If an average American citizen somehow became a tank (WAR THUNDER JUMBO TIME)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. congrats!!!!!

  2. what if we get him to 1 mill sub??

  3. Congrats Phly! Best wishes!

  4. dang two of my favorite youtubers getting married in the same month?!? congrats my dude

  5. Congratulations phly hope you have a great time

  6. Detroit Diesel707

    Awesome Phly congratulations on the marriage! Take as much time as needed! :)))))))))

  7. CONGRATS PHLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. YESSIR PHLEE! Hella happy for u getting married and all! Youve come such a long way and you always make my day THANK YOU!!! and CONGRATS!

  9. When will phlee drop his album?

  10. You are obviously very excited cause you giggling like a school girl… love it… it is nice to see someone in love

  11. I try to use your link for 3% off using my steam account but it errors out each time I try to make a purchase.

  12. Congratulations

  13. So, average American = small “gun” and overweight?

    Sounds about right 😂

  14. The intro and the jumbo song was the best🤣 i died laughing so hard my boss came in and asked if i was okey🤣🤣🤣

  15. Congrats my Man

  16. You’re getting married and im getting divorced.

  17. Would be cool if he reached 1 million the day he’s getting married.

  18. He forgot that he has to be 800m close to pin the panther f front

  19. just enjoy your time man , probably the mot exciting time of your life so you gotta cherish it , I’ll just die of boredom when you’re not here no problem .

  20. I got married on a Friday night also. ( congrats )

  21. Your disney war thunder intro is still less controversial than the new Mulan movie

  22. Phly getting ready to hit 1mil

  23. I’m sure Disney is going to speak with you about the intro.

  24. I think this thing should be at 5.0

  25. Congratulations!

  26. Congratulations dude wow get hiched

  27. Congrats

  28. When your in a jumbo and you can’t even pen a Panzer III but you can pen a Panther:
    Phly: It’s so weird seeing panthers then a Panzer III
    Everyone else: WTF

  29. Is this the kiss of the Cobra King?

  30. They grow up so fast. *wipes tears*

  31. I hope you have a good marriage

  32. i gotta say…. I love Phly singing stupid song intros…. There i said it

  33. Wow congrats!!! Good luck on your wedding on friday

  34. Aluminium Mechanics


  35. congratz you could not have picked a better *Ahem* year for marrying. wish you best of luck.

  36. Congrats Phly!

  37. Congratulations

  38. Don’t do it it’s a trick

  39. Play the forgoten FV4005 pls like if want to see

  40. i dont mind when youtubers take breaks there are reasons behind them but when something as special as marriage that takes balls and my good sir you have those balls

  41. First line tributes

    Να ζησετε …. as we say in greece for wedding

  42. help me reach 2,000 subs with no vids pls

    im the 8001 like

  43. Who the hell puts the gasmask out of the tank??

  44. 👏 Congrats

  45. Imagine putting ur family above your gaming. Or imagine anything that isn’t a tank or a plane if u say u did, ur lying

  46. What is that? Phlydaily 2020

    Also congrats on marriage

  47. American Irish Patriot

    have a happy wedding

  48. Congrats!!! Take your time man and enjoy yourself!

  49. Micheal Schumacher

    Petition to add the avro arrow/avro cf 105 to the british tech tree

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