If Only I Was A French Tanker In WW2 /s | Plan Jaune (Post Scriptum Funny Moments)

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Source: PhlyDaily

New update Post Scriptum featuring new graphics new bois

Post Scriptum Steam Download – https://store.steampowered.com/app/736220/Post_Scriptum/

If Only I Was A French Tanker In WW2 /s | Plan Jaune (Post Scriptum Funny Moments)

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  2. post scriptum reminds me a lot of the arma 3 ww2 mod for king of the hill

  3. M4tty official channel

    **WHITE FLAG**

  4. very interesting to see French Tanks

  5. More please !!!!

  6. PlS Phly do more of Post Scriptum Gamerplays! :3

  7. Wow it must suck playing with a garbage driver

  8. 7:43 wait… you just shot an armored car with AP, according to War Thunder you’d just turn his hull orange

  9. Bit buggy aint it right now

  10. I think ya need to play with Vade and Karmakut when playing this

  11. Bartosz Piwowarczyk

    Imagine this game having tank on tank mode with tech trees from war thunder.

  12. It would be great if Phly can twist a few arms and get certain other Youtubers (cough*Karmakut*cough) to challenge Vade to a tank duel in Post Scriptum. My money is on zee Germans.

  13. Hey Phly, play the T-35 (Try 4)

  14. 14:35 was that Rimmy?!

  15. Just to let you know, you played against a YouTuber named Nano when you found that tractor driver.

  16. 7:30 amazing war scene…..

  17. Mr semelle dans ton fondement

    for the 50215154025154108171 time, it’s “VIVE la france”, not “VIVA la france” viva is not a french word.

  18. Can you please for the 4 time make a video on the M18 super hellcat

  19. is this more realistic than Warthunder with respect to tanks physics and projectile damage?

  20. Vive la France. VivE la France. Sheeeeesh.

  21. Le funne…. They have to improve the tracers, they look horrible.

  22. That german on the tractor must have been like: “Das ist wirklich ein Bruh Moment”

  23. Nomad Hakuna Matata

    whats hilarious is that you saw the same dude get shot that nano did. at the same exact moment, he was right beside the dude

  24. Elektronische Musik

    RiP Servers are my favorite Squad and PS servers.

  25. Look, french tanks are long, therefore very easy to flip! I rest my case

  26. holy baguette!

  27. Post scriptum blows.

  28. of course the 2 seconds you hear of rimmy hes scremaing his arse off

  29. Lol there is Rimmy at 14:37

  30. Worst driver. Hard to be useful when your sights all over the place

  31. damn, felt like PS would be the game to let your tank sit there flipped for eternity

  32. Nobody:

    Lego commercials: 8:36

  33. I want to play post scriptum, but currently don’t .
    You just keep letting me live vicariously through these vids . Funny as heck.

  34. Skenderbeuismyhero

    You need a better cab driver phly

  35. Call it Booty ww2 LE FRANCE i am drunk. Im stll drunk. it was A LEIVHTCHT TRAKTOR

  36. 12:07
    F for Hanz the farmer.

  37. is this a new update, or do the french cost money?

  38. i dont think you should ne able to get out when a tank is upside down like that unless it has an escape hatch in the bottom lol

  39. Have the French a white flag in the Inventory??

  40. play the chinese type 62

  41. Just keep playing that game

  42. “vive la France” thank you

  43. Seems like you had a bad crew

  44. my man hans was just trying to farm peacefully and you shot him in the back

  45. hon hon hon, that’s how la France won ww2!

  46. 7:49 a wild Nano appeared
    (Check blue chat)

  47. I was on the blue tractor….

  48. everybody says viva but its vive

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