I was WRONG About the Anonymizer in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Yesterday I released a rushed video without considering the bigger picture. I was wrong about the anonymizer here’s my refined view.


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  1. Ernestas Valentinas

    Finally an apology video without the “sigh” at the start

  2. XVM and your e-penis WN8 should not exist in the first place!

  3. Don’t apologise. It was an immediate reaction video.You can always post a more reflective response later. Maybe next time just make it clear that’s what your planning to do after reading the comments and having a chance to consider other points that you might not be aware of in your reaction vid. Then you get to post two vids for the price of one! You definately have an opportunity to make something really positive here.

  4. Figaro de la Colline

    Excuse me…borderline individualistic? Umm, I don’t do group think. I hope you don’t either. We all make mistakes, but holding rugged individualism as a negative will get you an unsub from me. Maybe I misunderstood…

  5. Hey there… I play for 8 years and I never use XVM, and moust of the time I know when some one use this to find me or avoid on the battlefield, I’m OK player, and just trying to do the best for team, statistics dont play, as you show on some replays, you need bit of luck, bit of enemy mistake, and rng help.
    Best regards, WOT EU player Stiopoczkin.

  6. I love the hate mail. I just send a sarcastic message back. Waste my time by reading trash I’ll reply with a time waster. People need to learn to chill it’s a dam game.

  7. You know what QB if you look at the real issue here is not about those low player state that try to ruin the game. Is about why WG never fix a real issue with MM System? try to implement this and that to cover the fact and tell the world is going to be better with this functionality. Stats always tell the truth boy… unbelievable with this SH**

  8. As a WOT player who has just above statistics than average…I use XVM and see lots of noob new players (thats a good thing), players have average or below average stats… All these are ok. But if i see a player has 10k+ battles with 200 WN8 score or below… Does this WN8 make this player noob…. or average? No…IT IS A BOT… Even a noob player, even in the first battle in WOT, a human player can play better. And if in a battle my team has top tier BOT or BOTS… i go to drown myself or jump off from a clif or get killed as soon as possible… I dont like wasting time. Yes this may ruin game right… And a bad thing for other players in team. And i have to be more respectfull to other players.. OK… BUT what about WG??? WG should add statistics in MM in some way. I accept that its not easy to match up two equal teams in every battle but experience difference between two opponent teams (i mean the gap between sum of all players WN8 or a similar statistical score in each team) should be limited. I have no fun if there are BOTS in my team and i think BOTS ruin this game more than everything else… Yes i act like that and still have 50%+ win rate and just above 1400 wn8…

  9. Peter H. van Leeuwen

    To be honest….I do not use XVM cause It spoiled my pleasure in the game cause I was getting my mind preset in a winning or loosing mode. Without XVM it also plays more interesting cause you do not know who you oppose. I must also comment that I hardly see any players drown themselves. I would say 1 on 500 ? but not regularly. Overall I think the fact is that we rate players on their individual performance in the normal mode. However the core of this game is to produce a WIN together as this is a team-game. Winning is totally influenced by the percentage of team-work done over the duration of the game. And that concept is missed largely by the playing crowd. Recently in a Tier-10 game I was blamed by an other player holding a line for 10 minutes opposing 2HTs and an E110E4 on Karelia because I did not support him when he was on the other side doing the same. In the afterchats he offended me for being stupid and noob. The point is that a lot of players do not know how to link together when they are dropped on a map out of the blue and can not find the chemistry that works better in clan-team or clanbased platoons. So this is something to think about… how is this to be approved.

  10. Anonymiser does not stop the in game messages during the battle where the idiots demand you uninstall the game etc. They don’t care what your name is.

  11. I feel sad that you felt the need to upload what feels like a retraction on your previous video.

    Whilst your original video did feel quite reactionary, I do not think it was too far out there. The statements you made were just and in no way unfair. I agreed with a lot of your opinions and that is coming from a statistically good casual player that does not use XVM anymore (I stopped about 3-4 years ago).

