If Fiat Bought Lamborghini Instead Of Ferrari And Made War Vehicles (FIAT 6614)

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If Fiat Bought Lamborghini Instead Of Ferrari And Made War Vehicles (FIAT 6614)

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  1. I was thinking the same thing about a scout warning today but maybe only after 5 to 10 seconds to not make light tanks useless but it’d be a good nerf / quality of life change imo.

  2. Eating Scabs For Breakfast

    Phly doesn’t side shoot any of the enemies to support his team

    They push and take A, *Surprised Pikachu face*

  3. you should try out the A-4E now that it has walleyes.

  4. you should use the ebr 1951
    its very funi

  5. “That one actually scared me” well yeah I mean me here with my headphones queue nuclear explosion effect and me shifting out my kidneys

  6. Yea I just got 3 shirts, they have a very nice weave and double stitching on the cuffs and hem. Right away they feel higher quality than my shirts from Turtle Tee which started coming apart the second time I washed them.

  7. You could do a series where you play quick and die just so you can spectate and make commentary

  8. I died the sound was too much 20:10

  9. If your a wt fan then name every American tanks especially the premiums and the removed ones

  10. BF 109 Z the rarest thing to see in the battlefield

  11. POV: your me falling asleep cause night shift watching phly vid
    You’re pretty much passed out then…

  12. The background music is unnecessary.

  13. my f-ing ears

  14. Dammit phly I was phalling asleep to this video in my vr headset with my headset on! 20:09

  15. Hey Phly, how do you set your sight to increase value in increments of like 50? I’ve seen it in your videos but have unable to find a real answer online. Thanks for great content my dude.

  16. @3:13 hitting that apex like you’re playing assetto corsa. Italians deserve respect lol

  17. Fiat – 6.3 vehicle that is faster in battle than Mussolini’s forces were when they were retreating. Has over 300mm of pen at all ranges and is very small and hard to see and hear.

    Jumbo 76- 6.3 vehicle that is the embodiment of the tortoise rather than the hare, gun that has less than 300mm of pen at extremely close range, big and easy to see and hear.

    Br makes sense right?

  18. ForTheMany NotTheFew

    Curious about how it actually reloads I went to check and found no version of this exists in the real world. They’re troop transports with either auto cannons or bigger guns on a turret.

  19. Day 11 of asking Phly to play the British Hampden TB I for 5000lbs of destruction at 1.7 in ground RB

  20. Eyy!! I’m on speaker here.

  21. bona fide Phly… bona fide.

  22. whitch gamerecorder do you use?

    im using Geforce experiense

  23. Fun fact: in Italy FIAT means Italian factory of torino

  24. 20:21 LMFAO!

  25. It does need to go up, killed lots of T95’s and Maus’ with it. From looooong range. To be honest, I think all scout vehicles need to go higher forcing more scouting. They are ranked based on combat performance and not scout performance. Tbh, a lot of scouts are op to their ranks anyways. Looking at you M41 and especially German M41.

  26. How do you do it? Seriously, how do you tweek your gun sight like that?

  27. Spoomf The Immortal

    20:09 …. aight… i see how it is….

  28. 20:10 screamer. Report channel for broke my phone.

  29. Christopher Reitan

    Me waiting for the nuke video: 👁👄👁

  30. 20:10 I turned the fk off youtube from my browser extension. I’m not sure if i want to watch / listen to your videos anymore if thats going to happen again.. Please give a advance warning PLHLHLGHH PHLY REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  31. This is a very sus video

  32. 24:15 A lot of people prefer the R3 with the twin recoilless rifles. The Fiat has two great perks over the R3 though: it’s wider then the R3 body, so “it corners like it’s on rails!” (Pretty woman reference there :p): it doesnt flip over when you make a top speed turn. And another perkit can go as fast forward as backward, while the R3 only reverses 6 kph.

  33. hi phlyDaily could you put the subtitles in Italian pls

  34. This and r3 t106 are garbage, saying it should go higher because of players being blind, and tank being just mobile is not any big reason, reload is shit, one gun, heat which can stuck nowhere, no oneshoting because heat, 8mm armor, big as F, gun handling not exist, gun traverse is joke

  35. Hello steve, sorry but i think it is better if you did not use any background music tho. It is only my opinion:) great videos btw

  36. Play f89 D With New overpressure and New rockets

  37. It looks more like a Miata lol

  38. I meme you uwu

  39. day 24 – fly the he – 51 C1 with the air dropped flashbangs.

  40. The 106mm recoilless rifle had a loader as part of the crew and he/she would have to be in the rear hatch in the Fiat 6614 to operate the gun, also (After watching said fly maggot the enemy) the gunner would have their eye to the sight which is along the barrel OUTSIDE the central hatch. They could not sight it from inside. The Australian Army infantry battalions used this 106mm rifle on Land Rovers (Like Jeeps but much slower). Good luck with that shit…I stayed in armour. The 106mm was easily as devastating as the 105mm L7 Nato gun, just slower loading and not fitted to tanks.

  41. P40 G.C. Leoncello and the IAR-81C as a combo!!! Two awesome premiums!!! Love the videos keep it up bud!

  42. Thanks for 20:08 XDDDD

  43. “It was the No armor of times, it was the best armor of times”

  44. not a vid related question. Why do KV 2 Grenades kill crewmembers without exploding or entering an enemy tank? like they die before it enters the tank. as if they just die from the shock of bieng shot at

  45. Heh, it really looks like a Lambo on steroids)

  46. is2 wasnt a bot he just dced sometimes when u dc u dont leave the battle ur tank just sits there until u reconnect

  47. 15:39 how should they now, that they are spotted? It is not like radar…

  48. Day 222 can you play the conqueror mk.2?

  49. Eating Scabs For Breakfast

    Italy received 100 P-47 during the 50’s, I don’t understand why they haven’t gotten it in-game.

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