I Wanted to LOVE this Tank in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

The latest in World of Tanks has left me in a bad relationship, each time it betrays me but I keep coming back for more!


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  1. tier 7, and tier 8 are awesome, but 9 and 10 this is piece of poop, if you dont have dpm, armor, and mobility – it cant be a good tank but like we know it is italian HT not russian

  2. Constantin Razvan-Mihai

    Fun fact: yesterday my premium account expired and i tried to play without it. Well i played 20 games- 20 loses :)). Too obvious WG…:))

  3. I spent lots of time to grind this tier 10 tank just to find out that i do not realy like it because it is so treeible and unbalanced…..realy fustrating.

  4. As Claus mentioned, it looks and plays like it’s constantly ammo racked.. Not my flavor.

  5. Usually a heavy is good in one of the tree major categories, which are armour, mobility or firepower. The rino has mediocre armour, mediocre mobility and bad firepower (except for the accuracy and aim time). It clearly needs a buff badly.

  6. I agree. This tank makes you feel like you are never ready for an engagement

  7. Not every tank is a solo carry beat in class tank, Rino is s suport heavy

  8. Wargaming have created a steaming turd of a line, they are paper thin heavies or clumsy semi-armoured mediums and its a chore to play the line for me.

  9. My friend lives his rino, tho he says it’s bad but it’s his fav tank. He has around 4k avg dmg and he said he’s close to 3mark

  10. Where are the tier 8 and tier 9 reviews????

  11. wut sup quicky , can u please make a review for the actual type 5 heavy??? i really wanna it 😀

  12. “blow myself out of the situation” lmao

  13. Rino is going the Kranvagen path… Unplayable at start, almost overbuffed a year later (maybe?)

  14. It really need better mobility or dpm.

  15. I think you need to play the tank like the M4A1 Revorlarise. It’s a tank to add an extra gun during pushes.

  16. QB when the new tank isnt over powered: “buuhuuu why cant i have more power creep in the game”. Well that’s what it sounds like at the beginning of the video.:’D

  17. Progetto 66 is better!

  18. In that first game, if he’d been in a kranvagn it could have been a win. Or even potentially a 50b or t57 could have done it better

  19. Even just watching the video and your streams I can physically feel that feeling of always trying to make the best out of a bad situation. That issue of not reloading fast enough, not having enough armour etc is so tangible

  20. Jakob Logan Nørgaard

    Crew 2.0 on the Sandbox Server. And you give us this?
    I hope you are analyzing and preparing a Crew 2.0 video.

  21. It’s like multiple balancing teams worked on this tank, each one applying their own weaknesses. Faster acceleration than the tier 9, lower top speed. Higher damage, same dpm abysmal gun handling. Better turret hulldown, weak spot on top, bad on a flat surface. Good HE shells, well…not worth the reload. And to top it all off it’s extremely vulnerable to artillery as only the frontal armor is somewhat decent.

  22. let me guess?? its not OP enough??

  23. isn’t it the same case for ST-2 ?

  24. A friend of mine had an 8 kill, 6k damage game in his Rino yesterday lol

  25. hey QB, i’ve just nitice that since the buff oh the heavy tanks with the 1.9.1 version of the game, the KV-4 has now a new 122mm gun with greate pen and 8° of gun depresion. Can you make a video featuring boths guns ? (the new 122mm and the old 107mm). I love your videos and your stream plz continue it !

  26. *3:04** the arty tanker says in GERMAN ”seit ihr behindert” which means, are you disabled?! He must be so pissed! LOL*

  27. I got ace in first 7 battles lol i love this tank

  28. Can someone explain why the HE changes will potentially destroy the 60TP? (I’m relatively new to WOT so trying to learn)

  29. it will be bufed later somehow … i penetrate it with normal amo with t54 first prototipe … that tank is just patetic

  30. Friends, I need help. I applied for the championship, but I can’t find professional people. Can you accept my friendship and enter the tournament with me? Tank level VII

  31. I really wanted to love the jpanzer e100. I did pretty good with the jagdtiger, averaging about 2000 dmg per game, and I thougth that with the 1050 alpha damage and 299 mm penetration of the jp e100 it would be a walk in the park to do 2000-3000 dmg per battle, even more. But that is not the case and I suck with the jp e100, I dont know why.

  32. Tier x again…..relevance?

  33. Any tips how you remove bushes in sniper mode

  34. How about an episode about how to excel in WOT?

  35. All the new Italian heavies are disappointing. Even the tier 9 leaves so much to be desired

  36. amx 50B: first time?

  37. QB “ive played 93 games and no Ace tanker medal” me with a couple hundred games on some tanks without one XD

  38. considering how much this one got nerfed since his anouncement, its totally understandable this felling

  39. I think your eyes are begging for a cold damp flannel to cool them down.
    Excellent content – thank you. 🙂

  40. SluMmmiNg iT WitH 59% wIn rAtIO

  41. The problem of the tank is it has 0 carry potential because of the dpm and lack of armor. Its best shell reloads 4 seconds slower than on an Object 277, which has the same alpha, and not even that good a dpm in the first place…

  42. 5:30 Since everyone keeps saying that about the 60TP. It means it’s only viable in most eyes firing HE. Then the HE sandbox is not really its biggest issue, is it?

  43. What if they give hin a reversed autoreloader just like the one on the is3a

  44. Елиан Тодоров

    Alright, the Heavy french autoloaders had this problem from the beginning of the game and you guys are paying attention just now, when the new not op tank came out?

  45. McDonald’s BigMac…It is almost good but not. After years you crave it and THINK it is going to be good, BUT it is just almost good.

  46. QB, in my opinion, your ammo loadout is inappropriate. you would do little better if you took 20/10/3…at least I am not firing HE as often to carry 6…

  47. “I’ll support you” = “I’ll use you as a shield to save my HP… don’t get confused, I’m not trying to keep you alive….”

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