    Having statistics readily available for those players that use XVM should still be available. Rarely do I find abuse coming from it, though when I do I simply laugh at the comments and may have a friendly jibe or two at them for a bit of fun.

    Hope all is well QB. Keep doing what you’re doing bud.

  12. I gave up on WoT a long time ago (Around the time WG started adding all the OP premiums and premium ammo became the default choice for most tankers) but I can honestly say I only really played WoT for the exp so I could go and collect more tanks. I really didn’t like the “underdog” games and would often just try to get the most quick exp I could and then go find another match. I groaned when I saw a 30% or lower win probability and while I didn’t drown myself, I sure understood those who did and might have even suicide scouted a few times. Because although I was an above average player on XVM (I think around 1600 WN8 or so?) for me it wasn’t about the stats, it was all about the exp, and bad teammates meant a lower chance for the x2 win meaning more of my evening wasted. So this anonymiser mechanic sounds like something that might have actually made me try harder in some of those games, and hey, maybe it’ll fix some of the issues with premium ammo too as people won’t immediately switch to it when they see a higher ranking player so it sounds like a good decision to implement by WG, probably their first in a very long time.

  13. “Quick, put out a damage-limitation video..!”

  14. Much better conclusion than the first video, but why should players have to hide their online identities just to enjoy a game? Ban XVM/stat mods that work in game and you get the game result.

    Frankly, it doesn’t matter if a good player or a bad player uses a good position, you can see whether it worked or not from the results.

    This game is utterly toxic and XVM is the cause.

  15. So to all that still find this as lack luster from ‘I’m unipro and don’t know what it feels like to not be good.’ Which even Q-baby started somewhere and cant stop talking about how good he is…. To be Anonymizer’d up. Enemy arty wont focus you for being good for they can’t see it, team mates wont hate you for being red if they cant see you. If it’s a bully, black listing them wont stop them from trying to push you out into enemy fire, thankfully no ally fire for rage heads. It also helps with people wanting to drown themselves from seeing majority red players on team. etc etc. Too bad people can’t just see the ‘stats’ and work around it. people just are lazy. So this can ‘help’ with that.

    Quickybaby. Most people watch you for they know your skill.. This vid bring most of you talking about you and how you handle it with your skill and etc etc… It doesn’t help. The video on you not understanding why the Anonymizer is actually a good thing for the toxicity for his game, cause this game feels like LoL at this rate with team mates raging and yadda. I’m an above average myself player. No purple, but good. And still see garbage from the game and people and find myself being shafted, even when I can work my tank. If I was fresh new happy strawberry being yelled at cause I’m red before the game even starts cause I’m 2k games and still learning? Makes wanting to play the game painful more than fun.

    Make your “How to play better vids” that you do to promote your skills. Don’t take you close to pro stats and make others feel bad for liking the idea of the Anonymizer.

    • I respect you, but also feels this needs to be said. Not as a ‘hate’ but as maybe an eye opener to you and all who read.

  16. I was more relaxing to play my friend account (he is a green player) to see that i didn’t get extra attencion by arty..and by my own team(no more pushing and blaim me not to carry team to win)..ofc enemy tanks try ty kill me,but no more wolf pack rushes and couple of times they shoot my team-mate rather than me,when there was more options to enemy tanks to shoot..? I really enjoyed game,like i did in beta and first year before xwm

  17. I’d rather not use this anonymizer. now that I die early in a battlefield, there’s one less excuse for me to use.

  18. Thats a stupid excuse at about 13:30 lol
    U need xvm to tell whether or not a certain position is good or not ??? Thats dumb, good stats doesnt even mean the player is good, a lot of players have 2.5k+ wn8 cuz of lower tiers and still cant play the game at all…
    U dont need xvm to tell u what position works or not, by now you are supposed to already know everything, and even if u didnt: YOU CAN SEE HOW BAD THE TEAM IS BY SIMPLY LOOKING AT THEIR POSITIONS

  19. The players who go to the red line with E100 and camping in the whole game will Still be bulied because of their lack ot skill. No matter what is their name or statistic

  20. And to QB i really did like that you make this video,and you realised that you where looking that anonymizer so straight point of wiew..i raise my hat to you sire..and you should ewen try it when it comes out..and i think you like to play it when you can just play the game like regular Tommy Wales..

