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Source: QuickyBaby

Some tanks in World of Tanks that just don’t compare to their counterparts here’s why STRV 103-0 is a “diet tank”.


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  1. 40-50mm guns 😀 😀 😀 😀 qb classic

  2. Мой Папа сталин

    “swedish td”

  3. The Swedes (Saab) didn’t invent but greatly developed turbochargers, so I think it’s kinda appropriate that they get the most benefit from it xD

  4. AMX 30 B: Hold my beer.

  5. You should come to World of Tanks console, you think PC is unbalanced, on console nearly every tank has under 0.30 accuracy due to some new accuracy skill perks that improve accuracy overall, while on the move and while turning the turret so dah dah dah my T-10, ST-I, IS-7 and IS-4 now have 0.27 accuracy

  6. I didn’t realise the 103 0 had worse accuracy than the udes ans 103b. But in the udes I felt like I had to camp bush, but with the right matchup in the 103-0 I have actually annihilated flanks because of its dpm and bounce mechanics. It works really well at medium to long range fire exchanges vs medium tanks.

  7. grinding through this tank right now, can’t wait to get rid of it, UDES is so much better for everything that matters, which is just weird

  8. 1:48 *105 or 120 mm guns, not sure how many t8+ tanks have 40mm 😹

  9. Agreed. I would prefer the tier 8 udes than the tier 9. 103 0 feels like a step down from udes aside from the armor and HP

  10. 1:45 He forgot to do his 3x tables.

  11. Kind of like the T 9 430. It really needs to be a “U”.

  12. Aww too late.. i alr sold this tank becase the tier 10 is pretty much the same

  13. I found the Strv 103-0 to still be a good tank, but I suppose relative to the tier 8 & tier 10, it might seem less impressive tier for tier.

  14. I sold it before getting the t10.. lol

  15. I had a good memory in this tank

    Getting DC’d and reconnecting just to see my S tank (this tier 9) bouncing all the shots (luckily it was in a hull down position) funny part was my tank was taking all the hits while my surviving teammates were picking off the enemy tanks shooting at me lol

  16. I can’t decide if I would rather get the Kranvagn or the STRV 103b. I know they are very different, but I feel that both are good hull-down, fairly mobile, relatively armored tanks. Decisions, decisions.

  17. Strv 103-0 player: Sold immediately

  18. i wuld like to have the 103 A and the 103 C in wot too

  19. Well, there are many tech trees where the tier9 is just better. Not in stats but because of the mm.

  20. My first tier 9
    love this tank

  21. You dont really like broken tanks,do you crybaby?

  22. Giorgi Garsevanidze

    He looks absolutely dashing with the beard.

  23. Yeah I agree. I didn’t really this tank as much as I did with the Udes 03 and of course the tier X Strv-103b.

  24. Bruh, I just bought this tank 11h ago

  25. Man, I love when thet call the S-Tank a TD when it was made, callled and used as a MBT, which it was, despite its apperance

  26. Why does QB say “millimeter caliber”? I’ve always wondered.

  27. I rather consider the STRV 103-0 a slightly better STRV S1, than compare it with the 103B. I’d still rather play the UDES03 (for it’s accuracy and camo) or the S1 (because it always makes money), than the 103-0. Even against higher tiers. While the 103B is a beast, I still enjoy the UDES03 very much for it’s speed and camo, allowing to play aggressively if you got used to it’s 20 mm “armor”.

  28. Better sell the slow and inaccurate Strv S1…

  29. At least it’s better than the tier 10, I’d sell the 10 and keep the 9

  30. Hey QB, i think these tanks are good BUT u have to suffer threw the ikv 90 B and the 90mm on the udes 03. 50k free exp is hard to get for a 49% player that chooses this line as one of their first lines. So… if u want to grind this line and get the udes how do u recomend to play the udes stock? As a spoter or as a damage dealer

  31. Owned 103-0 for quite some battles and …. gun alpha ok, it bounce ocasionaly but gun handling is ugly, had the most troll shots in a row among any other td at same tier, is just meh 😒

  32. Day 4 of asking QB to play World of Tanks Blitz

    • You’re wasting your time. He already addressed blitz years ago and there is basically no chance he will begin providing content on Blitz. At best it will be a single novelty video.

  33. I don’t know why but I enjoyed Strv 103-0 more than UDES 03, I get better matchmaking all the time, you’re able to bounce shots, accuracy isn’t that big of a deal for me, 0,3 is still good in my opinion, I like the tank and I won’t sell it but thanks for the video QuickyBaby

  34. This tank was so disappointing. The accuracy was just so bad compared to the previous tank it was painful to play. And it didn’t help that you lost a lot of top speed. Tier for tier, it was just flat out worse than the Udes 03.

  35. I really Love this tank. It is the one with the best Stats at Tier 9

  36. Swedish TD from tier 8 tothe tier 10are total useless in current map meta.

  37. Marek Dřínovský

    I double marked this tank yesterday and reached the top 10 on EU server, next day QB releases video about it. what the hell

  38. I think this map is not balanced: the team with the best TD´s or viewrange always wins. I had so many games, where one team won the city and had no chances against the snipers, due to the open cap circles… On low tear it is even worse!

  39. 94 haters wow wth how can you hate QB =)

  40. Wieder einmal ein sehr schönes Beispiel, wie Wargaming Spiele vom Superstreamer manipuliert, lauter schlechte Gegner, die bescheuerte Moves machen, oder neinfach nur dumm rumstehen und sich abfarmen lassen, wie der T 30. Kleine Funfacts seiner Gegner: T 95/WN 8=1171
    E 100=1234
    E 50 M1=1160
    E 50 M2=1164
    Grille 15=703
    T30 Nummer 2=430

    Und dabei ist das Gegnerteam noch eins der besseren, Mister QB spielt meist gegen gelbRote Teams, um zu zeigen wie toll das Spiel ist. Das wie hier ein sehr guter Spieler im Gegnerteam ist, kommt ganz selten vor. Wenn ich seine Gegner mit denen vergleiche, die ich in Tier 10 habe, haben die im Schnitt1500 bis 1800 WnN 8, während QB’s Teams meist 800 bis 1200 WN 8 haben. Ihr könnt das selber vergleichen und werdet feststellen, das Wargaming hier manipuliert.

  41. need delete all tech tree of swedısh td s

  42. Isnt 0.3 accuracy in transport mode tho? In siege mode you are much more accurate. Strv 103b also has 0.3 on the paper then.

  43. i might argue that the udes 03 is better than the 103-0 not even tier for tier just overall

  44. Most maps are really not suitable for soft skin TD. And those TD who love small, tiny maps are really not TD But rather assault Guns or bunker busters…

  45. Why would I sell it? Will that cost me some money? Does it take some space I need?
    And I have comfort to play with friend in platoon with T9 sniper 🙂

  46. why is turbo wild? dont get it sorry

  47. I sold all my clown cars, as they are OP cancer and have ruined traditional scouting.

  48. Strange i did 9k damage with that

  49. So not showing the new line these up coming thing must be a bad line

  50. “120mm British armament on that British tank destroyer”
    -Quickybaby, (fascinating quotes from history)

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