If Max Verstappen Played War Thunder | Type 16 FPS

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  1. Yes the xm1 laughing 9.3

  2. Hey Phly Big fan Really hope to play with u some time

  3. This thing seems to get downtiered like crazy, I always see it 8.0. Jealous

  4. Day 280: Phly, you should play the Hampden TB Mk I. High-yield, low-tier bomber goodness

  5. 14:52 idk why either but *maybe* they saw a huge smoke cloud

  6. I wonder when they are going to put fuel air bombs into the game.

  7. The intro lmfao. Verstappen in the thumbnail and a WRC edit in the intro? brooooo.

    Have i played WT in the last 5 years? no. do i watch these anyway? yes.

  8. I’ve noticed that a lot of late, you think people are shooting above you or higher into the air.

  9. You should take your favourite line up and see how meany kills you get unleash the phly beast

  10. Halfmoon Fly Fishing

    and through the middle goes HAMMILLLTONNNNN!!!

  11. Day 16 requesting the Ju-188 for the first time on the channel!

  12. Day 17 of asking phly to play the m2a4

  13. Try SAAB 105 G, it has the lowest br of CCIP and have 6 massive bombs.

  14. What a great intro

  15. that intro *Chef’s Kiss*

  16. Motorsport and War Thunder. My favourite things! Nice!

  17. Bro Max is not a rally driver

  18. Day 455: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  19. Can you make a video about the first yak jet they look both cool and funny

  20. Gaijin did a fifa slider and turned the friction down on snow

  21. Day 2: Play the TA 154 and one shot a bomber

  22. Dusan Vukobratovic

    At 8.7 France does not even have a stabilizer

  23. I wish I could be good at this game, but fsr I freak out every time I play which means I’m playing with my head on a swivel in areas that probably don’t need it and then I get killed because I’m being overly cautious

  24. Phly, i have a “challenge” for you – learn to use and “abuse” commander optic on vehicle(s) that have commander duplication aim. I promise you will like it, especially on vehicle aka cv90105

  25. This reminds me of the APC from Red Faction: Guerilla

  26. Day 19: play ikv-91-105 and saab 105G combo

  27. Muhammad Mumtaz Mir

    Day 30 Play gepard 1a2


    Day 19 play the panzer 4 H get an double ace while being the MVP on your team

  29. 10:44 me, when I look at myself in the mirror.

  30. 16 FPS

  31. Forgotten M1128 can do 118kph

  32. honestly thanks to you, im getting back into warthunder, it used to be the only game i played 4 years ago, and i had forgotten about it, untill now

  33. Can you please play the AMX ELC BIS?


  35. I’m going to be honest War thunder can add the silver bullet and it’s Russian counterpart by just doing a 10% to 5% of post penetration buff and add in the combustion effect.

  36. Nyyyoooooom.

  37. I mean 8.7 seems fair. It’s at the same as the Leopard 1 A1, which of course has a bunch of stuff to offset the lack in speed, traverse, armor meta, high quality thermals and quick reload like… I mean… tracks look cool…

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