I’d Say NO To This, Like Van Damme! | World of Tanks MEME Review #6

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Memes, MEME Review – Funniest Clips, Moments, Jokes Memes in World of Tanks.

Meme review episode 6 is here, with some even bigger memes, jokes, laughs trolls.

Have a good one!

►Tanks in action / мир танков Meme:
– No tanks, only MEMES!


  1. Well, you caption this yourself, MEME Review is back with another episode, which is number 6 already! <3 Which MEME is your favorite in this episode?
    About the giveaway, hopefully I have all the winners in the next episode, HOPEFULLY.
    Have a good one, my friends, we are ONLY 700 Subs away from 200,000, WOHOOO! <3

    • PanzerKitsune 131-232

      I loved the Simpsons meme there but they need to add all the tanks around the EBRs having ak47s shooting everything around the EBRs. And failing to hit the EBRs .

    • @DezGamez. Are you ever going to give away any Tier 8 Premiums, as the Löwe is one I am desperate to get

  2. These mission-requirements need to be lowered. This is getting ridiculous.
    *Win 4 battles.*
    I did that yesterday! It only took me 18 battles.

  3. Seemanntheassamite

    Thanks for this (and other vids, too, btw.), Monsigneur Dez. You’re one of the main reasons I can still enjoy WoT, even after all those years… Well… The other is that I actually stopped playing it just before the physics were introduced. 😛

  4. The kid with the gift had a TOG tank rapped in

  5. These videos are so deztacular!

  6. If its stupid but it works it aint stupid

  7. Dez, you’d be surprised at win rate stats here on NA. My cutoff is 45% for just bad players, because some players have really bad internet, some play on NA from South America, some people are drunk players and some people never really learn well. However, I have seen players in tier 8 vehicles with THIRTY EIGHT PERCENT WR and more than 10 thousand games. Those people are either using substandard bots, or actively screwing over their team. Again, and again, and again…

  8. Motovlog Dez plz

  9. pls use night mode next time

  10. Oh that Maus, don’t think that’ll polish out in a hurry!

  11. i mean they could be meaning the Centauro 2000

  12. 2:05 ladies and gentlemen, we gotem

  13. Memo review!!!

  14. 1:49. Please. Never use a voice changer again. Thanks!

  15. New tier 11 EBR yaaaaassss

  16. dez, i want to congratulate you for 200k now, because i probably wont be early for the next video when it happens 😉

  17. 6:40 I know the feeling, this happened to me too

  18. Benjamin Turjányi

    I was in leo 1 i shot at t28 it bounced from the top of it then somehow i trafked it and damaged it. WoT is NOT broken.

  19. “WG complaints department” please take a ticket “Number attached to a handgrenade”.

  20. I’m going to give you a pro tip: next time use ad blocker for yours even our good

  21. when you run out of ideas and start collecting free memes from the internet….

  22. the two old guys in the water was the best thing ive ever seen. i cried

  23. HAHAHA, the TOG II meme, glorious!!!

  24. FV tank destroyers need to be nerfed not EBR’s since you can destroy an EBR easy if you know where and when to shoot but since every1 is a crying baby that won’t happen -_-

  25. 5:48
    Players: How about a tank armor-model viewer in the garage?

    WG: Press K to blow the horn!

  26. That first frame made me think of WoT mixed with Street Fighter.

  27. I did the same thing last week Dez. Was playing in my Obj 268 in Ghosttown. There were 2 EBR’s and i did damage 1 at the beginning. The other one was hiding in a bush spotting us. I knew he was there and i pretended that i didnt see him. Loaded HE and snapped one in his turret. -1300. Goodbye EBR. 😀

  28. When I saw the video I thought “oh god not second wheeled vehicule branch”

  29. Hakan DOKAZOĞLU

    if you think its joke its not man i played 18 game i win 4 times if he want 1 more i cant take this

  30. congrats on turning reddit into youtiube 🙂

  31. Dez I think you should start clapping after every meme… And you should rate it by (how many missed shoot you would shoot on ebr/ entire 15 minutes of a game)

    That is a great way to scale if u asked me 😀

  32. 5:39 haha I can see my own post

  33. Ebr are mediums on wheels …

  34. Rip maus player

  35. The Modelling News

    This Reddit is just full of people whinging sorry to say

  36. Sidenote, EBR 105 with Bounty Optics now has 471m view range, because it totally needed that…

  37. Preechaya Rattanadilokchai

    Waffentrager auf ebr 105 II (this meme was glorious)

  38. Hey DezGamez, i really like your Videos 😀 But could you please tell me how you got that nice custom crosshair from like a year ago ? YOu used it in your Jagdpanzer E100 Video and Lynx 6×6. I Would love an answer 🙂 Anyway have a nice day !

  39. Which drugs did you use, when making this video? That’s not your normal style. I gave you a dislike for this piece of s… 🙁

  40. Oh i’ve seen all the reddit memes already FeelsBadMan

  41. nothing worse then being one shoted by the teir ten 2k TD damage in the first minute of game…eff you WOT…eff you!

  42. DezGameZ, Are you estonian? 3:37.

  43. Marcin Mikołajczyk

    Please can someone tell me what site or mod is used in 6:45?

  44. Yesterday I tried to get the 4 wins…. I didn’t laugh. I turned into the E100 dude, who flamed the Deathstar.

  45. Just love those Meme-videos. Keep them coming.

  46. when they go so far as to nerf tiger II upper turret armor from 44mm to 40mm just for 122mm to overmatch it

  47. 4:20 After laughing on the floor for 5 minutes I continued it in my chair

  48. Dez: “I wonder how u are able to get 45% win rate?”
    Me: Have 100+ games in the tier 10 TVP averaging 3k dmg and have 39% win rate

  49. 8:28 The sad thing is that once took 24 battles to complete it

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