If arty would be more accurate than tanks

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World of Tanks Most Accurate SPG / Artillery EVER! World of Tanks Object 261, T92 HMC, GW E-100 . World of Tanks Arcade Cabinet Game Mode with Crazy Tank .

Official Arcade Cabinet article: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/arcade_cabinet/

Today I have quite a nightmare of an episode for you… What if artillery would be more accurate than regular tanks in World of Tanks? Scary, right!
Well, this is exactly what I am going show you today!

What do you think?


  1. EvilDez!

  2. Arta with this acc wouldn’t be problem, just balance it with proper DPM. Arta is not a problem when they are dealing 500-600 dmg per shot. It is a problem where it knock your crew out, stupid stun mechanic and previousl doing 8-11k dmg per battle with HE. If arta would have been balance too doing 1-2k dmg per battle I wouldn’t mid.

    • arty rarely ever did 8-11k damage, idk where you heard that. The problem before was you could be playing aggressively to suddenly lose all your hp to arty.

    • @NetherPrime I didn’t hear it, I played this game way before u probably.
      5k dmg arty game was “meh” game.
      3 bullets were enough to deal that kind of damage.
      8-11k dmg were the games to get an master class.

    • TehButterflyEffect

      @Coolhead That was only true if the enemy was all clumped up and you hit five tanks at once or if the enemy had several FV4005s or Deathstars.

    • @TehButterflyEffect FV4005 wasn’t even there. There weren’t even tier X tanks.

    • @Coolhead I don’t think M44 was changed for a very long time. Since it had 20 seconds of reload (which it can rival 3 tier 10 arties). Glad that WG had finally gotten around to it.

  3. Wait… this doesnt feel like that much bs with AP xD

  4. TehButterflyEffect

    Reminds me of the old T-57? arty. The tier 2 American arty that had a laser gun. First arty they removed, actually. It was a lot of fun. Only did 50 damage or so, but it would hit reliably.

    • 50dmg was kinda a lot on t2 back then when most tanks had about 150hp. It was such a fun and simple game, full of seal clubbers (pz2,3,4 and m4 were my fav) 🙂

  5. Accurate arty would be fine. Just balance that with the downtime for arties. OR make their splash range 5x bigger and cut their damage by 25% And all the whiner should just eff-up and suck it up.

    • Whiners already barking about current splash radiouses…Probably they would complain about it even if it were 0 meters… -.-

  6. TehButterflyEffect

    I thought of arty as soon as they announced this mode. I penned the engine deck of a Pershing for 972 damage with my M40/43. Wasn’t aiming for him, but he rushed forward into my shell after I fired. Played two battles in that arty and did about 1700 damage per battle, which is above average.

  7. So it’s similar to the system prior to the RNG implementation during the Open Beta, just with lower damage due to the HE nerf.

    Means that AP rounds are actually viable, because in the regular games they’re just a waste of credits really (outside maybe for shotgun mode when someone is charging you at the end of the game).

    As for folks complaining, eh…
    People are always complaining about arty anyway.

    Least this way they’re semi-relevant again. As they were the original snipers of WoT and a good arty was worth its weight in gold.

  8. I like the video, but if you properly aimed like a normal tank it would have been more successful instead of rng sniping with over the top view

  9. Thanks for doing this, I was very curious about this and don’t have a high tier artilery

  10. Less fun more money

  11. Finally good arty gameplay 😀

  12. They need to buff artys accuracy and damage (7 damage on a Leopard)

  13. question; Dez, what is the purpose of arty having a 100 meter dispersion measurement when 97% of shots are 300 meter on average?

