Ikv 90 Typ B review!

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. And now compare it to Challenger.

  2. TDs are a complete waste of time in the game. i’m only grinding it because
    i’ve already got everything else

  3. 2.3 second aiming time causes ‘Cancer’. The best quote of the day!

  4. lol this guy is like hilarious. Its a joy to watch your videos Foch…..

  5. The luckily I’m lucky sentence and the little IS-6 is balanced rant
    afterwards killed me :D

  6. The gun is such a let down. A bit faster reload and AP pen over tier 6,
    BUT, worse aim time and worse accuracy. How retarded is that?

  7. The Swedish tanks with very sloped armor depend on the updated overmatch
    mechanics. Until that’s implemented saying anything about the armor is
    fucking useless. I you’re smart you don’t waste your time with these tanks
    until then.

  8. Hey Foch hows ur xmas tree and snowitzer going?

  9. The salt in the UDES 03 review is going to be EPIC. I can’t wait.

  10. Anyone notice that after he killed the T34 with a fire he blind shot and
    set the t43 on fire as well to death?

  11. WG want you to free xp to tier nine. Then a couple patches later all the
    turds get buffed kappa.

  12. I thought that the UDES would be a decent lil tier 8 TD 🙁
    -so Foch, which is worst – this thing, or the recently buffed Challenger ?

  13. Spooky “Bones” Skeleton

    Please stop playing this shitty game.

  14. You get a like for the self inflicted torture!

  15. Foch all you do is just talk shit about tanks you don’t like that much.
    But I love it lol

  16. Holy shit two fires with two shots in a row? Congratz on the missio— oh
    wait… TD.

  17. Thank the whiners for shitting on the the new ricochet dynamics and making
    highly sloped thin armour useless. Let’s hope WG finds some kind of
    compromise, ricochet 2.0? Foch speaks to reality where these tanks should
    fire and fuck off, just like the Swedes designed the actual tanks. IMO the
    maps need to be designed to allow this, currently it doesn’t appear the
    case, so we are stuck with this imperfect meta.

  18. nice and salty, keep it up hahaa

  19. i feel like i have to tell the world:
    I FUCKING LOVE MY UDES 03 <3 <3 <3 <3
    it is like an ELC buffed to tier 8 and i have over 1 k games in that so

  20. t8 sucks? I loved the UDES on the test server, and the armor had nothing to
    do with it…

  21. Being honest I took a look at the stats and wondered why I’d ever want this
    over the T6, I’m very skeptical about it.

  22. snowisthebestweather

    7:05 Foch getting lucky ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  23. PJSalt PogChamp PJSalt PogChamp PJSalt PogChamp PJSalt PogChamp PJSalt
    PogChamp PJSalt PogChamp

  24. car comparison made me laugh ?

  25. Hahaha ? Don’t fuck with Foch…
    Foch really knows how to bitch throughout the videos – keep em up! Allways
    get a good laugh on your commentary. He’s so right, this game is broken in
    so many ways and WG only care about players real money!


  27. Another tank getting fucked by soft stats. The ‘aiming time’ stats is to
    30% fully aimed so with TERRIBLE moving and turning dispersion, that 2.2s
    aimtime gets even worse as it still has a long way to go.

  28. I acutally had pretty sick games in my AC 46. Also much better WN8 and WR
    than in my Jagdpanther, which I regard to be the better tank.

  29. If aimtime is so shit, why not use a GLD instead of vents?

  30. So, what exactly is the advantage of Swedish TD line? Gimmicky mechanics
    after tier 8? The fact that they are basically free?

  31. It takes more than 2.3 seconds before the bloom even BEGINS to shrink lol,
    far less reach fully aimed

  32. I hate the new Swedish TD-line. Only reason I’m playing them now is because
    of the nice discount on them… But boy are they frustrating…

  33. Yo, are you planning to take another look at the recently buffed premium

  34. So treat it like a shit ELC got it! I’m going to enjoy it then lol… I’ll
    send myself to the mines.

  35. regarding non turreted tds my su 152 tier 7 carries like a boss. as does
    the isu 152 and most of the rest of the ussr tds

  36. NoHomeLike

    What if this tank is really a tier 6 ELC AMX?

  37. I really think WG made them a bit OP in the test server, then proceeded to
    nerf them way too hard just before launch.

  38. is it worse than challenger ?

  39. I like how you pronounce tanks.Not like QB that breaks his tongue while
    trying to sound smart

  40. To be fair to WG (I know, I know) it was only one patch for the missing
    info in replays. That’s actually a pretty quick fix for them…

  41. Angelo Soares Giroto

    Why are you so depressed with this tank? The aiming time isn’t that bad.
    Just do bush work and don’t be a camper and complain about everything.

    Goodjob IS-6. Russians are the best and everyone seems jealous at them….

  42. Foch is the best reviewer by far.

  43. LOL now I understand why I’m missing my shots fuck those travel a lot
    faster than I was thinking. Still used to the 900m/s of the tier six :O

  44. Meatball aim time.

  45. This little TD in a very small hole/dip, is enough to troll the shit out of
    KV 1S and KV 85 due to the pretty much non-existent gun depression.

  46. I laughed so hard at 1:35. You can hear Foch try to hold back his laughter

  47. The compulsory Wargaming patented free-xp sink vehicle yet again at T7.
    Don’t be surprised, they’ve been doing that for years :D

  48. Well, guess I wont be going down this TD line then.

  49. This is probably a dumb question; but the white ring between your view
    range (green ring) and the max distance you can see an enemy (yellow ring);
    it’s the max spotting distance you can reach isn’t it?

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