If The Iron Curtain Had TRACKS | T-80BVM MONSTER MBT

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Source: PhlyDaily

If The Iron Curtain Had TRACKS | T-80BVM MBT


  1. SpaceCowboyMugen

    @7:48 pair of sneaky lads off in the hills….
    @10:43 POP SMOKE – enemy feels the pressure of the Jedi Mind Trick
    @19:32 how the ph*ck did you know that guy was there? Legit I watched that back 3 times and once at .25 speed and there was zero sighting of that guy, and no spot on the map??? The only thing I can see and I don’t even know if it’s that guy but when you zoom out there’s a pixel of him maybe over the sand dune to the right of the tree, but when you look back he’s way left of the tree >_> unless what you were saying was you went “Hoh, woah!” as a lead in for the joke of the dead tanks in the very background and as you zoomed in to make the joke or statement is when you just happened to see him (that was so confusing and I spent way too much time thinking about that kill)

  2. They make shit like this super op even though it has massive armor flaws. A m1s deplated apfsds can 1 shot these things.

  3. Next video do a Toto Wolff pregame pep talk.😂

  4. Anyone else die inside when they made the Panzer 4 G a Rank II now?

  5. Shad0w Warrior47

    7:33 Tank on the right: “I must go now. My planet needs me”

  6. at 19:30 I cant tell how you possibly saw that leopard sitting there?? it wasn’t there, then you turned away, went “woah!” turned back and leopard?? What am I missing? played it back in slow mo too.

  7. You know I can’t help but think this game would be 100x better if you didn’t get those X-ray shots when you hit a tank. I mean it takes much of the challenge out of actually killing an enemy tank when you get an X-ray showing you the location of the crew, ammo and other critical systems and as evidenced by these videos, it doesn’t take long until you memorize the layouts and can get prefect kill shots one right after the other.

  8. M1A2 should’ve stayed at 10.7 so as the Leo 2A5.
    And also, America who spends heck ton of budget for their military, is the only nation that has no MBT with HD gunner/CITV thermals in the regular tech tree.

  9. 11:12 molotov-ribbentrop pact colourised

  10. I love the Leopard in the intro xD

  11. In the standard settings, press e to shift up

  12. Russian tanks are the last to get to 11.0 because of their IRL inferiority to Western tech.
    This is most evident in the method they store ammo. Russian ammo is stored in two pieces. This means that the length of the dart is dictated by the limitation of the breech and ammo handling system. The best ammo for M1A2 IRL is the M829A4 but in-game they only give it the M829A1. The A4 is 50% longer than the A1 in addition to more advanced tech to specifically deal with spaced armor like the German Cheese Wedge. Another example is that the M833 is used IRL in the M60A3 & all M1 105mm versions and the M1IP had the M900 IRL. Don’t even get me started on how Gaijin nerfed DU rounds in general and ignored their unique post-pen damage model.

  13. But steve the T-80 BVM is the worst T-80 Model out of the entire T-80 Series ;-;

  14. 卄| 卩卄ㄥㄚ, ㄥㄖᐯ乇 ㄒ卄乇 ᐯ|ᗪ乇Ҝ

  15. Russians: Write that down!

  16. Day 1: take the flak 88 and use the time fuse with the new rangefinding and see if it’s been fixed. Apparently it works wonders now😁

  17. Zyphro Rodriguez

    Phly play the Panther because it has 185mm of pen

  18. What is ‘the gunner thing’ at @8:30?

  19. How about instead of arty MC farty, instead use Arty Mcfly

  20. Joining in the fun😂endgame phly 2021

  21. I am going to start a personal mission to get Phly to make a kill montage video.

    Day 1 of asking Phly to make a kill montage video.

  22. I love ur content keep up the good work
    And can u play naval forces plssss

  23. Hey phly,
    the Horton 229 V3 got a second hvap round back in the armored target belt, you could make another video on it if you like.🤗

  24. It was nice watching you throwing the first match.

  25. Just failed my test and now I am watching and getting happier again

  26. 17:24 fornicate is better tham killing
    -phlydaily quote

  27. I just couldnt stop laugh my self, when you 3 bulllied spanked that boxed rockie vehicle, u all 3 together hahaha, It´s so sweet funny cartoonist image in my head every singel time + all those, “I´m your friend incidnets Dont shoot” 😀 It´s a such happy nice community sometimes, with common sense of understanding communication! High Five for that & cheers for making my day Phly, thank you so much! 🙂

    BR AN.

  28. Dreamteam Gaming [D-T-G]

    Its a nice tank ! Good video

  29. Alex Brynhildarson

    Me: Mom can we have “make love not war”?
    mom: we have “make love not war” at home
    Make love not war at home: “fornicating is much better than killing”

  30. phly u gotta play the dardo man, its super fun

  31. How do you do the scope raising thing on tanks that don’t have rangefinders?

  32. brümmbär Orkun

    Phly reported for betrayed team. M22 locust police will arrest you.

  33. I just read that this tank can deploy ATGMs with its main gun. They extend the maximum effective range to 4-5 km, but are quite inaccurate (at best about 50%). Still, shame they didn’t add it to this tank ingame…

  34. Nathaniel Precious

    hey phly you should check out gunner heat pc it’s pretty cool

  35. Алексей Скорченко

    2:35 Все правильно Phly, именно так и думали советские конструкторы в начале 90ых, и создали объект 187, в котором не было прорези на корпусе под смотровые приборы, корпус был немного длиннее, а башня смещена. В новой России этот проект посчитали слишком дорогим…

  36. I hate how in this new update American players face American players so often. Its so repugnant.

  37. Officer Locust got an upgrade

    Now he’s a true American cop…fat, poorly trained, and heavily armed

  38. Play am-1 with bombs in ground RB, u can even try lob bombing with the rows of 250lb against light antiair -try8?

  39. Rhiza Vina Zarate

    Intro: *Rare footage of Russian police chasing a Tank on a battlefield.*

  40. Will you play J7E in the next video?

  41. The intro reminds me of Officer Locust

  42. This tank is being used by my country

  43. me when arty farts🙊

  44. Tristan Olde Riekerink

    holy crap, top tier is boring

  45. This game is going to turn into Battlefield 2042 with current tech

  46. The blues and reds have got us hoping for OFFICER LOCUST very soon!

  47. Bring back the Red Assassin

  48. hey phly you should play the beaufighters, i suggest the Mk X. i think you never did a beaufighter video in your channel.

    atttempt #1

  49. phly is slowly losing his brain cells with every vehicle he plays

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