I Wasted 15,000 Gold on This… But Gonsalo Surprised Me! | World of Tanks New Auction Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

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of WZ-120G FT and Gonsalo, New From Auction. World of Tanks The Auction 2022 – Rare Tank Offers for Credits, Gold and Free EXP.

Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:35 Tanks in the video
01:35 Announcement
03:55 Details
04:45 WZ-120G Experience
09:19 WZ Battle 2
13:50 Gonsalo Experience
19:00 Gonsalo Battle 2
23:44 Conclusion

The Auction official article: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/special-offers/the-auction-2022/

The auction is over, anniversary event is over and time for a little recap… What do I think about the new tanks I picked up for Gold. While the Gonsalo surprised me quite a bit, the WZ-120G FT feels quite dissapointing.

What do you think?


  1. The auction didn’t satisfy me and I mentained my free xp and money for the next italian TD line.
    Name: _ TAWIL_ (note: without space between underscore and letter T…it makes it italic without space, so I put space 🙂 )
    Server: EU

  2. nice dez…. but please.. raid…its p2w game…

  3. I think that WG did better this time as far as the auctions are concerned because it was only one offer for gold on the last day and free-to-play players could pick up more stuff
    Name: mario2412_1
    Server: EU

  4. fire46mwhiteshadow I thing that the auction was very lame and stupidly expensive for the small and bad rewards other than the Gonzalo

  5. Not bad content with this auction, grabbed the Perregrine with 120.00 XP, fun tank; hope they will do better next time :). Keep up the good work, cheers!

  6. Disapointing auction,didnt bid on anything but anniversary was fun.

  7. NA: laces0466 :: the anniversary was as good as a $2 Whore! If feel like I need to go to a clinic! Tokens were marginal at best. Auctions were useless!

  8. MarioRUST (EU) : Personally i think the events were decent, obviously they were made to drain resources before the releaze of the new tanks, but still, they could choose to not give us anything so i’ll take any event they give us :).

  9. As a F2P this was great. I times the prime gaming lease tanks with the free premium days and played as much as i could.
    Now i have a lot of small consumables, i really never bought that many at once. I have bought a few new tier 8 tech tree tanks and still have credits over to spend.
    The auction was a swing and a miss for me. F2p has nothing to do there. Why must everything be so expensive? No tier 6 tank for the players with a smaller budget or loyal f2p players?
    The Tokens you get for the missions and the “gifts” you could pick were perfect. Bonds, training, crew and money. All a f2p needs.
    Greetings from the Netherlands.
    Server EU
    Name: Antarctica_1

  10. I am happy with the token store cause that gave me enough bonds to get get the 907 and i rarely spend money on the game the auction made so i could get an is3a for 100k free xp username:Angry_Metal2010 server:NA

  11. Achill3uS overclocking

    I was disappointed, auction items were mediocare stuff and overpriced in the same time (except the Peregrine). Should have been more skins or something accessible not only for the whales. In this point of view trading caravan was a better event, however that was really badly introduced and bugged as hell. Sidenote, no italian premium td yet!

  12. The anniversary wasn’t too bad, you could get some bonds and creds, the tank you got from doing three of the missions isn’t that bad either, i myself really liked this event

    andrzejkus04 EU

  13. For me auction went qute ok. I had a lot of silver and free experience so I got 2 new tanks. Objekt 268/5 and IS-3A Peregrine, and I’m kind of happy with them. In all, good auction for me.
    serbianblue (EU).

  14. Username: HiThere345
    Server: EU
    Question answer: The anniversary event was very dissapointing, the Lago tank is just a dust catcher and they hyped the event up too much and I really hoped there would be a marathon to get the summer 3D-Style for the T95. Instead it got locked behind an auction which was overall dissapointing, no tanks sold out because they weren’t that competitive with the current meta.

  15. This auction was not for me, i gave everything to get obj780, so i skipped this one, but its nice that f2p players have a way to get something in this game

    blejdranr – EU server

  16. Typical Premium-Trash. The Tanks are not the problem, the real problem into the game is the Playerskill, thats is missing. Whenn Noobs with 2000 games expirience playing at Hightier-Level.


  17. This anniversary envent gave the chance for ppl to get free stuff so its always good this kind of event. I saw many ppl regretting from not buying gonsalo after seeing ppl playing it lol. In general i did not liked that much this auction but i only regret from not getting 268/5 with credits, the pregrin is some kind of a joke but the best was for ppl who didnt has is-3a now have it for free with only free xp.

  18. drbayo
    Anniversary event was great. Got so many equipments. But i’m a F2P account so auctions is not my thing.

  19. There was noting interesting in Auctions. Rubiroza78 – EU server.

  20. The Auction was great if you didn’t have the IS 3A allready. I got it for 120k with the cool skin great deal in my opinion. But if you had the IS 3A or don’t like the stats of it and have other russian premiums allready it was dissapointing. Sure the T95 skin looks amazing but 5m credits is quiet expensiv for a skin.
    The anniversary event was nice you got free stuff because the missons were easier than daily missons in my opinion.

