I Was Wrong About the LION in World of Tanks?!?

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Source: QuickyBaby

Lion was the most expensive thing I ever bought in World of Tanks; month later, do I regret it?



  1. I could have gotten one, and believe me when I say that I wanted it. However, I just didn’t like the price tag of gold I would have had to spend. I spent over 20 million credits in tanks that were on sale over the Christmas event, so with the leftovers… it would’ve been about 10k gold to spend. Hoping they have it for some other event in the future.

    For those of you that got it, what is your favorite thing about it? How do you play it (scout/sniper, aggressive damage dealer, etc.)? What equipment setups do you prefer?

  2. enjoy it for a month then war gaming gonna release more unfair tank to buy lol

  3. Good tank to play against muppets lol

  4. QB, would you create a video that helps Free to play players learn how to get extra garage slots, etc. like how you do for your Playsforfree?

  5. You always are wrong about wot…

  6. I keep wondering why 50% keeps getting called average win rate. Quite obviously, average has to be someqhere around 47 to 48%.

    Its not like for any one player that wins, there is always one that loses. Not even close. Good playera tend to win much more than they lose. And then, the remaining 90% are under 50%.

    Take me for instance. Im at 51% lately 2000 wn8 or so. Im top 8% in the realm according to my monthly report. If indeed i was an average player like qb keeps suggesting, i would be top 50% in the realm or so. You would alsp meat.many more people over 50% in game which is rarely the case.

  7. QB your great with this tank without a doubt. I dont have the Lion but every time I have faced it on the battlefield it has been a very easy target for me that I never had an issue dealing with. I guess since the turret armor is so easy to pen. But I think the average player would need a lot of practice on this.

  8. the lion has hesh? 6:13

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  10. I honestly regret not going for it. I was almost certain they were going to pull off another auction or black market right after. Too bad non of the tanks were worth getting imo.

  11. full cheaters closed the game

  12. I don’t play world of tanks anymore but its still fun to watch

  13. killed 2 lions in one game, tough to kill but fun.

  14. nerf light tank trash game

  15. The gun flatout sucks

  16. WoT PC: spend 500k free xp to get a tier X “OP” medium tank
    WoTB: 20 mil creds for a churchill GC , take it or leave it.

  17. Nope, not enough resources – I do not play enough to collect that much in 2 years 🙂

  18. No. You weren’t wrong. The Lion is a mediocre tank. Fun, yes, but mediocre all around…

  19. Sometimes gun makes me so angry, i miss the very accurate shots however i’m in love with my Lion.
    I burned nearly 25 k bonds and other stuffs but no regrets 🙂

  20. Actually. It IS Amazon’s fault that they only sell garbage. That’s exactly the kind of thing they want and encourage. Because it brings in lots of money. 🙂

  21. Why would anyone support Warscamming with their money is beyond me honestly.Why nerf tanks that people worked hard to get?while selling tanks like the Lion and the 780.Chiefs and 279 stil limpossible to get for the majority of players and they got away with being the best tanks for the best players.NOT supporting business practices like WG’s is the way to go in any online game.

  22. “I just got an Ace on the Lion, let me make a video just so I can show it off even though it’s nothing special”


  24. no buyers remorse = op tank, bad for the game.

  25. Just hate the method of implementing tanks that only the best or most comittted players can get…in order to get even further advantages than they already have….

  26. Can you showcase the T95E6 @QuickyBaby?

  27. Never vacuum electronics. TF is wrong with you lol.
    Use ONLY stuff that BLOWS air.

  28. carrot more fun

  29. I bought the Lion (NA server). I really love it. But it can be very frustrating to play at times. It gets penned by every gun ever and the gun handling can be very derpy at times. Also, I’m pretty sure in my 50ish games so far, Ive been full-penned by an FV4005 at least 25 times (not exaggerating).

  30. I bought it because of the initian reviews, then quickly realized I don’t even have an italian medium tank crew because I never started going down that line… So a little bit of remorse, but not because the tank is bad

  31. Am I the only one who thinks WG nerfing the Progetto 65 has something to do with the lion ? kind of like how they nerf the kranvagn near the minotauro introduction while ignoring years of pleas to nerf the chieftain and the 279e for years

  32. As almost f2p player I spend about 25k bonds, a lot of blueprints and credits/free xp on it. But I love my standardB so I know this is a tank that I like to play (even as a regular smo and not a unicorn Quickybaby).
    Now I am focussing on the economics in my game so play a lot of my credit making tanks, but as I see this replay its worth it.

  33. Love this tank 🙂 it’s amazing 🤩

  34. Ya I used the feel that way about the Standard-B in regards my go-to tank until WG screwed it not once but twice.

  35. I will never buy anything off wargaming for a broken game with such bad mm

  36. yeah tanks like this will definitely help the game, I honestly get a very high joy moments when meet this or one of the never got balanced tier 10,9,8 ones with my tech tree vehicles love i

  37. “This tank is my playstyle” lol! what a comments 🤣So an overpowered tank with 3,600k+ DPM Auto-reloading tank with good gun handling, strong standard penetration, huge clip damage on a mobile platform is “just matching my playstyle”. That’s priceless.

