If Hot Wheels made combat vehicles

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Source: PhlyDaily

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If Hot Wheels made combat vehicles


  1. Phly do the T44-122 please having the agility of a T44 and then having an IS 2 cannon is so duty but fun plus it amazing with bushes
    because of the low profile

  2. Do the easter egg, watch mike goes booms loo atest video

  3. Should I go to school? Nah, I will play some War Thunder.

  4. Maykay.Jaykay Man

    Don’t you hate it when you get click baited

  5. do leopard 1 : )

  6. 4:07 I can hear him scream and rage quitting 😀

  7. Good luck on the move Phly.
    Hope you settle in to your new home soon.

  8. litle stupid playing

  9. so what the hell to call this thing, a tank hunter, combat car seems a little lacking in describing it’s capability.

  10. Happy for you that you’re moving to a new house you like, god speed brother!

  11. Challenge attempt number 2! Play the MBT/KPZ70 BUT Only use the 20MM!

  12. Brian Lavrens Watson

    just as he said “war thunder summed up; is ruining someone else’s fun” an add popped up; “UNLOCK YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL”

  13. Anyone else get clickbaited

  14. If PhlyDaily plays the M3 GMC…

  15. Do Tokyo drift and get a kill

  16. Phly I think your not moving out due to April fools you can’t fool me

  17. 觀察我的興趣是

    I hope the time when the mk6 t-shirts releases , I’ll get my credit card.

  18. Question for phly : do you still fly irl on a regular basis, and how long did flight training take you?

  19. Complaining about the AUBL/74? Someone havent play the SD KFZ 234/2 in AB it seems…

  20. Also, if you want to suffer, try to get 3 kills with the first italian TD, the one with a 38 mm penetration at 10 meters

  21. radek elwartowski

    54mins ago aliens confired!!!


  23. phly play the AMX 10 RC by swimming
    Attempt #1

  24. texasdee slinglead

    Gary sanise, pardon my spelling, is a very very good man . He’s been outstanding in his work for veterans.

  25. you wanna suffer? kill helikopters using bombs

  26. Phly please play all the tigers in one line up show them the might of German engineering

  27. Jokes on you the gamemode crashes anyways

  28. PIZZA

  29. Hey man, get your house in order and take care oph your phamily. Most oph us understand adulting is busy sometimes.

  30. Say Hello for Brazil!!!

  31. You like to suphpher eh? Then take out the Ha-Go into 10.0 BR and earn enough points without capping a base to bring out the top tier Jet, twice.

  32. İbrahim Gündoğdu

    Would you play that Pizza Carrier plane which has a 102mm Cannon on the nose?

  33. AUBL Statistic last month (RB)
    Winrate 45 %
    KD: 0.78

    OP plzzzzzzzzzz nnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrffffffffffffff

    Winrate 54 % +20%
    KD: 1.14 + 45%

    Totally fine because its MurIcA

  34. ,, I dont like this position anymore. Too many kils from it.” only Phly can say this XD

  35. “War Thunder summed up in a sentence is: Ruining someone’s fun.”!!

  36. this is just an R3 on steroids

  37. kv-2?

  38. OMG Phly Thank you so much!! I’ve been wanting you to play AUBL/74 for months!

  39. april fools project = not getting oneshot by the is-2

  40. loving the unloved: He112A-0

  41. Lightning Phoenix

    I play War Thunder now on the PS4 Pro. I get 12 to 24 kills every battle depending on my mood.

  42. your channel would be better if you show more restraint when you are tempted to make strange noises

  43. Well a challenge for you is to play this vehicle as it was designed irl. These small, fast turreted wheeled vehicles are usually employed as recon vehicles so you get in a nice spot and rain arty, spot for friendlies and report movements. Play this way without using your direct fire weapon and see how far you can penetrate into the enemies’ lines. THAT would be a challenge for YOU!

  44. Play Giovanni & Iacopo’s Pizza delivery service! Italian Bombers of any tier! Attempt #74!

  45. Sylvester Stalin


  46. @PhlyDaily:
    I’m having trouble looking this up, what vehicle is that please?

  47. P-61 has radar!!! Put a bunch of holes in some left wings!

  48. Spanish Inquisition

    5:14 Phly goes full Sodapoppin

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