I’M A SPY – 007 JAMES DAILY – ( War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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I’M A SPY – 007 JAMES DAILY – ( War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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  2. Holy fuck om early

  3. nice love it dude

  4. 4th like. I’m so proud!!!

  5. ✌GrubyPatriota™ dawniej Achtung! ZSRR

    Myślałeś, że mnie nie spotkasz pod tym filmem? Niespodzianka!

  6. PZIIIM and FW200, the midget and the giant make hitler proud!

  7. early

  8. Centurion Mk 3 and Firebrand

  9. hi

  10. How big is a panther 2 gun

  11. Cromwell and Hunter

  12. Admiral SnackBar Cornwilis

    #287, gg youtube.

  13. cool!

  14. 19th like

  15. yellow :p russian SAM. and Tu-4 :3

  16. North Africa Combo:
    Hurricane MkIIb with 76mm rockets, just spam them they will kill.
    Crusader 3. Good luck with Paper Armour
    Good Luck and make Monty Proud

  17. Diederick Schothans

    PZIIH and FW200, the midget and the giant make hitler proud!

  18. Wyvern & centurion with guided rockets combo. :D

  19. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    The teacup and teapot combo: (attempt 2)
    The crusader Mk 3 and the wellington mk 1 with the 4000lb tea bomb
    Send the basterds back to the father land and Phly for King and country!

  20. SgtJack BR (xXSgtJackXx)

    Make america great again combo: M4A3 (76) W HVSS SHERMAN and B-17
    Show those facist how america is great

  21. Hurricane mk IV (40 mm cannons) and the Cromwell 57 mm! Bring tea to those
    sausage loving krouts!

  22. i challenge you dude.Land a bomber on a carrier!

  23. +PhlyDaily T 34 1941 and the il 2 schturmovik

  24. We all know how you hate the f2h… Let’s see if he hates the f9f just as
    much. Fly the f9f-5 Panther!

  25. A30 Challenger and Tempest mk V.

  26. tiger 105 and the ho 229 v3 for ultimate german power

  27. yuri de oliveira barbosa

    5:54 “Now, we’re on Withe rock fortress” lol that is Hurgen Forest

  28. Tu 4 and t 10

  29. YES! thanks for playing my combo dude! nice thumbnail

  30. I don’t care what’s the content of this video, it deserves a thumbs up just
    for the thumbnail :D

  31. next play R.A.F Stirling and German Tiger plz

  32. Barbarossa combo–>T34 1942 and the IL2 37mm

  33. Hellcat and p-51 show those Europeans what real speed is all about

  34. Kv 2 and IL 4

  35. should’ve said the German Wellington lol

  36. das ist der drang nach vorne

  37. Cyka Blyad, German Bias xaxaxa

  38. kv 1b 756r and bf 109 gtrop

  39. spydaily

  40. Tiger 2 H and me410 r3

  41. Hm… Dude lets try something funny 😛 T95 and B29… Bring out the Big

  42. no, you are a German spy spying in the brits lol

  43. 4 Tonnes of Fury

    Random fact of the day: Blowing tobacco smoke into one’s asshole was a
    treatment for drowning in the 1800’s.

  44. ello phly

  45. The HOPELESS COMBO: 4M GAZ-AAA with PBY-5a (with 16×100 bombs)…good luck
    Phly! :D

  46. T54 and the IL28. Da comrade.

  47. I want to see something really crazy. So crazy that your not so comfortable
    with it.

  48. T92 alien stealth tank and AD2 skyraider, show them how americans vehicles

  49. Leopard 1 and Arado 234C-3

  50. my name is Shein, Roy Shein

  51. ιтz_∂єℓιяισυѕ

    German Low-Tier TD Combo:

  52. Play the 1.4trillion dollar tax killer, machine pure from stalinwood the
    cannon Chaika with the stronk tonk made from pure stalinium sraight from
    Ural the ZUT-37. ATEMPT 22

  53. Common Phly. Wheres that M20Vibrator and Yak7Dildo

  54. MooseTheSyrupMan

    Do-335 B-2 and Tiger 2 P “War winner” Combo!