  21. So war gaming threatened to remove your account unless you supported it lol

  22. I was in the middle of writing a reply to your last video because it pissed me off the way you were talking. I stopped and canceled it and went on. I play on the NA server and have been since beta. As soon as the game went live me and friends rushed through the lines to get our t10 tanks and started a clan. I have held a 68% win rate since the start and was proud of that. Then wn8 came along and more stats and it seemed like it was more of a target than info. I started with arty because I was in the artillery in the military and thought it was fun. The NA server can be toxic when it comes to certain clans or how good a player is. I also have been a plus 3k wn8 guy. With all of that, you tend to be a mark from everyone. Either my team shoots me because they hate the clan or hate good players or the Arty on the enemy team focus you the whole game. It has gotten to a point where I used the arty mod that shows how many times you get targeted just to prove to myself what was happening. My platoon mates won’t hang around me because they know as soon as we spotted arty will focus me and they don’t want any part of that. I can play a td a sit towards the back from the start of the game and for some reason get lite and arty shoots me instead of the heavy tanks or meds that are closer to them. I think the only time it is fine to play when there is no arty at all. It’s just having someone sitting at the back of their side who plays arty and can shoot you anywhere you move. Lastly, take a good player playing arty and you are on the other side and all I do is focus you and kill you. You wouldn’t have fun playing if that happened to you more. I have done that myself and felt guilty afterwards because I wouldn’t want that to happen.

  23. Did WG said it will remove ur russian bias from ur account, thats why you changed your opinion? :))

  24. ian_feel_keepin_it_real

    I was in a game with you once QB. You were seal clubbing in a Pz1c; luckily I was on the same team. I took a screenshot to show my friend at work.

  25. Watching your video would be a lot less If I did not know who I killed, who are my team mate, who are enemy and just see them as a random names. Fun only starts when we know who we are hunting. We all hate to play against bot cos they are under skilled and do almost no harm. What would be the point of playing this game if there is less fun.

  26. Nobody drowns himself in a round with QB in it. Doenst matter if in your or enemy team.

  27. I strongly disagree about your first comment the three negatives you perceive. You are essentially saying xvm gives people running it an advantage, because you can judge the strength of the enemy and take a position or undertake a strategy at the start of the game based on the quality of your opponents. I am only a green player and sometimes take a good position or try to press an advantage. Wether this turns out well or badly can depend on the quality of support I receive. Xvm would allow me to predict wether to make the play or not. I think it is close to cheating especially against tomatoes and I don’t use it. Getting rid of it in any way is balancing the game fairly. Using the excuse it allows me to assess if a position was bad because it is ineffective or my teammates were does not excuse the fact it provides an advantage.

  28. Quickybaby would you judge me as sh*t by my stats? : Milanko

  29. Schön das du dich damit auseinander gesetzt hast. Ich sehe es teilweise auch als positiv an. Ob ich es nutze oder mich gerne weiterhin an die Front stelle, mal sehen. Ich bin sicher kein Profi aber auch nicht total unerfahren.
    See you war_basti

  30. What QB needs to do is experience what it’s like being a shit player for a week or two. Someone who is bad at the game should loan their acct to QB and let him play it for a while just to see how BAD it really is. He’s trapped himself in a bubble and is completely unaware of just how horrible and toxic the playerbase can really be.

  31. Does anyone know if we’ll be able to see fellow members of our clan in random battles if the other player is using the anonymizer?