  14. Oh i wanted to see the french arty

  15. I had the best game ever in my T8 Brit TD. That mode was the most fun!

  16. Dez making his hands dirty for all of us xD

  17. I also played arty in this mode, was just laughable at how accurate I was.

    Also, the most irrelevant items to use was anything that improved your camo or your spotting for this mode. Just, worthless. lol

  18. Why are you not using the other mode to shoot ?? You are making it harder for yourself for no reason

  19. Reminds me of the good old days before arty was nerfed…again…again…and again…sigh.

  20. This goes to show how weak arty is. Even with the huge accuracy buff still hard to affect a game even on the most arty friendly maps.

    • @Motionless Productions yep i still prefer to get punishment from original arty, make the game more complicated and frustration but fun. Also make the game pace more slower

    • Honestly, Wargaming should just bring back the old arty. No stun and bigger alpha.

      A T92 oneshotting me isn’t nearly as annoying as getting permastunned.

    • @Duc even though i dont like the current arty, i still think its still better than the old arty. old arty was to terrifying, i was so scared to peak out of cover knowing arty may be clicking and one shot me

    • @a random person haha i understand that feeling, but it make me feel fun. Once the game get too easy for u, u will miss that

    • I mean if this game mode allowed tier 6 tanks. You would be surprised how OP the M44 really is.

  21. I would LOVE arty gets this.
    Just make it into 3second siege mode for that 0.1 dispersion value, 3second to get out of that mode.

    SUPER easy to arty battery. Super hard for it to move its gun arc. 100% balance.

  22. Maus in A6 on Prokhorovka… Pro player there.

  23. Why does he have 1 mil gold?

  24. is it just me, where are the New Maps?

  25. the need to fix the arty so the hit an do damage teach people to stop running and gunning every game i tired of the two min games

  26. this guy keeps saying “proxy spotted” when its just regular spotting. Proxy means by being close enough to the enemy regardless of being seen, like on the other side of a building. Atleast in this game anyways.

    • In case you have no idea how this game mode work, this week it modify the proxy spotting from your usual 50m up to 445m which is literally the max view range of the tank.

  27. i thought the arcade mode was dumb

  28. Using AP on arty made me feel so good especially the high pen he rounds

  29. Arty definitely needs to be fixed, this might be too much, but they need to do something.

  30. Arty Needs A Buff.

  31. I’m not sure why are you surprised ww2 arty had 10-40 miles range and accurate to 50cm if calibrated right, as for aim time was practically 0 if stationary. in this tame howitzers that would have 20 miles range are nerfed to fit in map.

  32. Actually more accurate arty would make the class more relevant. The number of times you aim a shot perfectly and it lands in the next postcode. It’s incredibly inconsistent.

  33. Had a blast. Grinded a ton of credits. I am glad its not a permanent mode.

  34. All of you cc’s drop ranks and loose a little humanity when you play Arty.
    Fk all arty!

  35. If you put arty in the title, i will come.

  36. My second thought with this game mode was arty.
    My FIRST thought was KV5 RAMMING SPEEEEED !!!!!!!!

  37. no nightmares here. arty sucks too much rn. that said high accuracy would make ap very strong, normal ammo wouldn’t do much even with good accuracy. even with that rather broken ammo you got only 2.8k, 1.3k, 3.6k performance on tier 10 tank. i don’t think on avg this was anything special for tier 10 tank

  38. i dont think you know what proxy spotting is
    let me explain it. when you are all bushed up and a little light tank gets so close to you it automatically defeats your cammo and the bush. thats proxy spotting
    proxy = proximity

    • In this game mode they changed the proxy spotting distance from 50m to 445m (which is the regular maximum spotting distance)

    • @Eric Bedard That explains why I was able to detect other players through hills and buildings.

  39. Not dez you forgot to show biggest bloom spg which has 390+ap

  40. Theodore Endicott

    Arty should be able to one shot. game needs to go back to the bigger splash damage

  41. The french arta is accurate enough to use ap if the angle is good even il normal game mode. This arcade mode was fun for a moment but got old fast. Caliban is fun tho.


    I still prefer to be one shot and send to another battle than have 60 second of stun with half the crew dead

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