    The fact an experienced yet average player like yourself(I know you behind the fake humble visage you think you’re one of the very best in the game) can casually reel off a fast 8k+ damage 9 kill battle albeit a cherry-picked battle where things fell nicely with players both the typical clueless WoT Bobs and distracted by your dither-fish teammates still showcases just how over-powered this tank is.

    It literally has no drawbacks for the massively broken auto-reloading system and burst damage it has. So instead of you sensibly suggesting that a 4 shell autoreloading magazine with massive clip damage should have sensible balancing aspects such as a long intra-clip reload and/or low DPM compared to single shot tanks , like maybe around 2k instead of 3k, no, instead you blurt one of the most bs meme comments I’ve seen made by you yet “This tank simply matches my playstle”… who the hell DOESN’T find a tank that can race about clipping noobs for massive damage and high kill counts “matches there playstyle”.

    This tank needs to be nerfed. You get all of what’s good, in spades, and none of what’s bad, with a weak argument about how a player shouldn’t fire all 4 shells as though it’s a valid balancing aspect. So basically play it as a 3 shell A-R with amazing burst and dpm but if your backs to the wall or you’re about to get killed anyway or you need one more shot to secure that 6th, 8th or 10 kill for a nice shiny undeserved “achievement” you can knock in that 4th shot like some sort of get out of jail for free card.

  38. On my alt I haven’t bothered getting it at all .On my main I have had the gold I couldn’t use from the loot boxes, plus lot of blue prints so I got it. I love Leopards especially PT A as it is tier IX. I thought Lion will be something like that. But there are so many shit sides of the Lion.
    People omit saying it though.

    1. Reverse speed = dogshit. Feels like FV4005 only top forward speed and top reverse speed is higher.
    2. Stock ammo speed comparing to stock Leopard Ammo. You can’t snipe as you can with fast ammo.
    3. Gun handling is just bad.
    4. Fake gun accuracy due to the gun handling
    5. overall sluggish handling when driving it

    Dinging few shells with the gun mantlet gives you fake feel of the security while good players just pen you to the side of it.
    My first Equipment setup stats 0.25 meters accuracy but it misses so many shots it is ridiculous. Even fully aimed once.
    Thing 3x before You drive somewhere, while it will not go good for you if you can’t run away,
    Leopard 1 feels like a stiletto/Ferrari, while Lion feels like a machete/Lada car.

    Sure damage output is good but bad gun handling is so frustrating for me that it gives me no fun.
    Intuition skill on autoreloaders, especially when you are fully loaded, simply sucks. It does change your first round to what you need and does it slightly faster than normal reload but it does not give you full clip as it does when doing it in autoloaders. One could argue that in the Lion one could use it to stay in the optimum DPM range of one shell in the magazine but it is not that easy.

    I hated AMBT when it came out. I thought it will be something like Progetto65 game play and I will be good in it. Took me lot of time and playing with equipment to get it working and I love it now. Though, normally I want Premium tier VIII tanks to be good with normal Equipment. I do not like when they need special equipment to function. I tend to save special equipment for top tiers. Anyhow now I play it a lot and get nice damage results on my both accounts.

    Lion idea of nicest alpha on mediums for me, due to the playing with Leopards, added to some turret armor and autoreloader on still very mobile chassis was sounding so OP to.
    There fore disappointment is even higher.

    I have to admit that it prints damage and even when you feel you haven’t done much you just might have made more than in the other tier X mediums. Though I feel I can’t carry as good as I can in the Progetto65 or in the Leopard 1. Or for that matter of fact with T50/51. It is not as Fun tank for me either.

    It promotes playing with Premium ammo to. So many people are shooting premium only in it. I totally understand them. I carry clip HE and rest is 50/50. Still switching to APCR feels such a jump. You do not want to be not penetrating or missing While you might not get the next chance.

    It can’t clip someone so do not use it like Cobra or CZ autoloaders.

    Anyhow I am glad that I got it while it is relatively rare. I am also glad that many average and less than players have stopped playing it. But it was expensive and it did not deliver Fun for it’s cost.

  39. What field modification / equipment do you use ?

  40. You didn’t have to respond to the haters.

  41. Every content creator does the same thing. At first they say the tank is not worth it and weeks later they say they were wrong

  42. OK, I understand this video and the idea that you transmitted….BUT….I would say that this is incomplete as a question, the complete thing to ask/state would have been :

    “I Was Wrong About the LION in World of Tanks?!?….Do you have buyers remorse…AND…was there any need for this tank as we had a tech-tree tank reachable for ALL, namely Progetto 65″…..

    AND THAT would have been the complete thing to ask,to say and to make a video about, while playing two games side by side with both tanks…..because now,after the Progetto will “burn”…there will be “remorse” of grinding that tank,firstly, and after that, secondly ,not having the Lion- because -new shinny tank to have

  43. Whether you like it or not really depends on your play style I think. Those who like to slug it out up front are going to struggle, those who play the leopard style of play will not.

  44. No regrets…..I have all the tech tree researched and nothing to spend XP on, so this was good. Took me 45 seconds to purchase and ended with 4620. To boot: It’s a good tank. Rock on Tankers 🤘😎

  45. Bought a Metrodav Datavac ED-500 a dozen years ago, it’s saved me multiple times its cost!

  46. Is it good that a tank makes many already lackluster tree tanks feel even more short handed?

  47. I use my vac 🤣

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