I was WRONG about this tank…

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – ELC Even 90. worst DpM, horrible handling, mediocre speed… I thought this tank would SUCK…


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. I’ve bought the tank cause it looks so cute 😀 Never using it, cause it’s damn slow :/

  2. Got this during the tank trade-in this summer. IS-6 + 500g = ELC EVEN 90. This is way more fun.

  3. U look smaller in new pc

  4. A crummy little French hatchback…

  5. Everybody know, French tank is BYEEEST

  6. Honestly?.. this tank looks like E.T… Come on…

  7. Hate playing against them, which means they’re good. I enjoy ramming them with my LT-432 and blasting HE. Russia!

  8. The most fun tank in the game and for me it is on of the best credit makers as well ( but that is more or less because i just like it). I have not shot a single premium round with it (280 games), i do not use directives. Food for 10k credits and that is it. I max out the vision and use commander vision system in the dedicated slot. But of course, the fun is determined by the player, it is not set in stone. I like these sneaky plays, quite often you can get yourself behind enemy lines and just spot the whole enemy team all the time. You can use the smallest of bushes. And you do not need gold to shoot at tanks from behind:) And the only way, enemy can out spot you, is by proxy spotting you. Just look out for them closing in and you are just fine even with that 45% camo, you really don’t need to waste slots to max that.
    And to worry about DPM all the time, it is just not smart;)
    I i do play this tank for fun and to make credits.

  9. Hahaha!
    ELC EVEN 90 has being one of the best light tanks in the game since it has being released.
    Even before the equipment 2.0 the EVEN 90 was totally dominating all the open maps.
    All you need is fully pack it with crew, equipment and consumables. And be extremely cautious and aggressive. Yes, both at the same time. You have to use your full knowledge of maps, tactics and game mechanics.
    And with premium account this tank is totally able to make profit. Especially in Frontline where it shines the brightest.
    Full female crew, Commanders optics, Improved optics and the Muffler is the ultimate setup for this tank. And I totally recommend Commanders optics in the first slot. Because Prohorovka. Because Malinovka. Because Murovanka.

  10. now every stat padder will be in one of these.

  11. i love this tank. just want to say, its played for the spotting damage, not dealing damage, but i am an average player that has had a 13k game, did my lt15 in this and got about 7k and i think ive done a few 5k+games. however be aware because of gun, you might not be very usefull on some maps, where gun is more important, or there are wheeled. tanks

  12. finally you woke up! I am pretty bad player and still managed 9k+ spotting with this little devil

  13. If I may ask, what mod pack does quickybaby use now?

  14. petition for quickybaby to play wot blitz

  15. Lol good result in pay2win game…..xD What a surprise. Very good player, but damn he pays alot. Free2play can go suck it suck it 😛

  16. QB are you making a homelander cosplay with your hair there?

  17. Many people undervalue the element of tank size in WoT.

    One much less obvious example is T-34-1, a tier 7 chinese MT that is excellent despite of having an unreliable gun.

    One thing that this tank has over other meds is that this medium is smol a f and often times when you aim you can only shot its rounded decently protected turret instead of its hull. Perfect to hide in small hills/stones and bushes. You can park and wiggle forward-backward at the side of a german HT and most of them will struggle to hit you because the only thing they can shoot is turret.

  18. I detest this tank.

  19. When you want to play ur Elc even 90 but u can’t anymore bcs u dont have PC:(

  20. This tank is the most annyoing thing in world of tanks

  21. 1:00 no ikv on 3 tier has best camo

  22. I consider it to be the last tank to oppose EBRs. Overall, my first t8 prem, most played tank I have, I’m averaging 3k in it. The tank is an absolute fucking God.

  23. Wild South Australia

    My fav. Tank…. I use it to make big credits

  24. I play it for make mony + too have fun 🙂

  25. Wild South Australia

    The tank was designed to be dropped from aircraft

  26. Finally, QuackyBaby realized how wrong he was!

    General piece of advice, if there is any extreme vehicle, like in this case, a light tank with extreme camo rating, you should be very careful when judging it, because in skilled hands those strengths can be exploited. What most perceive as bad might be amazing in the right hands and with a right mindset. You did not gave it proper consideration last time, you just looked at its DPM and decided that it is crap, despite its amazing burst of magazine, despite its amazing camo, despite this game being heavily vision based, despite mobility and small profile being important.

  27. I like this little shizzzz…

  28. “…due to my tiny size…” QB that was to much information 4 us

  29. Before the new Equipment, this was the first tank that took me well past a 60% winrate after 100 battles.

  30. Gian Lorenzo Pangan

    Quicky’s slowly turning to a certain Hollywood celebrity.

  31. Before equipment 2.0 I was able to get around 84% camo when not moving with a camo net and using directive etc

  32. Fucking WallE

  33. You should try swapping vents for the commander’s vision system. This thing *is* the best premium light tank. The LT is not a light it’s a medium in disguise, but if you want proper scout gameplay the EVEN is the best. Also, it is a very good credit maker when you dont play it like a quickybaby, 60k credit games with no effort, easy-enough 100k if you do damage, no need for premium consumables, no need for gold ammo unless you’re fighting tier 10 heavies.

  34. Damn QB is a gangster in this game. I get the equipment.

  35. what is best new equipment for AT15A?

  36. 3 shovel length…


  37. I’ve always been in the vain of going hill is a win is not the best meta, getting to the corners and sniping the peeps trying to get up the hill has won me more games and biggest damage games on this map. And quickybaby has kinda shown it works with this video. if you spawn south you go north east which also gives you a good view of the snipers nest for arty to go ham on.

  38. WALL.E

  39. I love my ELC 90 but i never load heat only AP and HE. I make crap loads of credits, try it out Mr. Frampton.

  40. LOL, exact i do this on my own, since a short Time! My Camo Value is 1012, they didnt see me! I Love it!

  41. Lol i was in that stream

  42. Yeah… OK to recap- the way to make this tank usable you need to spec it for camo, use a premium consumable, use a directive, have a spectacularly good crew(fenomenal for crew training) use premium ammo, and be fortunate noone counters your position…

    Yeah, the tank is crap.

    • All light tanks need good crews to be good, you don’t need to spec it for camo or use directives. QB was a gold noob this battle, the tank makes great credits and doesn’t need to fire gold due to its flexibility. You’re correct that QB was lucky to not get countered, but that’s how he plays all of his tanks. Aggressive. So i wouldn’t trust him to play intricate tanks well.

      I personally run it with optics, turbo and commanders vision system, outspots anything in the game.

  43. which is better the MAUS or the E 100???

  44. funny rc car tank goes brrrrrrrrrr

  45. The Tank Commander

    I think it’s high time Quickybaby got into a training room with Honest Gaming. He could learn a helluva lot from him. This tank is just a PURE MEME.

  46. even before even 90 was a beast, i had several games with 8k spotting, i did plays i wouldn’t do with other scouts. one of my all time favourite!

  47. I’ve always loved this vehicle for it stealthy attributes…. gonna beef it up now!!! 🙂

  48. why do you show the little one‘s strength on a 1 out of 1000 battles where enemies completely ignore the west and you can freely rush into the finest positions that typically are unreachable….
    Is the little one also strong in a normal battle? With an enemy team that is not totally braindead and maybe has some tier IX orbtier X in it?

  49. Yeah… but it happens a 1 in a 20 game that there is no lights of the enemy driving to the left flank at all….

  50. aren’t the lightbulbs on the enemy teams roster considered an illegal mod?

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