I used to LOVE this tank in World of Tanks…

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The Pershing was one of my first loves in World of Tanks, well rounded perfectly balanced… or at least it was…



  1. Happens the same with tier 9 patton, its not the worst tank but is not good at all

  2. When I was grinding the line, I hated the Pershing. All the tanks before and after were better. Every shot did no damage (even with GOLD) and I was destroyed constantly.
    it was soo painful. I’m a mediocre player but still that tank should not be that hard. Not sure if it was the MM, but I never drove the tank afterwards.

  3. The KV-5 used to be a force to be reckoned with, I used to love to just plough in to the battle and ram as many as I could. Now though the tank sits empty collecting dust as it is a relic in the game.

  4. I loved the Pershing and the Super Pershing. Those guys were the business back in the day. Nowadays, they are so severely powercrept that playing them is simply not worth it. Those new autoreloader tanks and meds with insane alpha made them obsolete.

  5. A tank I used to love and that is complitely useless today : the M41 Walker Bulldog, back when it had the 10 rounds autoloader. It was fun and balanced.

  6. I really loved the t10 medium tank play through you did on your stream. when you got fed up with the brit t10. A t9 or t8 play through would be cooler than the yearly t10 rated vid.

  7. I loved this Tank…back in the days.. But all that Autoloader-Bullshit-Bingo killed that game.

  8. too much pay2win powercreep
    wow, can we talk about that assistance though lol

  9. 90mm 240 alpha single shot guns are a classic old school tier VIII medium that just doesnt work in todays world of tanks, today a tier VIII medium needs to be a cold war concept or blueprint with a auto/re/loader or high alpha gun. And you might say its not wargamings fault, after 10 years, they have run out of real tanks to put in the game, and I say yes, that is true, but, that doesnt make them premium does it? Its wargaming that makes them premium.

    • It also doesn’t stop WG from re balancing the tech trees on occasion and changing vehicle tiers to match the current state of the game… Other tank games have done this…

      They simply don’t care. They have more premiums to sell. $$$

  10. E 100 🙁

  11. A lot of the old tech tree tanks were designed for battles like in WW2

    WoT 2021 is WW3 except plutonium and uranium has been replaced with gold

  12. Tec Tree vehicles do not make money so they do not bother tweaking them unless they are better then pay to play vehicles. They do not really care.

  13. Im playing this right now with a full scout setup. deffo not the best tank, but it does allright.

  14. Well they did buff the Tiger line so maybe

    Just maybe

  15. Another tank that is forgotten but well rounded is the indian panzer. I had lots of fun playing that tank on my way to the leopard

  16. It was even used in clan wars… Hard to believe. Not sure I will even play the xmas event this year.

  17. Type 4 heavy…. Used to be a good shield.

  18. problem is wg cant just buff every t8, then they’d need to buff all t9s and t10s too.
    But they cant repair the damage they’ve caused with the newer op premiums any other way.

  19. Everything wg does or doesn’t do seems to have an ulterior motive. It explains most things these days.

  20. Wargaming isn’t interested in what the player base thinks anymore. They are only concerned with raking in as much money as possible before the next big thing comes along and people leave this game dead in the water.
    I remember when I started playing this game a year or so after it went live on PC and the premium tanks were slightly worse than most of the equivalent tier tanks of their type. Now the premium tanks make the tech tree tanks nearly useless in most instances.

  21. I still adore my Pershing, one of my first tier 8s and my second 3-marked tank

  22. What about the Super Pershing?
    Was my very first T8 prem

  23. Exact reason why i stopped playing. Either play newly released toys or play against just better tanks. I still hate E25

  24. Back in the day, you and me baby, we used to have fun

  25. T67 of course .. I’ve adored this tank in the past. I think I could take him back to the garage and remember his speed, dpm and invisibility in the game 🙂

  26. The pershing was my only premium tank for a long time if i dont recall wrong. I haven’t played since like 7 years ago maybe? It’s safe to say this video popping on my recommended feed was a surprise indeed

  27. For me, the super pershing is definitely my nostalgic tank from the good old days, especially when it still had that middle spaced armor plate and I always intentionally showed my lower plate and laughed as i bounced shells all day since prem ammo actually costed gold

  28. Kristoffer Johansson

    I loath this tank, really hated playing it. And at the same time my M46Kr is enjoyable though they basically are the same tank. So weird.