  21. Chronological Gamer

    patrikabramowicz EU

    The anniversary gived me mixed feelings, as reward they gived us a Tier III and a new Camo, most people seems to hate it, but since I’m a low tier enjoyer a new Tier III premium made be happy, about garage I’m not a fan of beaches, I’m more of a mountain guy, but it was great letting mine tanks get some fresh air. Then there was the auction, I couldn’t afford anything except T-95 skin, but even tho I couldn’t afford much, I think it was pretty much a scam, I would had never spend that much resources for such bad rewards.

  22. I fee like like wargaming is not sure what to put it’s money on for auctions. An auction seems like a forum where they bid credits and free xp for collectors tanks and gold for goated tanks so everyone can bid (skoda t56 would have pulled ridiculous numbers of bids). The tanks were not that good and should maybe have been auctions with credits and not gold since they are “collectors tanks”. Of course the discounts were good but I spent the event in a hotel room on a laptop and wifi and missed out. =[

  23. As a free2play User of WoT, the auctions were completely useless for me. I do not have any Gold, just enough credits to buy 1 techtree tank and by far not enough freeXP. So I think it was one more time made for the already paying players, who could now get even more premium tanks. I know, that I could simply invest my Euros inte the game to participate, but I wont gamble with my money without knowing if I have a chance to get the tank. And the fact, that noch all tanks were sold out shows to me, that I am not the only one thinking so.



  24. this year i have to say i didnt enjoy it as much as previous years but it was good enough although i wasnt able to get any tank from the action

  25. About the anniversary I’m very happy that Wargaming give us some premium account for 1 week, it’s very helping players to grind a lane without spend too much times in game. About the auction i can’t buy any items because i’m fee to play player

  26. dooglen4tion 1244

    Sean145 NA: I found the anniversary event and the auction event were pretty mediocre. Reason I found them mediocre it just felt like an overall cash grab that wasn’t in line with the communities feelings.

  27. People are happy to pay 15k-50k gold for a tank. These events are not for free to play players who refuse to open their wallets. Nothing wrong with spending some moula and nothing wrong playing for fun.
    Lachlanrp – AU

  28. Gygy0ne
    Eu server
    It is very desapinting!!

  29. I’m very happy that warganing overestimated their selling capabilities and I was able to pick up the is3-A for a good price.
    Server: EU
    User: Danidegraus

  30. I am happy that I had the option to play during this anniversary I loved the 2x XP mission for every win on every tank. the auction was not that good I wished for some cheaper things for free XP and credits but most of the thing were for a lot of gold so i did not get anithing.

  31. Good auction for me – taked IS-3A Peregrine

  32. The event was ok, but I forgot to spend the tokens I won…

  33. Wg should balance tier 9 prems, in a way that they could only get bonds when they match up against tier 10

  34. The anniversary event was quite fun. The token rewards were nice but I found nothing interesting on auctions (IS-3A maybe, but i have it in my garage already). Username: iwciulo , EU server.

  35. The Anniversary event was overall very nice, but the auction and its timing were horrible.
    They should have spaced the auction one or even two weeks after the anniversary.
    Thanks for the content as always Dez!


  36. considering how long this video game has been out, and how many people still play it, everyday should be anniversary day.
    heavy_trike NA

  37. RobinZander Asia server – im ok with the anniversary event and auction. I got the warhammer reinforcement. As for tanks i did not get anything because im not good with HTs. Was waiting for some prem tier 8 tds or mts but they never came. At least i get to keep my creds for the next events.

  38. Superpap_a EU. I am very disappointed in the event. Everything was done while i am away on holiday. No Lago for me. And I would have bought the 268 5

  39. TehButterflyEffect

    Only thing I was interested in was the IS3-A. It was the equivalent of 2500 gold for a tier 8 premium. Easy choice. I like it. The other auction stuff was too expensive, but I did like the stuff I was able to get with tokens.

  40. hated that event, reward & auction items are disappointment.

  41. I’ am really happy with this anniversary event. We had a lots of preatty easy and fast to complete missions, with some good rewards. 3000 bonds, and over 1 000 000 silver, were my favourite, but also some crew mates, who will help. This 2d styles were a good ending to shopping during the event. Auctions could be better, this tanks and styles didn’t convince me at all, but it could be worse. Thank you for reading my opinion about this event, and have a good day.
    Nick: rolozwanyrolo_1

  42. Marskizz EU : i liked anniversary event and i wish i get t-22 medium some day to my collection

  43. the anniversary event was quite nice cause you could get bonds etc for free but the auction was crap in my opinion. Only got my self the two commanders with the skins but thats all, the other stuff was not interesting for me. Sad but i cant change that.
    EU Server

  44. I expected a bit more interesting tanks in the auction but I was glad about the offers like consumables and other stuff. why_cant_we_be_friends eu region

  45. I was a little disappointed on the tanks the offered during the auction event.. I want a new tier 9 Chinese medium lol.

    IGN DBear72

  46. I am happy with the bonus 5x EP and the reduced cost for free xp. The Token rewards were …ok. i mostly got camo. Slagathaw EU

  47. Auction sucked huge monkeyballs. Anniversary gave me enough bonds to get Carro from clan event, but missed the rest of anniversary trade in, because I could not be online for few days. WHY IT CANT be redeemed few days later too??? Edit: oh, and give the gold to needy. Or if I win, donate to Ukraine….

  48. Sardenn EU: the missions were fine they were actually realy good for free to play players, but the auction was kinda disapointing.

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