^^| IKV.103 HERP DERP. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. ShadowAssasinMitchell 12

    Thank you Circon, this was one of your dankest videos in a long time lmao

  2. The ikv is so stupid with the derp gun.

  3. I think you should three mark it because it is the fucking memes! I did over 3k dmg in a tier 7 game because reasons? Well good luck and thx for all the great content lately? Think you deserve more subs

  4. WTF is with the SU85 in the corner (J1)?

  5. Do you play the HEAT-gun ? I prefer the stock with HE. In one of my 1st games I met a Pz4H platoon. HEAT was not so effective …

  6. The DERP goes both ways…

  7. Live by the Derp, die by the Derp. The evil chuckling was a nice touch.

  8. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a Stug III G with the derp.

  9. It looks OP honestly…

  10. This td is the memes, and i never sniped with it, the shell is so fucking slow… Keep in mind, matilda will be your bane, cant pen that bitch to save your life.

  11. what equipment? is this the heat gun,cause the shell travel time is aweful in it

  12. Finally, been waiting for this

  13. Crazy long reload time and really bad accuracy, even for derp standards.

  14. 4:16 I like how that scared the shit out of you. I know that feeling :]

  15. he has machine guns for eyes, ofc he’s a cold blooded killer

  16. I’ve lost it at “look at these eyes” 😀 😀 😀

  17. The m/42 driver should be called Sweve.

  18. Couldn’t wait to get rid of the IKV 103, couldn’t stand that slow shell velocity, reminded me of the T18 TD before it was turned into an SPG, shit shell velocity two shots and it was gone, the only difference being the IKV 103 doesn’t pretend to be a house on city maps.

  19. Dat shell travel time. You can bake cookies waiting for it to hit…

  20. 8:10 Holy shit! The Su-85 found the W key! o-o

  21. The Memes! They laugh! The Memes!

  22. what reticle does he use?

  23. Gross Domestic Plums

    at least the velocity isn’t like the 3 inch howitzer on the Crusader

  24. In Cold Blood!! hahahaahha 😀

  25. The laughs after the shots are gold. ????

  26. the shell on that tank is so slow that its almost a spongebob meme (2000 yrs later)

  27. but I feel this derp is more fun than the laser pointing ikv 65

  28. Bjorn to kill.

  29. I’m so tired of this “Meme” shit. There’s a fly passing by and you call it a Meme. You got any idea what real memes are about? Stop it. Please.

  30. Don’t let your memes be dreams

  31. Man, the stock gun on the ikv 103 is so much better. Being able to use he is just a dream.

  32. Oh boy this tank. The 400 m/s shell velocity hurt me spiritually when playing this tank. Got to the 2nd gun mark and sold it.

  33. Bjorn is everything Steve could ever hope to become;)

  34. *Circon sighs the moment he gets into a match with this thing*
    Same circ, same.

  35. 4:17 circon startled memes

  36. i ended up selling that piece of shit. just couldnt handle firing heat as standard.

  37. this tank is my only 3 marked tank i have in garage. took me less than 100 games i’m average player tho

  38. I found it wasn’t that difficult to ace this tank. PoS or not I still find the derp is fun. It suffers in game from 2 things, 1- shit team mates collapsing a flank and 2 – lack of bounce potential. If #2 could be buffed then #1 wouldn’t matter as much.

  39. it reminds me of the pre nerf HEAT, derp gun E8 best tank on earth, out trade tiger 10/10

  40. Thanks for the laughs man. TOOOO fucking funny.

  41. really glad this channel is growing well:-) it should have happened way before given the memes!!

  42. Takes first shot, pulls an Austin Powers, “And I’m spent!”

  43. John Cena style got derp 😛

  44. I rather use the 105mm on the StuG

  45. it’d never work for anyone other than Circon, if I try that hill trick I’d be dead in seconds!

  46. that laugh 😀

  47. Premium-Heat for no reason

  48. Memeconflexes in action! Don’t ever stop, dude!

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