  55. Zachary Houghton

    Amazing… I might stick around ;)

  56. how you phlydaily can use binoculars can i use it on ps4

  57. Tu 4 and ASU 85 Korien Combo next plez

  58. namelesspistachio

    Laughing compilation?

  59. M22 locust and p40!!!!! Please do it!

  60. Play the 1.4trillion dollar tax killer, machine pure from stalinwood the
    cannon Chaika with the stronk tonk made from pure stalinium sraight
    from Ural the ZUT-37. ATEMPT 22

  61. 16:24 Germany’s WW2 experience in a nutshell.

  62. You could kill aa and open top tank destroyers with a fighter

  63. You are a German, in British vehicles, to pretend like you are a Brit, to
    spy on the Brits for ze Germans!

  64. next up take out the best armoured/shittiest cannon tank, the Churchill Mk.
    VII and the Firebrand TF Mk IV with rockets!! Kill those germans & russians
    with a cup full of the famous british tea!! 😀 (flanking incoming, much
    stealth, such wow)

  65. tempest and maus

  66. you just earned a sub :)

  67. Professor Borsig

    So… Crossout Hype is over, huh?

  68. T 10 and MIG 17 or go to gulag

  69. Jeroendje games

    play the rbt-5 and the po-2!!!!!!

  70. use any tank with shrapnel rounds only…yes the rounds barely penetrate
    any thing. good luck comrade

  71. black prince was my fav in wot for tier 7 nice armor and a good fast gun

  72. Benjamin Franklin

    Hs-129 with the 75mm and the Nashorn.

    You are the mighty hunter ready to take down your prey…. good luck

  73. Phlydaily what computer do u use asking because my laptop can barley put
    low graphics on warthunder and has a 25-5 FPS 🙁 and I want to get one like
    the one u have can u tell me :D

  74. IS-2, IL-2, Russian bias bro’s.

  75. Very nice game *0*

  76. Very good work m8 ! Das Deutsche Reich ist stolz auf Sie !

  77. I fucking hate this captured Churchill. They get so confusing in SB…

  78. B-29FlyingFortress

    American Jumbo tank with B17, show ’em what ‘MERICA can do.

  79. do any plane or tank you want

  80. fv221 caernarvon and the 47mm vickers tempest for queen and country! !

  81. the batmobiel ( leopard ) and the batwing ( the ho-229 with the batman como

  82. Con5tantine | The Head Set Guy

    You won that game on Berlin. Straight up. It was because of you that your
    team was able to stabilize and pull up to defend, recap, and advance. Great
    fucking job Phlydaily.

  83. I would like to see an australian Combothe wirraway and the ac thunderbolt

  84. do the tiger H1 and fokerwolf (your choise)

  85. 2:35 A flying Tiger 2 turret ? Waaaaaat?

  86. Ecuadorian Gamer

    Comrade, is of time to turn the American lend lease against their creators.
    Take out the glorious Russian P-47D-27 and the M4A2 (76) W. Make Stalin

  87. German Sherman and the P47 German edition.Play against the Americans with
    there own weapons.

  88. PhlyDaily was that a million dollar game?
    You did Awesome on the last game!

  89. Amazing round Phly! Love your videos

  90. Germany British tank bias X-)

  91. almost no Temp gameplay 😛 cant moan as its a fighter but i love a bit of
    dog fighting, shame not to see that much

  92. phlydaily plz can you do German p47 and raketen jagdpanzer the hard hitting

  93. Use the Op American Sheridan with the Op P-61 Black widow cuz u r Op

  94. with rockets and bombs for the p47

  95. Leopard 1, Ho229, damn nazi combo

  96. Thank so much shane c

  97. Play the 75 mm of freedomFlank and spank with the Chaffee and when you die
    be reborn as the PBJ 1H to destroy your enemies

  98. Panzer II H and Do-335 ground attacker. German Hellcat ftw!

  99. Jon Stepanenkov

    do another vr video

  100. “I wasn’t calling him a bitch, I just wanted him to die” Quite ironic if
    you think about it xD

  101. on the new dev server I forgot to say this my bad

  102. Churchill III can be at least 5.0 is confirmed now :-D

  103. I’m subbed to you since one Month or so and I can say that you’re not
    putting up Videos of other games that much, but could you play JFK

  104. Trey The Communist

    Sea Fury and the Challenger! Make sure to pack some Tea and Crumpets!

