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  1. Butt puckering games nothing wrong with that 🙂 5:30 Always like when a enormous mega ton cement construction block falls on ya and not a dang thing even happens to the tank 🙂 Dont think they put that Air field for the nuke far enuff away LUL. Gotta love when you play on the German nation team 90%losses and when you end up playing against the German nation all of a sudden they are unbelievable good.

  2. There another Chad lad

  3. Hey phly, I’d love to see you do another video with the f-89B doing ground strike runs. It’s like the A-10 at home when you ask mom for an A-10

  4. You probably shouldn’t demand that other players cap the points when you hardly do it yourself.

  5. I wish I could own the t-29 heavy tank but don’t have money to buy it I want a heavy tank premium to get higher rank tanks like right now I’m researching the t95e1 and I’m nowhere near it

  6. best American Premium

  7. Real OGs remember when phly was smitten by an Ostwind while in the T29

  8. Day 362: Play the J7E or the Q5A

  9. The title of my channel

    Are we not going to talk about how you survived being crushed by the block of doom at 5:30?

  10. Winchester Chua 🎗️

    If I were to buy a 7.0 Premium, should I get the T-29 or the M46 Tiger?

  11. “T29 is good at CQC.”
    T26E5: Am I a joke to you?

  12. I dunno, the Scot tax sounds like the “rule of thumb” where a guy could beat his wife with a stick as long as it was smaller than his thumb.

  13. Now I know Phly is my dad because he’s telling me the same stories multiple times!

  14. Day 7 of asking for Amx-13

  15. How is Phairchild, Phly?

  16. please do more collab videos please


  18. Almost the best nuke ever..

  19. I’m thinking about buying the T-29 to complement my M46 tiger. Definitely seems like a good idea for sure

  20. You explained what scott free was in the last video phly. 😀

  21. Please use the t 126

  22. Hey phly I am really inspired by your content I am a war thunder player of 6.7 do you have any tips to get better?
    (How do you get better at game)

  23. I’m buying the t29 tommorow any tips

  24. absolutely hate it when all of a sudden your points deplete in 1 minute when you have a chance on redeeming the game

  25. some real phlytosterone

  26. M551 is still my favorite tank

  27. God vid🙂

  28. What is it with aral sea and attracting big honking british bombers

  29. The T29 T30 and T34 such a great heavy tank for the american line up on rank 4 but i have a question, why the T29 with 105mm gun placed on br 7.0 meanwhile T34 with 120mm still seat at 6.7 ???

  30. Hi Phly

    Love your videos ! 🇧🇷

  31. Since 6.7 permanently sees 7.3-7.7, my Tigor gets clapped by this and the T34 on a regular basis.

  32. Phly, would you try the T-30 if you still have it ? I’ve been really disappointed recently with its poor gun performances. Pretty good anti air though haha

  33. you just called the average american a fathead xD

  34. I fell over looking at your thumbnail

  35. Sometimes they just, die?

  36. Can we get an Su-8 video?

  37. Phly you said you were going to play the Israel skyhawk with the 2000 lbs tv guide missile. Please bring it out. Attempt #7

  38. Can you do Brummbar or Do335 (CAS) next


  40. Please play the conqueror I use it as one of my mains and I even (believe it or not) enjoy the game when I play it
    I fought 3 other tanks at medium range in it once

    They lost

  41. another fvck CHEATER HERE: – CTV – OnlyTuta a 100% fvckn aimbot cheating pos!!!

  42. you’re phlydaddy, we have no right to accuse you of being lazy because you have a family and family should come first. Keep up what work/videos you can and do it in as much time as you can.

  43. and another CHEATER: VenomSnakeAhab using 100% radar maybe aimbots too!!! fvckn pos

  44. Steve’s officially a dad telling the same story the next day

  45. I’m so cool I bought the T 29 and have the T 34 and the m22 locust in my lineup fight me you wont

  46. again tank good only cause premium bullshit

  47. One of my favorite expression origins is “paying through the nose”. The Danes imposed a ‘nose tax’ for every nose counted after they conquered Ireland. If a citizen failed to pay their taxes the tip of a dagger would be inserted into one opening and a cut would be made through the nostril.

    No idea if this is even factual but it sounds impressive 😀

  48. Day 72 if asking Phly to play the British Crusader III and Hampden TB I for 5000lbs of destruction at 3.0 in ground RB

  49. CHEATER HERE: BoomboxDV a pos aimbox and radar cheating sht

  50. 5:32 large slab of concrete falling from the top of a building vs T-29

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