If a tank was bacteria | SHERMAN TANK FOR ALL NATIONS

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  1. Day 27 of asking for you to play anny of these tanks (basically the same) the italian m14/40, m15/42, m14/41, m13/40, the 2 I always use are m14/41 and the m15/42 with the APBC

  2. Was having a bad day, someone robbed me right after getting my paycheck. Lost everything, then i see this. It helps to take my mind of things. Thanks phly

  3. we got Heavy Shermans (Jumbo), Medium Shermans, MBT Shermans (Super), SPAA Shermans (Skink), and TD Shermans (M36B1)
    now all we need is a Light Sherman to complete the ground vehicle types

    i would also like to see the Chilean M60 Sherman, a Super Sherman with the 60mm HVMS gun (same gun as the premium AUBL/74 iirc)

  4. Matthew Van Vliet

    It would be cool if they added the attachment for the Sherman when they were in Normandy to go through the hedgerows

  5. Your_Future_Waifu

    Day 70, we’ve seen the Sturmtiger and ASU-57 at top tier, Now we want to se the RBT-5 at top tier WITH OddBawz and Spookston.

  6. Dude that me in the first clip my name is angelofdeahthh26

  7. I think this might be one of the ugliest shermans in the game, just look at how disgustingly flat turret…

  8. There’s only a few before each has a P47 P51 M10 M42 M18 and M24 too

  9. Even you’re that close but failed to break the enemy main cannon barrel of a tank you shot at.

  10. Step 1: Start world war
    Step 2: Teach nations to hate eachother
    Step 3: Nations destroy eachothers military, agricultural, industrial infrastructures
    Step 4: end world War
    Step 5: sell entire world military,agricultural, industrial infrastructures for cheap
    Step 6: be rich

  11. fame thrower sherman

  12. day 8 of asking phly daily to play the tiran 4

  13. Rail gun sherman

  14. Truly the people’s tank!

  15. So Swe gets the sherman despite only buying 4 for testing back in the 40s but they don’t get the BMP which (though not for longt) actyally was in active duty? Weeeeird.

  16. The one they tried to make float for Normandy, and then the bulldozer blade one, and mine sweeper one

  17. Somebody forgot weakspots . In first 25 sec of video and i feel like puking xd shot the cupola next time ♥ its a 1 shot thing (in the middle ofc.)

  18. Spoiler for grand tour:
    Hammond crashes 1 of 7 Rimac concept ones

  19. I’m at a crossroads of decisions constant battles with Various porn addictions I hate it here I need some love in this acursed world all I have sometimes to distract me from my life is my sense of humor and war thunder I’m a broken young man

  20. Angery_Warmachine

    Isn’t there a Sherman with a 155mm gun or is that a complete different tank… M40

  21. Shoot the KV-85 in the commanders cupola

  22. There is a odd Sherman. America 6.0 M4/T26. It has a big head.

  23. Martian Lives Matter

    Pure decadence

  24. On simulation mode, all variant tank is horrible … Damn, an other one

  25. Pretty sure we are still missing the Sherman Crocodile, which is just a M4A2 with the flamethrower system that the Churchill Crocodile had, and the M4 POA-CWS H1 (POA-CWS: Pacific Ocean Area-Chemical Warfare Service) which was basically a M4A3 that had it’s primary cannon swapped for a flamethrower.

  26. low tier=fun tier=seal club

  27. there is a very cool Sherman in service with some African country with the 60mm Italian gun (same turret as the AUBL)

  28. Danilo Barrientos

    Chilean sherman with an israeli 60mm gun that could pen a t54 at 2km

  29. An isrealy sherman-based spg that looks like a box and some other isreali shermans.

  30. I remember seeing this in The swedish tech-tree and knowing you would make this vid

  31. Sherman Pershing is interesting. So is the French M4A1/M4A4 FL10. And M4 REV

  32. Helmuth von Moltke

    You can always shoot the KV series in the driver’s visor, a well-placed shot goes in nicely.

  33. i still dont understand why the german sherman was removed…makes litteraly no sens as germany captured many of them in ww2…just so damn frustrating!

  34. 13:49 this angle and shell, it shouldn’t pen imo. War Thunder definitely has some bs with angles. When i switched from World of Tanks Blitz to WT, angles amazed me the most. Dart can go through almost 85 degrees of angles.

  35. Adimai universal


  36. No one:
    Sherman: Mr Worldwide

  37. C S ~ [Duke of Ramble]

    I live for the moments where Phly picks off planes using his tank’s cannon! ❤

  38. SO-122, Yugoslavian Sherman with A-19 122mm gun, which is almost identical to the one on IS-2 heavy tanks

  39. Sherman aint a bacteria its a virus

  40. Not an Experimental or obscure Version of the Sherman, but i think its long overdue that they add the Bulldozer Modification to the 105 Sherman.

  41. Germany: Nope… we dont got a sherman… ours got taken away… like everything…. germany suffers.

  42. Everyone gets a Sherman but Gaijin won’t give USA their Ragtag Circus vehicles as premiums. Yet Germany and Russia can make full lineups of just premiums of each other’s vehicles. Hell give Britain the Tiger II they also captured alongside the US’s.

  43. Israel has a self propelled artillery gun on a Sherman chassis

  44. They put a railgun on a sherman once but i can’t remember the name or anything like that so you’ll have to do your own research on that one

  45. best part is that sweden now has a panzer IV, t-34 and sherman at 3.7

  46. I just noticed that every nation now at least has one sherman

  47. Phly, you should come visit the Latrun Tank Museum. It’s got… LOTS of Sherman hack-jobs. 🙂

  48. Johan Apolinario Veliz

    Ash River and Port Novo in my opinion are some of the worst maps in WT.

  49. I have the sweedish faction.

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