  105. I always tk these crossdressing tanks in RB

  106. phly try the T-50 with the pe-8

  107. EpicSmileyMan64

    Phly, after your operations spying the British, the situation has worsened
    and the Russians are breaking our lines, teach the dogs a lesson with our
    KV-1 and LA5FN we have captured from them. DO IT FOR ZE FATHERLAND!

  108. RustEZZEProductions

    Phly, time to show those Gerries some Murican Muscle! M4A2 (76)W along With
    the PBJ-1H (The one with the 75mm). Show ’em what freedom tastes like.

  109. Do the M18 and the PBJ with the 75mm cannon

  110. Prodromos Gavalas

    your normal everyday Μ4 sherman with the best spitfire in the game show
    them your trump card !!

  111. Minichallege: Land a F9F with 450-500 Km/h in a carrier, you can put this
    minichallenge series at the end of your videos.
    salud2 desde colombia!

  112. Maybe phly should take out teh Tiger H1 and teh JU-88, show the ruskies
    what teh german reich is made of

  113. Good fuckin game fle

  114. bush op plz nerf

  115. Logan Parrish (Prussian J3T)

    ((Third attempt))

    Russian Bias Master PhlyDaily,
    You have shown much promise over the years and Stalin himself has granted
    your family upgraded living quarters in Saint Petersburg. Now you must
    carry out a daring mission in order to keep your Beloved Lora out of Gulag.
    Use a camouflaged T-34-57 medium tank and a Yak-9K to defend Motherland. So
    go fight for Motherland or spend life sweeping snow in Gulag.

    ~With love, The Kremlin

    If you fail us then you will be in Gulag though your Beloved Lora may not
    be so lucky


    Das vi dania comrade

  116. Sharpshooter321 Johnson

    I say one more time komrade. SU-122 with HE shells and I-153 with the
    FAB-100 x4 bombs. Show Fascists and Capitalists what a true communist does
    in Russia.

  117. ATGM vs BOMBERS!!

  118. Ericson Senobin

    IS-3 and YAK-3 be the russian bias lord of mother russia

  119. Nikos Zaharioudakis

    the flank n spank combo
    m41 walker bulldog+p51
    if the is 2s try to kill you shove some sabot shells up their ass#no kill
    4u comrade

  120. Tiger E and Fw-190D-13

  121. Ducsai Barnabás

    To encourage the funny editing: we need you to take out the *T-92* for some
    *SNEAK* action with the *AD-2* to clean up the mess you left behind on the

  122. Triple a battery gaming

    Take de pz 3 m and the bf 109 F2 with rockets

  123. how did a churchil3 get 10 kills in a 6.3 br game?

  124. Suit up and please use the Super Pershing & B-24 D liberator. sorry if I
    can’t remember stuff

  125. Phly… About that “spying” stuff, these weren’t spying tanks/planes, these
    were captured by germans and repainted then added to the army.

  126. hey phly wat happened to the world of warships vids?

  127. Tempest was onlh used so little.?

  128. 10.5 cm tiger 2 and Arado 234c-3 plzzzz

  129. Take out the M48 Patton; it’s about time!

  130. the american production pain train combo! to american helldiver with the
    1000 kg bombs and the m10 wolvirine! show them germans what the freedom of
    america is about!

