If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em | JUMBO STYLE (War Thunder Tanks Jumbo Sherman Gameplay)

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If you can't beat 'em, join 'em | JUMBO STYLE (War Thunder Tanks Jumbo Sherman Gameplay)


  1. when I see a jumbo I just stay hidden…..

  2. Plz try the KV-2 (zis6)

  3. Bring out the fist of Stalin su-152mm vodka shooter….

  4. PHLY can you play the M4A3 (105mm HEAT spitting M4 Howitzer)

  5. i think quickybaby is your brother because he upload m4 sherman

  6. Italian Duck! (Attempt 28)
    Take out the P.108A with the *102mm* cannon onto a tank battle. Try to get at least 2 kills!

  7. Loving the Unloved (attempt 4?)
    Ki-96. Enough said.

  8. Phly please ay the m4a5 and a36. I’ve been having a heap of fun in this combo for the last couple of weeks

  9. That’s the only reason I got the is2 was to remove jumbo

  10. chieftainsarethebombifushoottheammo

    I want WT to bring in the Daimler dingo, and have a totally new section of light spotting tanks with machine guns(no main guns)

  11. How come whenever I drive the Jumbo it gets penned all the time regardless?

  12. yeah there is this thing called a 75mm gun, one thats on 3.3 tanks, so the fact this is 4.7 doesnt bother me

  13. Golden velocity Raptor


  14. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    No aphe?

  15. Me in elementary school

  16. *raises hand*

    jumbos makes me REEEE

  17. Phly take M6A1 with 37mm only

  18. My friends and I full squad in Jumbos….and we legit bully every match. They are SOO fun!!

  19. I like that Jumbo’s way of thinking. scare the enemy even more with those signs. OwO

  20. As soon as I started the video I already got triggered

  21. The Russian 85mm gun can go through the top of the front plate, and most rounds can go through the side. Honestly I think the M4A3E2 is well placed with its BR because it has a pretty shoddy gun IMO but lots of armour. That said, you’d better be pretty quick at finding that weak spot.

  22. Hehehe you get rekt by Is-2


  24. Phly! I don’t know if many people realise, but the SU-85M (and arguably the SU-85 too) is super good for its BR. Powerful gun, super fast and manoeuvrable, and a strong front plate. I’ve gotten 8+ kills while holding down a point ON MY OWN!
    Please give it a go!

  25. HAHAHA every game with Jumbo against KV-1,2 IS-1,2 i am crying. Cannot handle these communist op tanks.

  26. Wassup guys tankdaily here….

  27. If you cant bit bias, play bias tank

  28. Which is the song when Russian bias killed u

  29. Get in the American mutant m3 lee and go in to Battle at 4.7

  30. There is another tanks who can kill jumbo from the front ( anywhere you will shoot ). Its SU-152 with APHEBC ammo with 150 mm pen. If you want screw up someones day, take some of these BIAS machine 😀

  31. This video in a nutshell: American Blitzkreig.

  32. Don’t be mad but…
    here is what I do everyday mate1*my to do list*

    1. -wake up-
    2. -eat pancakes-
    3. -go to work-
    4. -get to the chopper-
    5. -find a puppy-
    6. Eat the puppy
    7. -go home-
    8. -go to sleep with gun-

    9. -fuck wife-
    *my to do list*

    1. -wake up-
    2. -eat pancakes-
    3. -go to work-
    4. -get to the chopper-
    5. -find a puppy-
    6. Eat the puppy
    7. -go home-
    8. -go to sleep with gun-

    9. -fuck wife-

    8) gg!

  33. hey man can you do T95E1? you are my favorite You Tuber, if flattery works :p

  34. Wouldn’t a 17-pr or a 77HV’s APCR go right through the Jumbo? So it’s actually fortune for the Americans to always have the brits on their side.
    And R.I.P, French Jumbos…we will miss you forever…

  35. How do u kill this with tiger?So damn heavy(for real)tank

  36. go 30+ degrees and shoot it’s transmission to kill jumbo
    and also need gun that bigger than 75mm(panzer gun)

  37. Cromwell rp-3 and wyvern with rp-3

  38. Your mouse is not visible so it’s hard to see what you’re pointing at when you’re talking about the tank. Hope you get it fixed for next video!

  39. Make it 5.0 and be done with 3.7 tank destroyers have seriously trouble putting a dent in the thing.

  40. should take out the FV4202. the ap buff has made this thing a beast.

  41. My pz4 g will eat that thing for breakfast

  42. IDK but my is1 has no issue killing this from the front

  43. oh and when i play the jumbo 90% matches i get uptier 🙁 i have horrible numbers with it

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