  32. Giannis Triantafillidis

    Then is something wrong with MM because you cant have defeats in row while you play 1-2 hours every month like WTF i stooped playing for 6 month and came back later and start defeat defeat defeat and it was always 2-15 or 0-15 , stop to play for 2-3 month and then when starting again same thing sow wtf really is this luck RNG to give bad taste of WG fun

  33. I don’t see too many early deliberate drownings, but what I do see is plenty of players who have looked at the XVM stats and already decided it’s a loss before the game even starts, and then they simply complain about the tomatoes or don’t give the game the focus they should. XVM stats are great for the super-successful, but lower down the food chain they are used for all the wrong reasons.

  34. As for the bullying my friends list there are around 15 people, block list is I cannot even count that far.

  35. I really appreciate the honesty and respect you admitting your mistakes. I’ve been really enjoying the daily videos, but I realize it must be a lot of work to always have something interesting to upload, I’m sure a lot of people appreciate it!

  36. 1. I hope that WG is not pressing you to change

    2. WG is breaking down this game for years now so this is

    just another nail in WoT coffin (they are trying to fix wrong

    3. This change is innitiated, imho, by players who are

    “purple players”, same as arty crippling. If you cant take the

    heat, play Tetris.

    4. Keep a good work, your videos are interesting.

  37. people will bully anonymizer players more

  38. Could we get some more ”live battles” QB??

  39. I’ll be real with you, I’m one of the “unicorns” on the NA server and due to the lower server population and limited number of top clans it’s very easy to pick out someone with high statistics even without mods or xvm. You could believe it or not but it’s happened more often than you’d think. I’m never toxic about it but being repeatedly clicked on by artillery and not being able to defend myself on certain maps is a nightmare.

  40. WG is still too lazy to fix the matchmaker. instead of contributing the players by skill they just hide the companies inability to fix the game

  41. About that last part, having all these statistics and being able to choose what fights to take (given something more than just the player’s tank) gives you quite an advantage over someone who does not use mods. I’ve experienced this personally and in my opinion it harms the game by making it even more difficult than it already is for a new player who knows nearly nothing to join the game and get better at it. However, I recommend you try out the kv2-2-2 mod for a video, by far my favorite. It technically gives you a disadvantage by taking up half of the screen but it is so dumb it’s worth it 😀

  42. The individual tomato can turn off the chat in the settings….I say special snowflakes that cant handle “internet bulling for some game stats” should well, grow a pair…

  43. Why hasn’t this game died yet.

  44. Do you imagine a football match where nobody knows if they are playing against Messi or against me?

    Messi gets 2 defenders for him.

  45. The times I call players useless, it is because they are useless in that particular game. They just sit there camping, afking, doing god knows what instead of actually playing. Its fine if they want to do that, that’s their prerogative, but invariably it are players with low wr’s and low wn8. Knowing this likelihood before you make a play where you expect your team to provide any type of help is invaluable. I’m not saying that all low stat player are like this, sometimes unicorns/blue/green players just camp as well to pad their stats but those cases are far rarer. And ofc I’ve had plenty of games where unicorn teams loose to tomato teams. But tbh being ‘casual’ should not be an excuse to not even understand the basics of the game, useless people will still be called out as being useless, people making tomato plays will still be called tomato, I guess it will help somewhat against people that start raging before anything has even happened.

  46. Just pissed off because he wont be able to pad his stats by picking on poorer players any more. WhyTF should you know a players stats before you see him move his tank?

  47. Broadsword calling Danny boy, all sins forgiven.

  48. Even tho im only 11 years old i still love to play this game. And i started when i was just 8 years old. And when i started my stats were all really bad. and i got bullied alot of times. and even got teamkilled when it was still a thing. Luckely i have improved it tho so now i never get bullied.

  49. Realize you are wrong:
    Option 1 -Say “i was wrong”
    Option 2 -Double down and delusion yourself into I can’t be wrong.

    I’m glad you are the few “option 1” guys.

  50. Why do you need to defend yourself??? It should be a game, where ANYBODY can relax … Why not take chat priviliges from the assholes? And everybody else can talk to each other … maybe even in a general chat for both teams again?

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