  131. Lukas Robitschko

    pls it-1 and il-38

  132. My friend and I tested something out. We tested that if you could torp a
    tank, and it worked!
    You need to drop the torpedo into the water, then the torpedo has to hit
    the ground where a tank is standing on. Then he’ll probably explode,
    sometimes it’s a bit strange because sometimes nothing happens.
    But here is your challenge:

    -kill a tank with a torpedo
    -take out the FV4004 Conway and the Firebrand TF Mk IV or the british PBY
    -have fun

  133. Lukas Robitschko


  134. Do zie Marder III and the BF109 F-2 with rockets, deadly when used correct!

  135. CptFlyingFort NmY

    75 mm Jumbo with non functioning UFP and B-17 piece of junk combination!

  136. Elliott Grossman


  137. music at 9:55 ?

  138. Mother Russia OP version. I-153 or I-153(P) and the T-III. That little tank
    is OP for it’s tier. Plus it’s low tier…who doesn’t like Low tier games

  139. RUSSIAN M4A2 76 and RUSSIAN B-25!

  140. p51 4x20mm

  141. Do the bt7 with il 2

  142. Nuclear warfare combo of the ussr:
    Drive out the Su-122-54 and the Pe-8 with the 5000kg nuke.

  143. Mig9L and any Russian tank destroyer
    I have faith in you comrade, get at least 6 kills

  144. Sniperman Gaming

    1942-1944 schlachtfeld die nashorn und die he 162

  145. marcelo joel Paolin

    Why people ask for nerf the leopard??

  146. HEATSEEKER 3227

    Use the TV tank and the FW-190 D-9 captured by Russia. Send the SS to the

  147. Churchill gc and do 355

  148. Challenge: Get 2 ranged kills in a KV-2 while running a minimum of cruise
    control 1. (point blank doesn’t count)

  149. racistkiller :3

    the devil,s combo 666 the sherman 76 the f6f and the m16 as backup
    send the enemy,s to the devils lair

  150. Realy good game!

  151. Or, BTD Destroyer and a chalopi.

  152. alejo ruiz camauër

    USE THE 75MM GMC lets seee if i can get somebody else to feel my suffering

  153. mason macdonald

    Phly I challenge you to get 1 kill in a f-86f sabre with your gear out the
    whole match. (If your gear breaks due to high speed it’s a failure)

  154. GG Phly when the rest of the team all moved up…Priceless!!

  155. plz play Centurion mk 10

  156. Northy Park (NorthyPark)

    fv 221 caernarvon and hellcat mk1 with tiny tims
    this will eat all your money if you grind with it haha, but anyway its a
    fun and good way to grind top tier british

  157. Tiger
    Fw.190 A5 /rocket ground strike/

  158. Rov'age St Laurent

    You are a BEAST man!
    Phly DRAGGED the game back, kicking and screaming like a kidnap
    You rock most hard man

  159. Panzer jäger and hornet

  160. Notice me thenpai

  161. The comment meant you’re a German spy using a captured British tank to
    blend in with the Allied forces.

  162. IS-3 the Russian bear, Illuminati tenk, Stronk Stallinium tenk of glorious
    mother Russia, Russian Bias coordinator and Stalin’s snowplow with any
    plane you like (or the comments vote) Must crush Capitalism

  163. Stirring an comet?

  164. Love the churchhills

  165. play b17g with m4a3e2 w/jumbo

  166. When it comes out, the T-34 747 (r) with the Yak-1b

  167. Thanks to the success of this mission, the fatherland orders you to claim
    destiny on another spy adventure! This time take it to the dirty Americans
    using their own Sherman and Thunderbolt!

  168. you are almost at 300k!!!!!

  169. iRecktz #iR_CLAN

    PhlyDaily vs Baron with MAUS!

  170. P-26 and m41


  171. Black Metal Daz 666 (Cyberdeath666)

    Sherman firefly premium and hellcat premium with 6 rockets and 2,000lbs

  172. Patrick Inkognito

    no combo, but try out the blackprince. its really one of the most enduring
    tank ive even had

  173. plz answer : what is the sneaky music ?

  174. Itz “ItzDJ” DJ

    God that War Thunder gameplay was absolutely fantastic! I cant wait to see
    some more.