  29. World of Tanks has become World of Premium Tanks

  30. I didn’t enjoy this tank that much, next tank is a beast tough! Very soon have the last field mod for my 46 Patton.

  31. i still like this tank,but i play it almost only at FL.there its still good cause of the view range ,the gun depresion and the “some speed”it has. in normal maps its alot below average indeed.

  32. For all-around best American medium my vote goes to T42. It has some frontal armor, bouncy side armor, 10* gun depression, reasonable speed, 280 alpha, 260 gold pen, good view range and camo

  33. I remember being in the exact same position on that hill in my Pershing, and ammo racking an E-100 that was just moving up into the village. The resulting 3 pages of abuse was just icing on the cake, lol

  34. @ 7:26 in the video in in-game chat, there is a person speaking Afrikaans lol

    Btw if you read this enjoy you day

  35. The moment when my Pershing is passed by the heavies, can’t pen jack shit and gets 2-shotted. Yes. The game has outgrown the Pershing.

  36. even some premium tanks went full garbage. think about patriot. it was an op tank like 3 years ago. now its just trash. press 2 and almost every gold shell can rip through the turret. a skoda does 1k damage and pulls back while you do 240 in your patriot

  37. M46 Patton I also pretty pop at tier 9 – used to love it but it just had woeful penetration for the current meta

  38. same, this tank used to be amazing, now I would not touch it with 10m pole used for angering monkeys

  39. Royco Cup-A-Soup Gaming

    coincidence: im looking for a well rounded tank with reliable armor and decent mobility that can adapt quickly to any battle situation.

  40. If i ever see a “use me as a dislike button” on ANY of QB’s vids, I’ll curse the person with awful rng for life

  41. Haha I used to love world of tanks

  42. Quicky. You need to actually talk about the status of WoT.
    Maybe an end of year. Wish for change video. Resolutions we want to see.

    Most wot youtubers dont talk about the state of the game much.
    Its gotten so far, and dug itself in so deep with issues, that im hearing and seeing people just give up.
    My clan -RAH- use to have 22 active people 3 years ago. It has 5 now.
    Were a fun task and help clan that does clan wars casually. We use to do them seriously, but now its just dead. We still have a good chunk of members. But they all quit WoT.

    You should make a video compiling community thoughts on subjects and updates.
    Balance pass, power creep, arty, HE, Wheeled tanks, EBR 105 vs any other tier 10 light, field mods, collector tanks, premiums, tier 9 prems, events, the metas, hull down, mechanics, the new Yohas, and finally the thing weve all given up on, MM. ect etc.

    It could be a podcast style. Tbh. Try to get Jingles or others involved with the opinions. It doesnt have to be all negative at all.
    Or just do your usual style.

    But we just need something. A voice to push everything out.
    Someone that WG watches, for us all to keep track. There feels to not be enough of a voice in WoT.

  43. The tier 8 British premium medium, FV 4202, a tank that I absolutely loved playing and did very well with it, is today completely outmatched by the newer generation of tech tree tanks. It is essentially useless now and I suspect it was in fact nerfed a year or two back. It seriously needs to be buffed back to it’s original strength.

  44. U need to do the same with isu 152. That’s no typo 152 played it and bounced every shot and it not a playable tank since the 152k came out and the he nerfs.

  45. Currently having a blast playing the T20, I hoped the pershing would be as fun 🙁
    Should I skip it?
    Are the T9 and 10 american mediums any good?

  46. Aren’t you said in one video that your first tier VIII tank you played is the Tiger II?

  47. Those good old time just make the feeling nowaday more miserable . Sadge

  48. The ST1. Was my first tier 9 and used to love it. Nowadays it feels lacking.

  49. quicky this is not an esy game with all bastards camping so stop saying that

  50. quicky i have the chance that wg disn’t put u on their losing algoritme … ask a little bit if the wg put u on their losing algoritme u can be the best player in the world u going to have a shit team
    thats why their servers disconect sometimes they forget that they are o, internet and they are not the best IT people so ………… THINK

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