IF I HAD MISSED… Winning with 13 Seconds left!

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. whyd you switch to EU?


  3. He’s always loved EU ; )

  4. Hi lemming!!

  5. “People” play arty because creationists and evolutionists are wrong. Because humanity started when a drunk alien raped a monkey.

  6. LemmingRush: Let’s try and get this track on the T-100LT

    Stalin: NOPE, it has stronk Stalinium armor

  7. Nice job!

  8. Awesome Lem ????

  9. Nice game…I see this level of play and it is in stark contrast to the norm; What, you’re not supposed to throw your tank away to take out a single enemy? What, 3k dmg isnt enough? Im so confused, you have to stay alive to the end to actually win? /sarcasm but its how some people think

  10. Could of missed the last round and still kill that guy.

  11. also, some people are just doing the arty missions

  12. I just marked my fv215b literally because I started watching all your moe videos

  13. I play console but I 3 marked my 140 in 112 games.

  14. I was looking at the clock with 4 mins left and was like how do you win with only 13 secs left? then both the emil and the wz died right after each other…

  15. Am I the only one having no audio?

  16. Please more and more of these videos, I like how you comment about why you make this play or that, we dive deep in mentality of super Unicum live action

  17. 12:25 nah, it’s because they are pigs

  18. The MOE focus always kills my MOE aswell. I play excellently until 91~ and then I tend to drop about 5%.

    Do you have url to the SirFoch replay you talk about?

  19. Is this the reason why you keep playing WOT?

  20. Love the way you play (in my opinion) so cautiously but still manage to get damage.

  21. great game, great insight on your decision making

  22. Epic!!!

  23. Andrew LaPlante

    Why do you have 150 ping?

  24. Love these comments like: “This Tiger 2 is out of position and is obviously not very good at the game”. 😀 I mostly think every Tiger 2 player is bad since it’s one of the first lines people start to grind.

  25. Well im a hundred percent sure you may had another shot a that last guy

  26. You are a good player because you are thinking of how to create opportunity rather than waiting that it presents itself to you. Your commenting is golden for all of the young players who are eager to learn how to play by thinking of what is truly important for a victory rather than being a selfish bitch and scribe the game because of 50 hp more.

  27. The Tokyo Craftsman

    Love these stream of consciousness videos, I learn a lot from them, thank you!
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  28. yeah when he’s only done 700 dmg lmfao

  29. Actually arty was and still is the most important part of warfare and taking it out of the equation is a detour from reality. Real soldiers and tank crew are fearing arty more than anything else. In real life tank hit by the arty shell will instantly become a part of the sad history. In order to keep a minimum of the feelings of reality in the game, arty has to be there. Without arty, the game would be as other arcade games where all you do is clay pigeons shooting.

  30. Great content LR. Is it me or are you getting better at this game.

  31. – Arty missions, because not everyone has Orders to spare.
    – People like figuring out where they can be the most effective; it takes a large amount of prediction know-how.
    – It’s common for arty-haters to not know how to handle atry, so they like to exploit that weakness.
    – They actually don’t like arty, but want to know how their enemy works in order to destroy them.

    Now, can we as a community, move on? They’ve been here for over five years, and they’re not going away anytime soon.

  32. If you had missed you would have shot and killed him 5 sec later…

  33. Ivan Stepanovic

    I get what you’re trying to say… I’m not that good to 3 mark a tank, on one particular occasion I got to 92% and suddenly – 100% of games were vs 2 tier higher enemies, my shots never landed even close and I received tonnes of crits (up to 3 or 4 per one shot by even lights)… So I gave up trying…
    However, I have several tanks to double gun mark. What happens when I reach around 84%? 100% of games were vs 2 tier higher enemies, my shots never landed even close and I received tonnes of crits (up to 3 or 4 per one shot by even lights)…
    Tell me I need a tin foil hat, but I think I see a pattern here…

  34. I learn so damn much from u man, ty

  35. GW Tiger ran to G6 lol

  36. HaremssForThugLife wait wat ?

    i really need to buy some glasses, so i would be as good as u in game

  37. I am amazed that you can play so well and comment at the same time. You are truly a legend IMO.

  38. That 50TP wanted to run away, what a douchebag

  39. More obj140 new sub i love how you think i like when u explain how you think and thats very help ful and im a 63%win ratio guy and i think thats pretty nice but i still learn thinks fron you:) but i have a tips you reminde me of quickababy when he just started can you play and than after the replay you start commentating becuse than you can explain even better good joob buddy you have somthing that does you wanna stay and look at your videos and thats a really really hard to find those youtubers just push and push soon abot some years are you one of the biggest wot youtubers and remeber NEVER STOP explain how you think thats the best thing how do right now:)

  40. How u can have an epic masterly game, comment on your decisions and communicate with your team at the same time never ceases to amaze me

  41. His regular iq is insane.
    More than most this game rewards the very smart. Zeven is a biochemist, qb has a PhD, taugrim, circon etc etc. all smart guys.
    Side note- does anyone really believe someone as analytical and detail oriented as Lemming really has no idea what the battle ribbons are?
    I call bs lol

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