  175. It’s only when you work together with the Jagdtiger heavy tank destroyer
    and the ME 262 jet fighter you can completely destroy your enemies!

  176. Henrik Rasmussen

    Wow Phly goes beastmode!!!! I say take out SU-100Y and the IL-10. For the

  177. Faris Filipović

    take out ze panther 2 and the 50 mm messershmit 262

    for ze likes

  178. Phly, we’re gonna need you to test some “special” vehicles, take out the
    XP-55 Ascender and The 105 mm Sherman to show the Reich what we can do.
    ~ Command HQ

  179. Fought for the dritte Reich with the Panzer Kampfwagen III Ausführung M and
    the Junker 87 G-2

  180. Panzerwerfer and Me 262 with 48 rockets – FIRE ZE MISSILES!!

    Or after 1.59 release: Raketenjagdpanzer + 262 :)

  181. ☮ Vorwärts mit Leidenschaft, Furchtlosigkeit, und Abenteuerlust ☼

    LOL – “My PING is 62” Phly exclaims in dismay at 11:25 – Dude MY PING is
    sometimes 600! Keep up the good work Phly. PЄACЄ☮UT ☼

  182. TheGamingFlowerpot Productions

    Plz play the Centurion Mk. 10 and the Japanese F-86F-30 Sabre, plz involve
    the kamikaze :D

  183. Pimpmaster Jenkins

    “Shh go to sleep now”

  184. do the Maus and Bf110c4

  185. You are the man Phly

  186. T-35 and MBR-2! Stalin will be proud! o7

  187. StuH 42 and Ju-87 G1. The worst TD and the sometimes surprisingly effective
    ground Attacker.

  188. You stole ze Churchill as a spy

  189. Zinka Gaming (zinka342)

    The StuH 42 g with the Do 217 J-1(with 8 50kg bombs)

  190. PublicTransportationBelgium

    Ze german zpy?

  191. PHLY I know u want to do the m22 locust with the b57 Canberra…. It’s a
    given fact Man U gotta do it troll those t54 NOOBS! ;)

  192. Joy and suffering combo: Panzer IV F2 sniping for the joy; Trying to ground
    attack with the Bf 109 F-2’s air-to-air rockets for the suffering 8-|

  193. I want some more crossout!!!!

  194. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    Best gameplay ive seen in a while Polly.

  195. incredible clutch play, there

  196. a mous and a m60

  197. ‘Murica combo: T95 Doom Turtle and B-29

  198. A Bad Cow Gaming

    Leo and ar234

  199. Kv-2 and the La-15

  200. I know your deepest, secret fear.

  201. pls take out charioter and lancaster

  202. Is the intro song (everybody) copyrighted?

  203. Reptilian Brotherhood (Lord Hissser III)

    intro war thunder logic, cant pen side armour turret, but can do front lmao

  204. daniel ekhorugue

    what an epic game

  205. Beneteus der Gewaltige

    Churchill OP confirmed!

  206. What’s the difference between a Bomber killing ground targets that can’t do
    anything against it and a Fighter killing a bomber that has no chance
    against it? It’s exactly the same situation.

  207. Calm Koala Nightcore™ (CalmKoalaArmy)

    phly makes me smile^^

  208. M36 Jackson and take an P51 or P47 as you wish :3 Meow

  209. Swordfish and comet

  210. Holy boxgameing

    let’s do this. Take out ze two brothers Dicker max and St Emil

  211. Милен Юруков

    Take Yak-9P and T-44-100 you gonna be THE HAND OF STALIN IS FURY

  212. M60 and B-17B or A, Show the other nations Murica’s speed!

  213. TheWomblemaster

    the paint job on that tempest loud enough?!

  214. can you play crossout

  215. Inb4 video down because of saying hacking.

  216. T-95, and P-47, enemy get rekt

  217. Matthew Lavenant

    the ZIS-30

  218. m22 bush tank and f4f with bombs

  219. Dymitry the gamer

    Phly….when you spark on someone, your ping doasn’t count……of the
    enemy doas….nice video btw :D


    The sabre f86 with the maus exterminator the m103 and show that frontal
    armor who is the boss!

