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Source: PhlyDaily

#tanks #funnymoments #warthunder


  1. What is that unholy apbp round on the thumbnail

  2. This proves that WT bumps Phly up. I’ve used APCR lots of times, and it normally takes a minimum of 4 hits to finally kill the crew off in an enemy tank. I’ve never ever had a one shot with APCR.

  3. 14:05 I feel that scorpions pain

  4. Pacifism daily!

  5. Day 547 of asking you to play the P.108.A Serie 2 on tanks again

  6. “Apcr warfare” your so cursed

  7. 3:36

  8. LEGEND.

  9. “Without a single aggressive shot.” Nevermind that all those “smoke” rounds contained phosgene!

  10. That was a great vid 😂

  11. Is it just me or did Phly change the title?

  12. Wait… what if Phly use’s only smoke rounds to shoot down planes?

  13. Pacifist War Thunder Playthrough.

  14. Click bait

  15. Hey Phly the last is-2 video you did was 5 years ago!!!!!!!, any chance you can do another?

  16. LMAO that last game, you definitely annoyed the f out the enemy team single handedly with those smoke

  17. It’s not “smokey only” :

  18. Phlydaily: “I don’t know tanks really well”
    Albert Einstein: “I don’t know science really well.”

  19. Milk Duds on Blitz

    iTS nOt a SPRockEt Its A REturn RolLer

  20. top tier performance

  21. Average Snail god praiser

    M60 side armor is terrible

  22. So is everyone cool that Gaijin said they were gonna move all other M48s to 7.0 and move the german one up to 7.3, then when the BR changes happened the german one got moved up to 7.3?

  23. Hi I have never touched a computer with this game on it but I still watch for some fucking reason and I have a question. What did the smoke accomplish?

  24. Did you change the titel of the video @PhlyDaily

  25. I think he changed the title of the video.

  26. man I really hate playing 7.3, especially stock apcr against 8.3 t55am1 A LOT

  27. If apcr is viable does that mean it would be a researchable round and the new stock round just HE?

  28. The sherman II in the British tree has that shell

  29. 5:45 “Your free-trial of good APCR has run out”

  30. Me watching and sipping tea while quietly observing phly’s descent into madness…

  31. Awesome video man!

  32. That last match shows just how much the scores need rebalancing for holding positions. You can lock down a point the entire game and get almost nothing for it.

  33. You suffer, we laugh! that’s YouTube xD

  34. They “fixed a bug preventing solid shot rounds from spalling properly” or some similar verbage the day before the new battle pass dropped. The new battle pass involving a French tank with solid shot as it’s main round. They just switched the slider over to buff solid shot so people will see youtubers using the new battle pass vehicle and buy the battle pass. Same scummy behavior Gaijin always gets up to.

  35. I wonder which russian vehicle relies on APCR so they made it viable again.

  36. 2:32 😂😂😂

  37. That first shot was incredible hahaha

  38. Ah yea, the infamous t-44-1000,

  39. You can’t complain about your team being bad when you don’t even take a full lineup.

    Also that first game was winnable.

  40. wtf was that smoke game xd

  41. I can’t believe what I just saw… victory through passifism. XD

  42. I would love to se u play the Israel M-51. The heat shell is so fun to play with.

  43. Damn… so you’re the enemy that put up all those smokes

  44. 17:13 His excitement gave me so much joy lmao

  45. I can’t see if you won because of smoke!


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  47. OK, so APCR is good against non-angled or thin armor, but isn’t very good overall

  48. If you only load smoke, can you get ammo racked?

  49. Dear fly are we still doing requests? Well ‘ll try request No.1 Tempest Mk V aka double matilda with wings 🙂

  50. Anyone else noticing a high amount of new player activity? Even at higher tiers
    And alot of those new players trying to P2W through the game??
    Or am I going crazy yo

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