If Papa Johns Had To Deliver Pizza In WW2 (AB 43 Meme Car)

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If Papa Johns Had To Deliver Pizza In WW2 (AB 43 Meme Car)


  1. LOVE YA’LL Enjoy the video and please huge your mom today for me


  3. I wish you and your family bests

  4. Dang the kid looks like me. sorry ply. it was fun.

  5. Just wait for the growth spurts. You’ll be surprised just how much he changes within a weeks difference, let alone month

  6. Phly, did you hear the one about the German dude with a pristine Panther in his basement?
    Seriously, look it up.

  7. I work at papa johns to hmmm.

  8. What would you got hit by a derp gun from 5 clicks away in a jet? What would you do?

  9. SvenandBex Ericksen

    Cool hear about you guys journey through parenthood. Brings back all the memories for me if the stage. But honestly, how long can you just sit there watching Banks sleeping and not be able to wipe the idiot smile off of your face and go “cool, yeah I helped make that”.

  10. Phly basically described newborn as 10/10 graphics but 2/10 gameplay lol

  11. Seal clubbing the seal clubbers is very epic

  12. Hey phly I totally understand where you are coming from with the interaction thing my kiddo just recently really started interacting shes 3 month old and its great. Hope all goes well keep killing it. 👍

  13. No armor = Best armor

  14. Keep it up

  15. 14:53 phly it was Andres again but on the enemy team!!!!!

  16. did i just hear u say gepard during your first low tier game?

  17. Wonderful Family Steve!!!!!! All good to you

  18. German puma be like 💪🇮🇹

  19. Papa John’s? Phly man, no self-respecting papa orders from a chain like that when you have a classic family-run pizza place in town. Yeah, they are a bit more expensive, but you get what you pay for. (Dominoes is a vile spawn of hell only for drunk people at 4am)

  20. Wow, we have meme now

  21. Play ab 41 pls it’s a monster

  22. That one Fnaf enthusiast

    Hey philly you should try the British hurracane MK IIB/TROP at 2.0

  23. This is papa John’s pizza here’s your delivery *shoots armor piercing shell* bye have a nice day

  24. If you guys notice, the T-26 that J’s out on the second match is the one that helped Phly on the first one! I found it very funny 😀

  25. 10:48 phlydaddy returned to monke

  26. First kill u got is just my play stile. No wonder why i die alot

  27. gorgeous pic of your boy

  28. Do please a video about a wellington

  29. Funny how I received this tank when you upload this

  30. Ey Phly….I wanted to buy merch. There was no merch. Why no merch? Make new merch…yallah yallah.

  31. Im playing War Thunde for 8 Months now and im just battle rating 2.7

  32. “You have a high chance of one shotting a medium tank” proceeds to shoot a puma and only kills its driver

  33. How did andres get into phly’s game twice in one video 😂

  34. HM ? HM? HM?HM hmm?

  35. It’s gonna be so awesome when we hear about his first words. 😌

  36. semi suspicious 😂

  37. Damn Budget mode don’t pay shit anymore…

  38. Day 5 do Korean mig vs corsair

  39. Loved the family update, congratulations to you both.

    Grab as many photos and videos as you can because its mad how fast they grow up!

  40. Damn, watching you for 2 years ny now. I am amazed that time does phly by that fast. Wish you all the best

  41. why does ur game sound sooo much better than mine, I’m jealous rn

  42. Impressive flying at 19:30!!

  43. phly if you didn’t do this yet can you go in the do 17 and only use that and win with it as a challenge

  44. Pizzalian 2.3 is the best BR in the game, dont change my mind

  45. I have a question for the wise phloppy whoppy. How can you drink a drink but not eat a eat.
    Have phun with the baby and lora on youre adventure

  46. I can see the baby growing up to Steve showing him how to kill with KV-2. Just like he did with his wife lol.

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