I unboxed 1,000 Ice Cream Bucket in War Thunder, here’s what I got

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Source: The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs

I unboxed 1,000 Ice Cream Bucket in Thunder, here's what I go

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  1. The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs

    DO NOT BUY ANY OF THE ICE CREAM BUCKETS. IT’S NOT WORTH IT. Friends do seem to be having luck with doing around 3-5 pulls and at least getting a decal but beondthat I don’t think it’s worth dumping SL with the intent of getting a vehicle. 3% off Gaijin Store https://store.gaijin.net/catalog.php?category=WarThunder&partner=IronArmenian&partner_val=u5g16ff2 and you get my decal too

    • Too late already did😊

    • @D0P1C3cap

    • Is it worth buying some and just keeping them to eventually sell in the Gaijin store?

    • When it comes to probability and math, you need to use the equation of
      %Of people who get it = 1 – ( 1 – Chance of winning) ^ Rolls.

      For a 50% Chance of getting the IS-7, you get
      1 – (1 – .001) ^ 693
      You have a 1/2 chance of not getting it.

      For a 95% Chance of getting the IS-7, you get
      1 – (1 – .001) ^ 2996
      You have to roll 3000 times and you still have a 1/20 chance of not getting the IS-7. 1.8 Billion Silver Lions.

      For a 99% Chance it comes out to 4603 Rolls. Or 2.7 Billion Silver lions.

      For a 99.9% Chance it comes out to 6905 Rolls. Or 4.1 Billion Silver Lions
      1/1000 players will have to continue rolling after this point to get the IS-7

      In the last week, the average player count is 50,000. That means there will be 50 players who would need to spend billions of silver lions to still not get the IS-7

    • I spent over 80 mil between all funny snail gacha things and just got my first vehicle, except I already had it so it just gave me 1 million SL, which means nothing to me. Just thought I’d share.

  2. I’ve opened maybe 70 and manged to pull the KV-220, I have been graced by the Snail

  3. You’ve opened 1000 with the chance being 1 in 1000, that means you’re very statistically close to getting it. Keep going gambler!

  4. I mean if u do get the is-7 i guess its technically worth it since it causes SL and the is-7 is what a few hundred real dollars otherwise

  5. On vacation and haven’t played in over a month, I read this title and it took me about 2 minutes to understand what and Ice Cream Bucket is

  6. holy damn thats aton of ice cream maybe you should take a run on the treadmil.

  7. I opened like 4 million worth today and got the Bf 110 worth 20 Gaijin coin

  8. ahper molodec wor aitenc law wideo anumes)

  9. i opened 1 box and got the tank desttroyer puma

  10. I Hope you get your money back with this video, bro this is the biggest scam fr 💀

  11. I opened 3 as a joke with my friends yesterday, I ended up getting the P-59A on the third one my luck is crazy

  12. Microsoft Power Point

    I got a p59A from one chest

  13. белый мертвец

    When i opened the ice cream bucket 2 times ALL I GOT WAS A 20% BOOSTER TWO TIMES

  14. Tomas Käferstein

    The visualization of the lottery is misleading. The chances of getting a vehicle or plane are by far lower than their appearance in the “lottery”. Gaijin, stop this BS.

  15. they should give you a certain amount of silver lions AND GOLDEN EAGLES for vechicles that you already HAVE. Like fak outta here gaijin with your lone 1 million SL’s

  16. Moral of the story: dont gamble

  17. Try my 1000 ice cream bucket instead…
    1000 ice cream bucket please

  18. Bro I dont know how , but I without jokes , not knowing anything , bought a few of these and opened a IS-7 straight away. Either on my first or second box.
    Every other box I opened , over like 80 now , I got jack all. I got extremly lucky it seems.

  19. I got it on the first try

  20. i got the is-7 ;D

  21. Got the p-59 in the second bucket.. Real random

  22. I got the AUBL/74 HVG on my 8th try.

  23. i got the pak puma 😎

  24. i bought 30 crates, crate number 13 open italian vehicle fiat HVG at 8.0 a was extremly lucky i guess.. prem vehicle for 100€..

  25. I love that Gaijin themselves say “you have a 1/1000 chance of getting the IS-7” and then get proven wrong in 4k. Gaijin, I don’t think you guys understand how statistics works.

  26. I went from 1.7 mil to less than 20k buying these. I wanted to stop playing wt but never could. I promised myself to quit if I don’t get anything good. I am more than a week free from this mess of a game

  27. A little clip of 2019 event “gfycat com mammoththinivorygull” shows how subtle gaijoob really is

  28. I bought like 6, and got nothing but wagers (got like 50 of each, I cannot use them up fast enough and fail 100% of them anyway) and an order (never won 1 either) and all that silver wasted for 15K silver prize.


    • 10:10 I landed on million so so often, and even if it stops right on it, it will turn to another one. You might win 1 with lootboxes, but for normal draws, it cannot be won. I have never won it, yet landed on it many times, it just hops over.

  29. i bought 7 icecreams, realised i also need a spoon, didnt had sl anymore.
    farmed for one, got order that made me 1/20th of what i spent on it, and i think i’ll just leave 6 last icecreams to melt

  30. Hey man, your videos are so low in audio for some reason.

    • The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs

      Fair enough, I struggle with audio mixing my mic.
      Either I get to close and peak it to much. Or I sound to quiet 🤣

    • @The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs Thats rough haha, had to lower my game volume and raise my general volume. 😛 Good video though.

  31. from around 60 i got F11F-1 60$ i say its a W (ima buy more)

  32. i mean i opened 2 and got t-14 armata and su-57at br 1.0

  33. there is 0 % chance to get a vehicle stop trying, its ganjin omg…

  34. was thinking of getting into the game but all the vids i see it seems predatory at best… smh

  35. opened 3 for my sl, got nothing, after making 3rd tank star, got a spoon, bought an ice cream and got fucking P-59A, bought F-4S and M1128 Wolfpack 😀

  36. Did 8 spins, got 1 mil crate and stopped. Making + is a miracle

  37. Kryštof Kovařík

    by the chance you need 6 billion sl to get 100%

  38. I got 500k sl on my second/third one and nearly got the Tigercat on the 20th one but the ticker flipped me off and gave me a wager instead

  39. Should be able to sue Gaijin for illegal gambling.

  40. Mmmmm _gambling addiction_

  41. After buying 300 Ice cream buckets I managed to unlock the IS 7 which means I only had a 0.3% of unlocking it. Username: Battleaxebuddy

  42. Thank you for your sacrifice Iron. 07

  43. THE REAL FACT OF THIS SHIT has never ever given KI-94II even it be spent $1000 of KI-94II that real cost that above,my wannabe to be collected.(;-ω-)

  44. The first one i opened, it was a purple plane

  45. I bought 10 cups and spoons. 4th try I got the Italian AUBL.

  46. ur very quiet

  47. TABACCA 🇷🇺 Z

    He spent around 7,885 dollars, i used a calculator to look.

  48. Bro who wants a ship?

  49. zaxar game brother

    fun fact opening 10k crates gives you 10% chance to get an IS-7 and something around 74% at 100k crates

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