I Wish for Battles Like This! + Giveaway Winners | World of Tanks STB-1 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks STB-1 Epic Gameplay World of Tanks Free Gold Giveaway – 25,000 Gold Giveaway Birthday Event. World of Tanks 2020 10th Anniversary.

Today I am going to show you one really amazing battle featuring STB-1, tier 10 Japanese medium tank. While you are enjoying that, I am actually going to announce all the from the previous giveaway, 25,000 gold is going to find new owners!

All the prizes have been sent out already, go check your store, if you won anything! 🙂



  1. Once you see the face on STB-1, it can not be unseen! 😛
    Anyway, Gratz to all the winners once again, prices have been sent out, feel free to let other Beasts know that you received them! 🙂
    And as I said, good news, we are going to have MORE in May, because you guys were absolutely amazing in the previous episode! Celebrating World of Tanks 10th Anniversary here in a Big way… The way we like it! 🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥

    • The SemI Evil Internet Guy

      congrats to everyone who won =)

    • nice game play in back ground be safe all

    • SHIP…. Did you miss my comment on the previous episode, when you posted the announcement of this contest?
      —There is something I want you to look for…please.

    • Razvan Partebuna

      I want to try my luck at the next giveaway 😉

    • Hey Dez!! I really appreciate all you do for us!! I’ve been a sub for so many years I can’t remember! I’ve learned so much and I enjoy the replays. In a couple of weeks I’ll be 69 years old. So, I guess I enjoy the replays more than I do playing some days. Anyway love you brother!! Take care, Vern….the old man

  2. The moment when you realize it is not your name 8:30
    Anyway folks, No need to go away, next time you will get more chace! *hopefully*

    Anyway! Congrats Winners!

  3. Swabhiman Behera

    Watching your videos makes me feel ahh so easy….but on battle field.. damn its real tough…hahaa

  4. And after 1000th giweaway still nothing. GG

  5. hello sir thank u verry much for all the efforts that u give us about the every day news and update in the world of tank god bless u sir im konep im 50 years old im enjoying playing w.o.t this is my favorite game so again thank u verry much sir

  6. Johan Leiva Saldarriaga

    Those were a lot of 1’s

  7. noticed all the big winners were from eu and an lost not good

  8. This battle is one of a kind…

    Ok I’m gonna show myself out

  9. awwww….. thought I had some luck with the giveaways 😅😅😅 oh well standard account for life right WG… thanks Dez anyways better luck next time I guess

  10. Stb-1 with 11 kills and 11.111 damage.Damn,there are too much 1s

  11. 28 HEAT shells…..

  12. STB-1 looks bounce 😀

  13. dayum, i wanna get STB-1, but im not really planning to get a T10 for now, mostly focusing on T8 for FL

  14. Tier x, 11 kills, medals coming out of his ears and still looses money. WG that’s OBCEANE!

  15. That one inch punch on the Grille 15 though…. gratz everyone on your prizes. Thank for the content and AMSR tones Dez; much love.

  16. Dez, great video replay and we’ll done for your generous donation to other tankers from all regions.
    Keep up the good work.

  17. this is a test server’s replay,so it’s not an epic

  18. Sad not me

  19. Dez, you are going to get that 200k this year, Im really sure

  20. This fv 🤣 and stb1 is so lucky with firing maus

  21. Hello first time I look one of your video and I very enjoy it

  22. Wait, is this a test server replay? I didn’t even know that was possible.

    Gonna upload my obj. 140 game then.

  23. Ahh… Never get gold never win the giveaway and never win anything.. but Dez you are my favorite WoT youtuber

  24. This guy’s situational awareness is top notch.

  25. Prathamesh Prabhu

    Love you Dez <3

  26. I want the STB so bad but don’t want to grind a new line 🤣

  27. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    Oh, that was a test-server game. Doesn’t matter anyway pulling that off as a one-shot. Incredible!

  28. Great stb gameplay I am thinking of grinding STB what do you think?

  29. good thanks for the rewards 🙂 …

  30. i didnt win anything…….nah doesnt matter! gold is just currency. still good vids tho!

  31. Hoped so much so i can finally remove some of the gun rammers on the tanks i dont need haha

  32. T10 muppets, omg

  33. I love this tank. I need to grind it. :p

  34. oops I forgot

  35. I haven’t yet try STB-1, I guess it a grind after badger

  36. seriously, u show a fcking noob snipe?just another coward that can not play medium tanks properly. no miracle its got to hard to play td with all these loser mediums

  37. Lucki stb

  38. I’ve been participating in giveaways for about a decade and never gotten anything

    • Cause they are bogus giveaways… I just don’t participate and save myself of false hope that I will win something eventally..

  39. Hey Dez, you almost have 200k subs :O thats pretty wild

  40. hi dezgamez,nice content and keep it up,from asia server,.just wondering why only 1 winner from asia,.hope that your next give away will not only 1 winner from asia again,tnx and godbless

  41. Anotther great video, Loved the giveaway & congrats winners, Anyone know where to download a working copy of the pin up victory & defeat cards that come up after the battle

  42. I was in every giweaway and always nothing😭

  43. Those who have won you should go and buy some lottery tickets, if possible during this lockdown.

  44. Noaman Cheklaoui

    WHat is going on is he just lucky or what

  45. Sadly I didn’t win anything 😭

  46. Lol I saw this battle in an ad

  47. Is there another give away hope I will get pick im still new in this game

  48. Victory girls still going strong!

  49. Why is this player so fucking lucky?

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