I was HUMBLED in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. It takes a lot after 50,000 games for something to move me, this certainly did!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Okay then, send any premium tanks to my account, any premium will do. Will you? Haha

  2. the good thing is people listen to you, when i tell somebody i cant move because im pinned down, they tell me i should stfu and l2p

  3. Royalscrewup, well done sir 🙂

  4. But what about your blocked modpack QB???

  5. Wg should add that anti-stream snipe system, the same that Fortnite got

  6. I loved the content and it touched me!

  7. That AMX 30 is a very rare specie on the World of Tanks. Game is full of crap shits and noobs nowadays.

  8. Very Classy Quickybaby.

  9. WG should add a Commander mode ?

  10. You’re like the Oprah of World of Tanks.

  11. Dont even feel like that, it would be a fantastic day if I saw you in the NA server, I appreciate what you do for the WOT community, and it would be a privilege to play with you or against you. There are lots of us over here across the pond that would be humbled to play with you!!!!!

  12. Nice work QB, respect to you playing it out this way mate. 🙂

  13. I was hoping to see you showing how NA gave you the American can o whoop ass. #clausbomb

  14. Buffon in polish tank ???

  15. this is a good example for the mm these days…..he matched a 61% Unicum Toptier with a 47% tomatoplayer…..all these lowtiers cant handle this polish tank! the only one who do this, is a orange noob from orange country^^

  16. My heart is touched. I am humbled and converted like mincraftboy.

  17. Kudos to Royalscrub Qb. He pulled you out of a hole +1

  18. r/mademesmile worthy video 🙂

  19. I salute the AMX 30 driver

  20. Load the gold to become a pro haha, the power of mommies credit card.

  21. How to tell someone is a Brit? He will tell you that your english is good ?

    Every Brit, ever

  22. Like always… a awesome Video 🙂

  23. I had a rough day QB. This video made me smile. Glad you had such a great experience, games like this make all the frustrating games worth it.

  24. Tanya is in danger, LOL

  25. This Video makes me so happy watching 😀

  26. change of pace kind of video I like it..

  27. Me: “obj 705 wow that’s high alpha gotta grind that” WG: laughing hysterically

  28. Dude, your awsome! ? Love to see this, just because I feel like you needed that.
    Your videos latley has been more and more frustrated. WG messed something up, streamsnipes etc.
    So I’m glad to see this happy and humbled QB again.

  29. This cannot be imagined in WoT Blitz Asian server

  30. Hi QB. how do you mark the map like this to indicate the direction to take ? I have made a brief research on internet but haven’t found anything.

  31. whining??? really???? no more views for me.

  32. This was really nice.

  33. I mean this is how everyone should play the game, looking out for each other out in the field and communicating with one another to try and pull out a win. You meet great people!

  34. respect to you RoyalScrewUp!

  35. Put your stream on a 5 minute delay, then they can’t stream snipe

  36. Just do what Jingles does and make a living from other people’s World of Tanks videos

  37. I’m not an unicum, and I rather go for the joy than for the stats in this game. In my opinion, unicums have their own ways, and rarely rely on their teammates. Orange, yellow and green players are more dangerous than unicums, because of teamplay. This video was about teamplay. When was our QB about asking for help? When he realized he can’t carry the whole team alone so he had to rely on his teammates. This, teamplaying is far more enjoyable, (for me) than carried by an unicum. And you can teamplay here, just you need to find the people who want it…

  38. Italy best goalkeeper just became polish

  39. Popularity is the word you want over fame 🙂

  40. Darn ninjas cutting onions in the bushes blyat.

  41. Wow, I see a lot of team work in games 🙂 But also a lot of would-be tacticians that ping around without having a clue. No wonder people are hesitant to follow pings 🙂

  42. More like Royal-bro-up ?

  43. The reason everyone focuses you on the battlefield is not because of your “fame” but because the use of XVM. Get the purpple player. Sure XVM is good for the game DA

  44. QB being shy of admitting his fame hahahahahaha

  45. You’d be nuts to not take guidance from QB.

  46. Your not famous cause youre playing WoT well QB, your famous cause people like your commentary. Your more famous than all the players from the FAME clan combined.

  47. why i can see you mini Map have the puple dot from 49…..nice mod

  48. Chronis Chochlidakis

    @QuickyBaby I am a subscriber for at least 5 years now. Throughout the years I hear you calling the xvm’s “green” and “dark green” players as compentent, significantly above average and such. Being a s.unicum yourself, and after 7 years of playing this game, you should know first hand that these kind of players simply do not have the impact in a game that will change its outcome almost none of the times where there will be higher skilled players in both teams. So I was just wondering, honestly, are you sweet-talking these players because they are a large portion of your fanbase or do you genuily believe that a green player is a compentent player? Not trying to be salty here or anything, just saying.

  49. Not very often you get a feel good video when watching WoT. Thank you (and RoyalScrewUp) for making it happen!

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