  221. 15:11, How did he see us right there? Easy answer. Pure Stalinium
    non-Russian bias rounds comrade! Goes through everything comrade!

  222. for The Deutschland Tiger 2 and The messerschmitt me 262 Narren

  223. My last name is churchill

  224. The Russian heavy forces combo: ZiS-30 and the Po-2 do it for Stalin



  226. amazing game (OP reload 😀 )

  227. Shady Gamer gamer

    THE ZIS-30, SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!

  228. gradiatedAstrals

    Germans push because BLITZKRIEG. Duh. You don’t want to do anything but
    move forward in German tanks, it’s just how they make you feel.

  229. The Panzerwerefer 42 and the Wellington Mk Ic

  230. xstinction gaming

    baby turtle and f82

  231. Phly if u have E100 then play with
    E100 and Maus, ze Nazi super heavies

  232. best

  233. Kv-85 and La-5F make the Stalin proud! For the motherland!

  234. Slow Combo, Po-2 and T-26 or TB-3 and T-35

  235. I feel like this is an alternate version of FURY. Amazing game!

  236. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1


  237. Naval Frontline

    He ment your the best phly

  238. leopard and mig 15 with bombs

  239. Do the 75 jumbo with the p-47 kick some ass

  240. Iconic German Combo!! Do Tiger 1 and FW-190 A-8.

  241. Tiger and German p47.

  242. t95 td and b29 bomber

  243. Enrichment Drive

    Tiger 2 h and me 262 with 50mmDon’t stop doing what you do phly

  244. Charioteer and stirling

  245. More Britain combo: avenger and tempest vicker with 47 mm crumpets

  246. Why don’t you play the Foke Wulf 190D13 and Jagdpanther

  247. TAKE OUT ZE Neubaufahrzeug AND ZE Hs 129 B-2 THE FURHER COMMANDS YOU!

  248. Could you make a Combo with the Super Hellcat?
    I wonder if you can play with it cause in my opinion the armor is way to
    weak for it’s battlerating :D

  249. The maus and the me262 best Wonder weapon combo ever

  250. 12:05 phly, he killed your loader and the guy next to the driver just
    changed position.. do you know what angle you need to bounce off the gun
    into the driver’s head? #saf

  251. Patrick Western

    Mosquito FBVI and Archer!! Do it for Winston Hitler!!

  252. 10:20 phly busts a sick rhyme

  253. T54 po2

  254. Garth Tomlinson

    I don’t comment much but I would just like to say that was flipping epic!!

  255. Jonathon Hopkins

    German British Bias confirmed

  256. AniBunny (Antoine S.)

    i dont care the suggestions, i am just amazed by the 10kill streak with a
    bad gun on a tank 2.0 under the game br

  257. M2A2 xDD that and one of the stock biplanes lol

  258. Try the su122-54 and the mig-17

  259. M4A3E2 76 HVSS and the P-63 C-5 King Kobra! The Bunker and the Flaming Sky

  260. can we see a duo with the tetrach and the typhoon mk.Ib/L

  261. David “madindie” Dew

    Bloody awesome Phly!

  262. sunderland and cromwell

  263. Kv-2 zis 6 and Tu-4!

  264. Omfg that was me in the hell cat I can’t believe phly killed me this is the
    best day ever

  265. Tanawat Leelayouva

    Show me m48 plz i wana see gameplay of it

  266. IS-3 and PO-2 RB

  267. Challenge: One in the camber. Its really self explanatory but you are only
    allowed one shell or mag (for SPAA) yet you can only play tanks form rank
    1-2 and from any country. Good luck good sir

  268. Take out the Conqueror and the Hawker Hunter (with armor piercing rounds)
    in the name of the queen!

  269. Noob rushers-_-… but this thing looks cool- like a crocodile or sh..

  270. The Derp Combo : Sherman 105mm & B-25-J 75mm.

  271. I love the german Grey amd Yellow color scheme

  272. Brother Ptolemaios

    Ground to Air missile Custom Battle; ATGM tanks vs Bombers (4 engine only?
    large one tho)

