If Michael Bay were a tank | M26 T99

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If Michael Bay were a tank | M26 T99

✈▼My Setup ▼✈ Link to the build – https://youtu.be/f0V7-z0BVT0
●CPU: https://amzn.to/3mHXi1N
●GPU: https://amzn.to/3i0Wi5q
●MOBO: https://amzn.to/2FRqC5h
●RAM: https://amzn.to/3iXCeSz
●M.2 NVMe Storage : https://amzn.to/3iV6tcU
●SSD: https://amzn.to/32QINRc

0:00​ INTRO
3:04 1
9:59 2
17:32 3
22:47 LATER


  1. connor armstrong

    Pershing calliope

  2. Make Tiger master class –> then say all those boring Tigers
    While getting a whole wall of tiger heads after this video hunt

  3. Make a video trying to get a hedgehog kill with the matilda hedgehog

  4. Hey man I love your stuff keep doing what you’re doing

  5. Hes name is—–phly daily!(🎵music~)

  6. I just got my first helicopter today. Wow I’m never playing helicopter battles ever again😂

  7. If Gaza was a tank.

  8. Intro/background song? Please somebody

  9. The quiet kid after emptying his last drum mag 19:37

  10. phly please teach me to play rb battles again i got so used to arcade 😭😢

  11. ah yes the tank that is behind a paywall
    and the only reason why Calliope is expensive

  12. Yeah pretty American.

  13. day 5: play sturmpanzer at top tier because overpressure

  14. Gerbaby’s 5.7, can easily kill you, Pershing, 6.3 or even 6.7, in the front.
    The most annoying thing is, M26’s aiming area(to pen Panther) is much more smaller and unstablize, the mobility is terrible worse than Germany, reloading and pen worse either. Also nearly every Germany’s tank has smoke.(This is compare between G5.7 and U&S6.3, U&S5.7 has no right to speak here)
    Those Panther in 5.7br is unfair and shameful…..oh I almost forgot that Gaijin loves their Gerdady, that makes sense XD

  15. It’s a baby Mammoth tank from C&C.

  16. this video is full america mode

  17. The idea for this tank came from those baseball caps with beers on the top sides & straws,

    quite american

  18. You definitely had some single malt before, during, or after… or all 3 with this video. Love it.

  19. fkin warthunder put all the gud tanks for usa in premium

  20. I dont get this, if I try to push, I’ll die without any kills, if I want to be sneaky, ill die later but still without kills. I dont know where he’s playing the game, but surely not in Europe

  21. Warthunder is garbage now i get one tapped 24/7 and the enemy’s don’t even take dmg it either a ricochet or just a normal target undamaged

  22. only reason to click on phlys vids is to thumbs down and dip

  23. Why is this 6.3? This is completely unfair. I want it.

  24. Hahaha remember when he spammed many Rockets and he got killed by a T-44 xd


    why theres 2 of this one at 14 hours 1 at 15

  26. inb4 Tiger moved down to 4.7 BR

  27. Killing a Ferdi frontal with these pathetic rockets?

  28. Use Facon vs Sweden, Germany and Italy at 9.0 it is how I got my nuke

  29. NoNquality Keckop

    Yee Americaaan

  30. Does it Zoom into the Charakters faces when Shooting?
    Does the camera shake for no reason?
    Does it have unnessessary Lende Flair EVEN IN THE NIGHT?!
    Then yes: it is Michael Bay

  31. Substantially more fun..than not ..having a liver

  32. Where everything is made OVERSEAASSS!! Best line ever

  33. Nobody:
    Absolutely no one:
    Isareli engineers:

  34. Warthunder Canblunder

    Day 4: play asu 57 with night vision on in day

  35. 0:38
    And russian game 😐

  36. Play the P51D-5 pls, I wanna know how to get good with the P51D

  37. Day 3 of asking phly phor the m47-105/55

  38. 13:25
    Wow 3x 180° bounce… very realistic

  39. This game sure isn’t pay to win

  40. General Derp Scout

    That’s no M26 T99 that’s Mammoth tank great grandpa

  41. 10:46 guy’s username was BlackJewishChode lmfao

  42. Day 2 of asking phly to make a discord for its phans to hangout in

  43. Calliope phlyday

  44. 0:28 that gun barrel bouncing kill tho

  45. Do scouted vehicles disappear when the scouting tank dies? At ~17:50 I think the scout tank at F5/F6 dies and then all the scouted vehicles around E3 go away. Didn’t know this.

  46. Can someone make a phly wow grape compilation.

  47. Am I the only one that noticed that all of the kill shot feeds show a tiger instead of what phly killed? Glitch?
    Edit: My bad, he just killed a lot of tigers.

  48. Houly sheet 😀

  49. How does phly have his sound because i play i hear things that are not there or something and then i think i hear something behind me but its in front 💀

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