Ikv 65 II review!

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. First 30 secs… okay, give him an upvote XD

  2. Once got shot by an M4 Sherman in my T-34/85 and got penned by his derp gun
    and he tottaly wrecked me and guess what I did a I 1 shot ammorekt him with
    the top 85 mm.

  3. Upvote for team damage!

  4. 100% support that move on Captain Crayon. Absolutely hate it when teammates
    block/push you in front of enemies.
    A few days ago the same thing happened to me when I was driving my M4
    Ravioli. Friendly FV215b decided he didn’t like the fact that i was trying
    to give sniper support to a crumbling flank so he pushed me to keep me from
    backing around a corner and taking cover behind a giant rock. Got smashed
    by a tier 10 Russian medium platoon, and after i died the dunce drove
    around my wreck. He went sideways on to the enemies and got set on fire. It
    was almost hilarious, except i was still pissed off.

  5. Foch can you do like a 30 second bit on each tier and describe the players
    at each tier like you did in this video.

  6. At least that skoda player just seemed incompetent rather than actively
    trying to get you killed. I just had a game where an IS-7 player spent half
    the battle trying to push my IS-4 out of cover and blocking my ass after I
    peeked for reasons unknown. Idiocy permeates every tier.

  7. Ikea flat pack

  8. watching foch, circon etc, made me realize aiming fully is for noobs.. Well
    mostly anyway ^^

  9. Captain Crayon… love it!

  10. MrImmortalityPrince

    I was in the tier 4 Swed TD and on the start i was drinking coffee and have
    both my hands off the keyboard and an ally OP Experimental decided to spin
    my tank then push me sideways. Worst with that is he shoots me with his
    stupid not at all OP gun. low tiers is painful. I couldn’t dish free exp on
    every low tier or any stupid tank even if i wanted too.

  11. Not even the Luchs?? Comon Foch you’re missing out on the best stress
    relief exercise around. Grab a Luchs and have fun.

  12. Lol Skoda was so oblivious of the situation that (s)he thought that someone
    shot him in the back from A8 position :D

  13. lol ikea

  14. Foch, please do rest of the Swedish Tech tree review as well….

  15. plz do one of the Emil-1 thats a real piece of sh1t

  16. In a recent game I did the same to a guy who pushed me down the cliff, I
    blew most of his hp with my m4 durp. Next game I took an iffy shot on the
    move with the durp and it dipped like mad, accidentally hitting my ally in
    a t67…
    Banned for one hour…

  17. Turretless tanks are the worst?


    Object 263 anyone?

    I literally crushed every single tank that I faced in the T10 tourney with

    back on topic, this tank has better camo than both the hellcat and the T67
    if you have a full camo crew, I out spotted both of them while using a bush
    and they could not see me until I fired

  18. just got the tier 7, not great . tier 3 was the best by tier so far.

  19. Dont worry Foch, shoot all them pushing faggs they deserve it

  20. What do you mean tier 6 TD’S are shitty, Nashorn is the best tank in the
    game !!! ^^

  21. That ass shot on the Skoda was justified… i fucking hate when potatoes
    park behind me and block my fall back.
    Also, Captain Crayon… fucking hilarious!

  22. the only medal you don’t get is HC if you team damage someone
    i saw dicks on 5 kills who TKed a teammate just so they can get the last
    kill, they still got TG

  23. Spooky “Bones” Skeleton

    Why do you play this shit game

  24. Just as always, soviet stuff is the best again…SU100 is rocking theese

  25. unban me pl0x

  26. You don’t get High Caliber medal if you do team damage. Other medals are
    fair play.

  27. The minivan! WITH 90mm IKEA GUN!!!

  28. Captain Crayon……hehehehehehehehe

  29. I want a god damn RAGE REIVEW

  30. Foch, try the Luchs. Was my go-to tank if I got bored.

  31. 50k subs woopwoop

  32. I don’t blame you, I would have shot him in the @ss too lol

  33. Angelo Soares Giroto

    Somebody needs some more salt or self control…

  34. Captain Crayon hahaha!

  35. nice move on the skoda. i do that all the time

  36. Shitty ass padding t67 player sitting in the back waiting for his team to
    die so he can snipe out the remaining enemies and have great game comrade!
    Fucking t67 cancer is real.
    GGWP and good review here Foch! Thanks

  37. the “ikea” lol awesome does it fall apart with a strong breeze

  38. you don’t get the high caliber only if you do team damage

  39. So…. Feel like commenting on the Advent calendar for today?

  40. did you replace the male crews with the new christmas female crews? :D

  41. Wow I wish the enemy teams were so incompetent when I play as the one you
    had lol. Except for that T67 I guess?

  42. What about the 1-day E25 sale in a 50 euro bundle? War Gayming farming
    euros from the suckers.

  43. so this is a good version of the Flatpanzer?

  44. XD i lost it at “Captain Crayon” Oh my god i cant stop laughing

  45. Foch, I want to improve.
    Can you show us how not to be a fucking wanker?

  46. Can we expect any rage reviews anytime soon?

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