  273. What a game Phly! Great job.

  274. Can we try some more light tanks? What about the m5a1 and p40. Both good at
    killing tanks from tier 1 to tier 3.Even higher if you have skill(phly)

  275. British Wellington Mk Ic Or Ic/L with the Valentine MkIX or MkXI stuggle
    For King and Country!!!

  276. Captain Dreadnought

    black prince and lancaster mk3, show them british fury

  277. Field_-_Marshal_-_Flintlock

    Play the T-10 and the Mig 17 plz

  278. Germany needs overpowered planes and tanks

  279. Oh Phly, how about a treat! Play the ZIS-30 and the Pe-2!

  280. phly you could have gin 10-0 if you hadn’t left your tank

  281. tier 2 got 10 kill in tier 4 game ?? british bias confirmed

  282. bernardobiritiki

    well then does anyone still think russian bias is a thing after watching
    this video?

  283. Epic game Steve

  284. Colin Lucabaugh

    T29 heavy and the P-61 black widow

  285. Can you do a vid on the t26-4 thanks?

  286. love this series, much better than the constant stream of dev server videos
    and hype videos. keep up the good content sir

  287. Vincent Ericsson

    I Do really appriciate your content, Thanks for making my day! :D

  288. that was the sickest comeback I’ve ever seen GG O7

  289. the 5.0 Sherman and the f 84 thunder jet gl

  290. WOO let’s get some T-26 and TU-4 combos up in here!

  291. If you REALLY wanted to be a spy, you would’ve put some decals over the
    iron cross :p

  292. CanadianNorthman

    legendary hold bro

  293. Barbas the Daedra


  294. More cross out

  295. Gun Toting Stylist

    Chieftain Mk 3 and Hawker Hunter F1 mate. Or, Arado 234C-3 + Maus Haus.

  296. For our Norwegian fans, fly out the Spitfire IX in Norway mission ( With
    Royal Norwegian Air Emblem ) Keep it awesome Phlydaily

  297. Panzer Optional

    Best combo would be Tetrarch and Hunter

  298. Grayden Ecklein

    Phly play the Jagdtiger with an ME 262 ground attack variant

  299. KV-2 and Pe-8, the KV-2 of the sky!

  300. F86 and the shareden

  301. Do the T-34-100 and TU-4 Russian bias combo

  302. Hey! I haven’t seen the first jet in the world yet…?

  303. Well… I haven’t been a sub for that long

  304. b-17 of your choice withe the m36

  305. second game he went mlg tryhard

  306. well I will soon be getting my first plane in WT so suck a dick phly, deal
    with my terrible teamwork and horrible flying

  307. The Marder III and the JU 87 G2 so you can Frankenstein your way into
    defeating the Russians!!!

  308. Riley Hardcastle

    Phly your intro music is seriously the best

  309. Blu EaglEye (Herwin)

    I feel you phly, some german teams just pushing out too far thinking they
    have an invincible armor they and kept getting rekt by avengers, comets and
    charioteers with APDS and 1000+ meters per sec. Muzzle velocity…yes im
    very salty about this.

  310. tempest gameplay doesn’t start until 23:25

  311. ¡¡¡Hitler troopsss have took the VODKA STORGE !!!!¡¡TAKE OUT THE MODER
    RUSSIA S GREATEST COUNTRY; BIG GUNS!!! ,those would be ¡¡ The ISU-152
    MODER-DERP CANNON!!! and ¡¡¡The PE-8 TACTICAL NUKE!!! or 4 mini
    nukes.Remember you have to doit !!For the VODKA!!, and for the OP russian
    bias VODKA powered YAK-3P

  312. T17E2 and Swordfish.

  313. Use tiger and b17

  314. vhy do ze germans rush? because of ze blitzkrieg obviously

  315. That Berlin Match was Incredible!

  316. “Sir there’s a hole in your tank,”
    “What tank sir?”
    Maus and Ho229

  317. top tier light tank of merica

  318. holy crap you popped the fuck off that game. congrats!

