Ice Fishing – Rudy

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Never been this early before… Can’t resist the opportunity to express how much I fucking hate this map!

  2. Alexander Krikorian

    Nice meme

  3. Gareth Fairclough

    Good lord, this is the earliest I’ve ever been!

  4. Gareth Fairclough

    Know what I’d pay to see? Circon, (in QB’s favourite tank) vs Quickybaby (in Circon’s favourite tank). Then again in each other’s least favourite tanks.

  5. Notif. Boi!


  7. Just finished watching the 30h Foch livestream and now Im watching this. Im masochist or something xD

    • Why has Foch been on a losing streak? He’s still super-unicum, but his win rate for the last 1000 games has been, like, 43%. Is it because he’s genuinely bored with playing good tanks, and winning?

  8. You shure showed those newbeginners,that you got a crew with some more years of expirience.

  9. I love using HE when relevant on the T-34-85 (or its brothers) because you step from 180 base damage to 300, and, when you fight paper tanks, dealing 300 damage every 5 seconds is gorgeous. I guess that’s how I 3-marked it

    • 280 on the HE, but still absolutely devastating. Two-shotting Type 64s in my Type 58 was hilarious, considering the 3.9(!) second reload when fully equipped.

      Edit: I’m a fucking moron, HE is 300 for the higher-alpha 85mm.

    • Griffin Faulkner Yes 280 is on the Type 58 that deals 160 damage instead of 180 🙂 but yeah when fully equipped like with gun rammer and vents, the paper tanks stand no chance ^^

  10. lol some of those shots were pure R.N.G. porn , pure filth , love it !! plus killing the arta !

  11. Dino The Spooky Skelebone

    Play the KV 4 please comrade.

  12. Love my Rudy, the only tank that i have all crew 6 skills

    Bloody amazing the machine, fuck T3485M, fuck that bullshit WG buff because fuck you for buying a premium tank, we just give a better premium tank for free for everyone -_-

  13. Oblivion'sLegend

    The Rudy is such a good tank for its tier.

  14. Wait why does this tank seriously have a dog in it ? Instead of a regular radio operator ?

    • Because it’s the star of a Polish t.v. series. In the series the dog is basically just another crew member. It’s actually quite good stuff!

    • Szarik (the dog) even barked when Sixth Sense went off, but in typical WG fashion, that was broken at least a year ago and never fixed…

    • Baconism dogs been broken for several years now since the doggo was silenced.

  15. Thanks for the upload, just can’t get enough of your gameplay. Just out of curiosity and if you read this, how come you’ve never joined an E-sports team?

    • by esports do you mean true esports or like a clan wars thing? in both cases, it’s because circon doesn’t really find the ultra serious aspect of competitive play fun. he wants to be able to screw around a bit and have some fun. additionally, getting onto an esports team is still pretty damn hard even if you’re as good as circon.

    • I meant true E-sports yes. Thanks for your input, I think he hates my guts or something, never get a reply.

  16. I like my Rudy. I think it is a very underrated tank. Well played as usual Circonflexes.

  17. Arty no camo/camo net lol.

  18. 1:29 love getting free damage there with t49 derp

  19. Man, that M4 BALLS OF STEEL

  20. SomeRandomGuy SomeOtherRandomGuy


  21. Gonna report this clip, ‘cruelty to potatoes’

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