If I had beaten the AMX and T-100 it wouldve been an 8k Game…

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. better luck next time

  2. How do I pass from 93% DS in my 13 75 i can’t keep doing consistent amounts of damage I need to do at least 1700,
    but when I having good games I always have a bad game that drops me to 92

    • xXinfinityXx I recommend you to track as much people as you can. Your teammates have way way bigger guns than you so they will get damage faster. If you track the enemy, which is easy with your autoloader, your team will get you big ammounts of assistance damage very quickly and boost your marks. It’s very useful since the 13 75’s gun isn’t exactly good at dealing damage. For example, if you flank a heavy, shoot the tracks and keep him tracked for as long as you can so your team deals maximum damage. Tracking is easier than scouting.

      Good luck 🙂

    • you’re a light tank, spot.

  3. “Would’ve”

  4. Love your videos man, keep up the good work

  5. i was the t100 🙁 i messaged you, in lucky

  6. so many double bushes on that map now, its ridiculous

  7. +LemmingRush instead of shooting the type 4, or 5, you should have killed me in the t100 since i was a 1 shot and maybe you would have been able to continue circling the heavy, but i am not certain, was a shitty situation, you were caught between a rock and a hard place.

  8. Type 4/5 players always being the stupidest mothufuckers in game. Boy…

  9. Existancial Goberts

    This map is driving me so crazy, it’s even more campy

    • Existancial Goberts sadly yes the right flank is all about camping if the south spawn pushes right they will meet td’s if the other team pushes they wont have a problem but will loose support of td’s who can move to the hill and start sniping again left flank only the south can win i once was at g1 and i found all the fucking td’s that ate 1950 hp and this will only happen if the other team is aggressive

  10. Is this the real LemmingRush?

  11. I just spilled hot tea on my lap…

  12. Is the Leopard still a competitive tank? (Worth it?)

    • R. Giada Melchiorre lol same. It goes the same in type 4/5, in strv 103 0/b, in uk meds and many more. I hav more fun in tier 9 than 10.

    • Arun Shukla Please. I already got it and was so pissed off at it that I sold it. 121 is by far better. 2500-3000 damage every match. If you’re trying to snipe with a 121, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. And on the same note, if you’re trying to snipe with a Leo 1, you miss half the time because of that abysmal 0.18 bloom.

    • R. Giada Melchiorre Exactly. I love my PTA but Leo 1 is just sad.

    • Arun Shukla Strv 103B is much more fun than 103-0. Or at least, it makes you feel much dirtier. 50mm frontal armor, heat shield, op dpm, 0.24 accuracy, 0.01 bloom… What’s not to like?

    • The Leo is NOT comparable with most of the meds in the game. it never HAS been. To ask if its competitive is the wrong question. Its just a different way of playing compared to the other meds. If anything, MM sometimes screws it over but any of the open maps in the game the Leo is fine. You can also be aggressive in it, just in a different way.

  13. ArtyPreventsCamping

    The way that map is makes me so nervous about TDs now

  14. Not clickbait titles… Not you!

  15. Uddhava Swaminathan

    you suck LR. Leapord is a sniping tank /s

  16. It's not what you think

    I gotta say, I am not used to these new maps at all. Maybe I gotta watch more streams or something, but my recent has been all over the place and I can’t play any of my shit well since 1.0.

  17. That Type 5 though, paying you the ultimate compliment.

  18. Splendid fight

  19. To be fair, he called you a losser, not a loser. Since he’s making up his own words, he’s almost certainly correct in applying them.

  20. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    Your leopard game play is my favorite to watch also my most played t10 even though im a baddie

  21. Is everyone else bouncing more side shots with regular ammo than they used to ?

  22. How come you don’t use ultra lemming?

  23. Uninstall your brain where your hax are stored Lemming!

  24. in EU we call it FAME focus. on NA i guess it’ll be called MAHOU focus 😀

  25. Video should be titled: North base tries to push 1 line but can’t because OP sniper position while South team tries to push 0 line but can’t because another OP sniper position.

    Welcome to WOT 1.0 everyone!

  26. First Step of explaining how you got a L in World Of Tanks, “If”

  27. Fighting, talking and typing. And I sit here and can’t even hold my mouse straight, when it comes to such a situation >.>

  28. Theres a spot almost half way up the zero line right on the map border to shoot from unspotted Lemming for future reference.

  29. Hey Lemming Why No Livestream on you tube??

  30. leopard is camp sniper tenk

  31. Lemming… Would’ve next time would be great 😉 also AMX M4 54 and T100 lt

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