  319. Roger Miramontes

    phly plz play the t29

  320. Do any tank and a b-24 D model if you can

  321. SPION!

  322. AGA//Aussie Gaming AddIctions

    pls play out the da focker wolf a5/u2 and the tiger 2 (h)

  323. funny how the tank that is not even german and is up tiered it carries the
    whole german team lol

  324. How do you get the binoculars on top of your tank?

  325. The fat-ass attack – 75mm Sherman jumbo and the TBF Avenger.

  326. ATTEMPT #2 I want hellcat and hellcat back again.

  327. How about the Pz2H Tiny Tiger and the BF110? Show them the power of the
    Lightning War!

  328. uᴉʇɹɐW llɐɥsɹɐW

    Really liking this series Phly. RB GF is turning out to be easily the best
    mode IMHO. I wish they would add just 1 fricking Japanese tank then we can
    play this mode with them too. Come to think of it, same thing with a french
    and italian tanks 🙂 Rock on!

  329. uᴉʇɹɐW llɐɥsɹɐW

    T-50 and Hawker Chariton…both deeply satisfying and fun.

  330. Try to kill a single kill with the pz 2 C with 64mm pen with 4.0 BR ;D

  331. Worst TD in game- ISU 122, with IL 10 ;)

  332. SU 100Y

  333. The intro music always makes me cringe.

  334. Premium Pay to Win FTW.

  335. How much will the Wyvern cost?

  336. complaining about 60 ping?
    I have to play on a minimum of 220…

  337. 5:55 white rock fotress come on phly

  338. Tempest? lol

  339. loved your little wkyk tibbit

  340. pz II H / bf110, but… at a BR 5.0 game :)

  341. James Masacayan

    Is this games has a virus??

  342. Congrats Spy Daily! you earned a medal!
    | Spy sapping my tank!- get 10 kills in any tank without getting Killed in
    one game|

  343. Christian Lawson

    tiger 2 p

  344. CrimsoN Samurai

    Oi! Phly! Here’s a challenge:
    Play the A6M2 (American captured premium) with the Japanese V-103 camo in
    simulator and fool the enemy that you are one of them. Shoot them down when
    they least expect if for best reactions :)

  345. Now Churchill wil get br increase xD

  346. do the tiger II p and the ho22 [second attempt]

  347. Phily whats that song at 10 15?

  348. Never Gib up

  349. AchillesSpear22

    M4A3E2 76mm jumbo and AD2

  350. “That wasnt me calling him a bitch, I just really wanted him to die”

    I fucking love you phly.

  351. Cromwell I and the 2nd Typhoon

  352. More zerman tempest aczion plz.

  353. try my combo,its very good : the SMK & Pe-2,works for me

  354. russian rounds shrapnel is op

  355. Gia Bảo Trương

    M4A3 (76) W and P-51D

  356. schwerer saurus

    These new german tanks are starting to overpower us, hhhmmm, what to do,
    what to do… UH HUH!!! Put a 105 mm in a sherman!!! Oh, what to do with
    the 75 mm left over… Screw it put it in a b-25 play the derpy guns combo
    gl with new guns!

  357. Hey Phly`pls fly the FW 190 A8 and show them that even a truck can kill
    these Allies^^

  358. Is “versing” a word?

  359. And I just get salty when we have 5 fighters in the air and yet I get
    killed by a bomber, I’m like WTF you in a fighter bitch!

  360. pls pls pls do a video with the t1 Cunningham becous it`s my favorite tank

  361. I dont have a suggestion for you to play, im just gonna drop this here:
    what a fantastic game you had in this video! it was awesome to watch.

  362. when the update comes out: t29 and b-29. The american 29 combo!

  363. Eero sillanpää

    Vampire and Comet, a Finnish combo!

  364. how about, phly, play your favorite combo?

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