If War Thunder had HISTORICAL Matching making | R.I.P. SHERMANS (War Thunder)

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If Thunder had HISTORICAL Matching making | R.I.P. SHERMANS (War Thunder)


  1. Actually, the people who participated in d-day is….Canada, Britain, America, France and Poland.

  2. War thunder should add historical battle game mode

  3. 5:41 what in the space-fuck was that bounce ?

  4. UndeniableLogic

    Sherman was the best tank series of World War Two.

    “Dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same.” -Thanos (25th Armored Division)

  5. I like historical matchmaking, played 1 battle D day in WT. Strange enough I could only play the pz IVH and not my Tiger. In IL2 Tank crew my most played tank. There it is the beast it was in real and can soak up a lot of hits. I had a mission where it was hit over 30 time and I shot 4 T34 at a 2 km distance. In a Pz III M I must be very careful. I do not mind if I get shot or loose. But I am more a SIM player as a gamer. I play RB in WT only using manual controls , historical gunsight and only from the commander and driver cams.

  6. Michael Johnson

    If it was historical the allied team would all get an extra respawn and air support and the germans would get a limit of 3 tigers and everone else in panzer 3s or stugs

  7. The most historical part about this, is that the allies won


  9. Blue eyes white power

    “Neckbeards in grandmas basement” hey not cool, im not in the basement anymore……..im in the attic

  10. Germany throughout WWII: 9:34

  11. Not historically accurate German tanks transmission didn’t literally die during battle

  12. You’d need to make the Germans outnumbered by about 20-1 for it to be a historical Normandy.

  13. Blue eyes white power

    Just a heads up but the jadgpanther is retardedly overpowered in this event, since like nothing can pen the front plate, plus it has a good turn rate

  14. Except that total accuracy of the in game models already accounts for any “balance” needed.

    If anyone thinks a german tank was unkillable they have yet to meet a firefly.

  15. Also
    >Phly- hIsToRiCal baLanCe MeAns GeRmAns gEt To SHIt oN EvERyone
    >Also phly
    >Gets shit on in the first four minutes by easy eights

  16. When you grind Russia and they weren’t in D-Day. FUUUUUUUUU

  17. in tank realistic battles, can i research to tank and plane in the same time?

  18. German irl line up was way stronger than the Allies. There were two main things that stopped the German from going full force in Normandy:
    1. Bad command coughcough Hitler cough.
    2. Allies owned the sky rendered troops and vehicles movement impposible.

  19. CIEANNE Kambull

    Attempt#3 please play the t62

  20. I’m watching this before my graduation. Love the vid phly

  21. Enterprise Chan

    *German bias intensify*
    Damn, looks fun

  22. Magnus Munch 8X Stensballeskolen

    Britan had 3 landing spots on d-day whil America only had 2.

  23. yet they still won

  24. While the German failed their objective, casualties were pretty even on both sides.

  25. Historical battles would include the right ratio of tanks and planes for the allies. German tanks should be better but outnumbered 5 to 1. And on dday germans should get maybe 2 planes for the whole team and the Americans unlimited

  26. KMS Prinz Eugen

    Wait until Battle Of Kursk come

    I can already feel the sea of T-34s

  27. Well.. There wasn´t just tanks.. Infantry, artillery, the Air Force (and the Luftwaffe had nothing to say)… Get real.

  28. The power of Weharboo fail should never be underestimated.

  29. What they need to do is have a mode like this with a NAVYFIELD style line up. In that you would have x amount of battleships and x amount of cruisers etc. In WT have x amount of tigers (1st to get points for it comes 1st) and any number of panzer 4s .

  30. The RB mode reduces the observational capacity of the Sherman tank. And it makes the German chariots that are complicated to operate relatively simple.
    I think this model is very good for German tanks.

  31. Play with the il28sh and use the 4 gsh cannon

  32. What is the game type that you play mostly in your videos

  33. Play america

  34. alexsander hovland

    Didn’t UK carry normandy campaign tho ? they flanked omaha beach for the US

  35. alexsander hovland

    If it was historical battle, the germans would have a limit on the panther and tigers. And their main AFV would be the Stug III and the Panzer 4. And where tf is the british airforce!?

  36. Thats the way realistic battles should look like!!

  37. if this was 100% historically correct p51 mustang or B17 bomber will mow the whole map to eliminate the german tanks 🙂
    ( penguin )

  38. If this was real you would have been getting shelled by artillery and attacked by hords of aircraft

  39. Crouton Crusader

    Yeah, historical battles would be plenty fun if there were only five Panthers on one team, while there’s 30 Sherman’s on the other team.

  40. RIP “DPKiller” -killed by Phly 4 times XD

  41. Historical battles are great when they are accurate. You’d have twice the tanks on the allies side and very few panthers and tigers, everything else would be panzers.

  42. ludmil metodiev

    When the battles are realistic and the MM cant really fuck you up 😀 (im playing only with the Germans since 2013) //

    26 January 2013 Year 11:34

  43. SeekandDestroy_

    my granda was a tank commander at dday and he was british

  44. What BR can you play in these battles because i still didn’t research for Panzer IV G yet.

  45. Its like they have to many fucking 17 pounders and long 75mm guns for d-day!
    Not all that unbalanced

  46. CyberPirate2008

    I played on the German side 5 times and only won once.

  47. Tomasz Saczyński

    Well, D-Day itself and few after Allies had weak armored forces. Remember that Germans have been defending and been on ‘own land’ with whole support lines and so on. Allies just started to land on this area. Also – late war on west front Germans exceled when it comes to panzer forces for some time. Also – not only Americans landed during Overlord, it is not American day, dont forget.

  48. Юра Крючков

    9 мая

  49. There should be five Shermans for every Tiger in the event. Limit the Germans to having 1 Tiger for every 4 Pz. IVs.

  50. Godfather Ender

    Cough Cough British land with the US on D-Day

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