the next one so that I can ram things with my 80 km/h IS7 or a 60 km/hr KV-5

  6. Koenig Technologies

    I wish they kept the snow versions of Karelia and Prokho, just randomize which one is loaded.

    • true. should not effect the map balance at all.

    • @zelodec The winter maps of malonovka, slightly different cuz water is frozen, so u can drive over the lake. But yea I wish they brought this to normal queue because more variation is good, just like how they used to have burning versions of maps n stuff back in the day

  7. Believe it or not the Lynx 6×6 is a lot better than you would thing, it is almost impossible to hit it when it is moving.

  8. Merry Xmas, nice Gameplay.

  9. Caliban! Caliban! I got 2 kills even with this circumstances! 🙂

  10. Everybody dislikes Arty, now they want to be them.

  11. I love this mode. It’s literally the anti-hulldown anti-goldnoob mode. You just smile and laugh in HE as the enemy bounces 10 APCR gold rounds because they don’t realise it’s a waste.

  12. How come enemies have blue color logo? Any mods?

  13. I hope they are testing HE. It’s brokenly strong in this mode, but it gives a glimpse of what HE should be – able to chip away bits of health even of hard armored tanks

  14. Dez they released a feature list for 2023 just now! Could ya cover it, there were some exciting things on it!

  15. recommended to play shrk-tvp or kpz, high ass dpm

  16. Anf how many players will screw up and forget their ammo load out for the next random?

  17. Merry Xmas all, hugs <3

  18. LOL I finished my first battle in this mode with 183 and is so much fun I made 8k just kidding in prokhorovka
    Since online game companies use these joke events to test new mechanics to be implemented in the game in the future, like wg does several times like the special event of the first war that had tanks with wheels, is safe to say that wg is thinking about reworking the HEs?

  19. world of BOTS PATENT-kisly GONDOM-PEDERAST

  20. Matilda has with the howitzer. At least the schell is slower with about 180m/s if I remember correctly. The arc might not be as high but it is kinda the same. Would love if they make arty more like this. Less campy campy not involved and more like a real tank. Also abled to fight in close quaters but not ment for it. More like a grille but with gun ark. And maybe they could even Make the British T10 Arty like the e3 but as an arty. Like brawling arty. Would really like that.

  21. another joke mode by WG

  22. This is how I got 3 marks with the derp barrels for the PZ4H, and 3 different M4’s! 😀

  23. With just 10% WR for me as a F2P it’s no fun at all.

  24. Now I REALLY want to see this game mode with the kv2

  25. Imagine if they rework Arty to play like this

  26. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Grille 15 could be played in regular games like artilery because it has a howitzer gun. This means that the polder power can be changed by charges put into the chamber. The problem is that shit gun elevation totally fake that they put on Grille 15. This should be a nice mechanic to be introduced. Germans normally used theys high caliber guns with both functions: Tank destroyers and artillery support. Why don’t the game simply apply this common use? 183 has the same feature: the charge and the projectile are separet parts joined together inside the chamber. This let the crew to set the power charge for each application. The most ridiculous part is that they say in the ‘documentation’ that Grille 15 was developed from an arty and they fucking idiots give it just 15 degrees of gun elevation that simply do not match the vehicles geometry. Grille 15 stats are totally arbitrary and without any sense, everything is fake in this piece of shit ~underpowered vehicle.

  27. Dude this game mode is literally the most fun Ive EVER had in WoT. I’m constantly laughing because of how ridiculous this is. Seeing a tank get spotted at render distance, suddenly 10 snow balls flying at him and boom, tank gone. Also since two of the 6 maps are light tank heaven, I can imagine you can get some insane spotting rounds. I also wish this would available for every tier. imagine the fast firing lower tiers, how funny that would look with snow balls all over the place 😀

  28. As weird as it sounds, this makes things almost fair in terms of armor. No, you probably won’t bounce HE and take no damage. But you’ll be able to deal it right back at them.

  29. Dez, try out the M41 90mm. The HE is 105 pen, and it does lots of damage with about a 4 second reload. It’s a blast.

  30. Does anyone know if how he zooms up like that is a mod, and if so what it is?

  31. YES I LOVE IT! BZ isnt that much of a threat if he dont see you and you can loop over nearly everythink 😀 and not many understand this i guess 😀 😀 😀 😀 I mean… you can stand behind the rich and this Morons drove till Hulldown 😀 😀 😀 Doesnt had so much fun for YEARS in WoT 😉 PS zoom as far out as you can and its Simply a other game. Never played full matches in third Person before^^

  32. Type 5 in this mode

  33. Probably its time to play my skoda t56 or the SHPTK TVP loading only HE lets see how much credits i can farm

  34. I found it fun for a few games, but got bored quickly.

  35. Make HE great again

  36. Caliban is crazy. It can only fire like 150m far

  37. btw the map is so cool, should be like this every map when Holiday Ops arrives every year.

  38. happy xmas!

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