If NASA Made A Tank

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# #funnymoments #warthunder
T55E1 War Thunder


  1. I have to say Phly, 36% is not much in the grand scheme of things. Well done.

  2. 23:36 I can hear phly’s teammates yelling “SHOOT HIM” as there’s a guy about 50 meters in front of him lmao

  3. Cringe Daddy Offical

    Gone but not forgotten, RIP warpig

  4. Majestic wingmanship there Mr. Daily

  5. We are literally a month away from this… thing, being added to War Thunder 2 years ago. 2 friggen years

  6. Subscribed for over three years!

  7. Sorry, I like my German Sturer Emil for sniping, but it’s slow and heavy. But seems to draw CAS like bears to honey.

  8. 36% ? These lies you speak.
    I don’t even play this game, but have been subscribed for over 4 years.
    BTW, For All Mankind is phenomenal! Even season 3. Cannot wait to see what’s next.
    Best “alternate history” ever put on screen. Masterclass in storytelling, and acting by all the cast.

  9. I regularly play this vehicle along with the F-89B in 7.0. Loads of fun and disrespect 🙂

  10. The American Pak Puma

  11. Idk what kind of WT you’re playing that you don’t see this cancer wagon every other game being used by a sweaty boi

  12. imagine if they’d built this thing with a quad .50 or the twin 40mm… would be such a pest

  13. challenge you and your friends to drive in manually transmission


  15. I have this tanks and…..it uh…shoots things sometimes.

  16. Why Phly always plays against bots?

  17. NotSoRacistRaspberry

    It was about 2 years ago phly

  18. For All Mankind was a great show until the alphabet people sales spiel was glued on top of it like a payload they thought could make orbit but that’s when I stopped watching. I thought maybe editing it and do a gay free release in the bay of discontent.

  19. i wish there was a premium P-38-LO for US, by far one of my favorite planes.

  20. If the video was all action similar to the first minute, rather than 1 minute of action then 20 minutes of talking.

  21. holy shit that P38 run was SO SICK! If I could subscribe again, I would.

  22. This is seriously one of the best BP vehicles ever. I would put the PT-76-57 over it, and maybe the A-1H (too soon to tell).

  23. I would assume its the turning that prevent people from playing it. Especially when compared to the ebrs, Breda 501 and puma.

  24. This thing looks like something out of Steamboy

  25. It shows speed is a great weapon

  26. Can we just talk about that turbo load for a second, please? We need more of it.

  27. What tank is this and how do I get it ?

  28. Where can I get this warpig?All my teammates do is sick my kill bruh

  29. dude this video was so good. rarely do i ever rewind one of these videos but something just had me in a hold. was it the music?? the dogfights? WarPig?? idk, but it was good

  30. Day 462: Phly, I challenge you to get 8 kills in one game with the SU-5-1. This MBT/Tank Destroyer is severely underloved in your channel.

  31. Phly can you play AMX M4? The 6.7 French Autoloading baguette gun.

  32. RIP WarPig, you will be missed.

  33. I would be enraged if I was killed by this

  34. … same again but Alecto & Whirlwind?
    As a poops n teehee’s with OddBawz perhaps

  35. as soon as i saw this video, i saw one of these

  36. When I watch you I always want to play wartunder, but on console it’s not the same 🙁

  37. Content is fun! intro way too long, skipped too gameplay

  38. Ok ok dude, just subscribed.

  39. Anyone knows what song was being played during the air battle?

  40. In the memory of WarPig_7544… R.I.P

  41. puma request

  42. phly please play the he-100 day 3

  43. I saw one during Christmas/new year holidays. First one I’ve seen for quite a while.

  44. I fell humiliated every time I get killed in my R3 T20 by one of these… and the fact that it happened 3 times and i killed at least a pair of them, I didn’t know they were rare

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