I’m Ashamed to Play this TANK!

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Source: QuickyBaby

In the -220-2 is completely broken at T5 destroys games to the point I’m ashamed to play it!


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download.


  1. The KV-220 isn’t actually op, it’s just different… Cause most other heavies have better turret than hull, so the first thing you learn is aim for the lower plate, or aim for the sides cause they are weak.
    This combined with it being a low tier where you meet more inexperienced players is why it feels op. It’s actually very easy to deal with a KV-220 in any other heavy once you know where to shoot it, due to his cannon being so shit.
    It’s not like TS-5 or 252u and some other tier 8s where even if you know how to deal with them it’s still hard cause their weak points are either tiny or non existent frontally.

  2. I consider myself a good player and this tank is very nice but its not overpowered… Without team support you, you will get shot from the sides and rear and easly get back to the garage.

  3. Let’s be honest, in tier 5 we have now more experienced players than noobs, and this particular tank was a part of loot boxes last year, so a bunch of players got it from there, and didn’t spend 50€ for it! 😉 I got it this way! Last year I bought 11 boxes and got SU-130PM and this one, and the year before, I bought only 3 boxes and I got E25! So I got those 2 tanks for 15€ both, and not for a 100€ price! 😉

  4. HOW play this game.. ? anymore ?? piu.. piu.. all ded in less than 4 min of a gameplay ?
    Try more grow up game like WOWS
    world of warships !

  5. Fair? hahahah…..

  6. As far as I remember I got mine for about 10 or 15 euros. I wouldn’t pay 50 euros for one tank in WoT.
    And when playing KV-220-2 I’m experiencing many players are using HE agains it and it is frequent target of artys (not surprised).
    But I was surprised how many KV-220-2 players I meet even do not know how to deal with other KV-220-2. I experienced many KV-220-2 players shotting gold at me and bouncing while I was destroying them with standard ammo. And to be honest, I have only 20 or 30 APCR loaded in my KV-220-2 just in case I meet tank I have no or little chance to pen with standard AP at given situation.

    And as it is frequent target, I do not use turbo as you, but rather Improved Hardening. And as someone in chat mentioned I rather expose whole tank as most players aim hull more often. If you hide hull, they have higher change to pen you as they are allowed to shot only weak turret.

  7. This video explains perfectly why I stopped playing this game. I love World of Tanks still today, thats why I watch almost all of your videos QickyBaby. I hope that someday u can reveal a video about some good game balances and maybe I can come back and play again.

  8. QuickyBaby really, you have chosen this tank to rant about? What about EBRs? What about OBJ 703vII without lower plate, oh it has lower?ok shoot it than. I like that you try to give WG some feedback in a safe and diplomatic way, just one serious question: Do you really think that they will ever slow down in making money the easiest possibly way? I think nae chance mate 🤨

  9. I strongly disagree. World isn´t fair so why this game should be? Also in reality there are better tanks and worse tanks.I enjoy to play OP tanks. Why not? It is also fun. Imagine that there will be only one vehichle inside the game? Will it be fun?

  10. Dont forget when wg try “nerf” kv1s on tier 5 with 122mm gun with 140mm pene 350dmg 8sec reload ….

  11. I got one in loot boxes, and I’m a 52% player but this tank got 30% wins for me….

  12. At 8:00 you bring up skins it does actually seem as though they are moving towards more cosmetics like with the halloween mode where it was win all of them by playing or pay to get them [plus commanders which do give an advantage BUT that is still more saving time than outright p2w]. I think this is good and i’m glad, and I guess T77 in lootboxes not being OP was great even if lootboxes themselves aren’t.

  13. It is sad to see World of Tanks becoming something made by EA. Pay to win, less and less skill is needed, just load gold.

  14. Yeah, this is OP until you catch a shell from a KV-2 and are reminded who’s the boss.

  15. I played a game with my KV-1
    And there’s 2 KV-220-2 on the enemy team
    But my heavy tank teammate is a Type-95 Heavy
    That was really frustrated

  16. Do I enjoy having Silver getting took away from me by some over powered reward tank,
    No I can’t say I enjoy seeing KV 220-2 take on half of the enemy team and I’ve dedicated to grief them so the enemy team will actually have a chance of winning aka ramming them so if they speak they won’t be able to go back, putting myself infront the tank so I just stop it anything to make that guys game living nightmare and idc if they spend there liver on the game no one should have these BS tanks

  17. so basically, its broken OP, game destroying, he knows it and still QB gold spams with it …… Another one to stack on the humongous pile of QB hypocrisy. Sellout!

  18. Glad you have the integrity to point out some of the shortfalls of “Waste of time”.

  19. Kv220, valiants ,Churchill’s etc. Keep your distance if ya can shoot em in the face. I got a pooles in another one of the op t5 prems the 5/4. Last 2 tanks a plat of 2 of these things wrecking my team. Drive around the long way grab a bush. Gg Touché

  20. Honest comment, like it…

  21. Wargaming Destroyer

    i came with that tank 3 times in tier 7.. so tf…But its rlly OP i have a video on my channel about the kv-220-2

  22. I dont see them often.. and it fells like it’s a main attraction . The goal is to kill it

  23. Almost sure i got this tank from some Christmas box, i never bought it but i have it, so must have been from a Box. Never played the tank.

  24. Yes, I agree. It is expensive to shoot at this tank and not reliable at all still. HEs may work some, but then it is even harder to hit it and I gues it can take a lot of hits before going down.

  25. KV220? Please. Show me what you can do against AT8 or OI with that. And there is even bigger evil – Lefh15 which is several times more broken and doesnt care if Its top tier od not.This tiers Are already dead and you can grind through pretty fast And cheap. So where is much more important rant about EBR105,Chief or 279?

  26. Титов Анатолий

    Lets be honest, this tank is strong only vs. unaware players. If this tank shoots you it shows you the turret with 80mm of effective armor. This is the case where knowledge plays crucial part. Those who learn will feed on this, who dont will be fed.

  27. Never played with the low crew with 32 games only what a cheater noob

  28. Completely disagree with most of the points.

    – it is not bad for the game. Gimmicky tanks make you think about your actions. Skill check, so to say. Stops people failing ut to tier 10 with positive winrate just because they play a good techtree tanks.

    – really, turret being weak is worse than you think.. it is where everywhere is going to shoot you anyways because it is the only part that you cant hide. Or do you think the AT 2 is OP too, then? It doesnt even have a turret!

    – you can abuse many, many more techtree tanks of this tier. I would say a decent T-34 or KV-1 is way more “broken” than a KV-220. Even considering tier 7 games. You cant really abuse this tank, you are just , basically, on a train, relying on bad players trying to shoot you over and over again. It is too slow, it cannot flank, cannot snipe, and cannot outdpm most of the other broken tanks. It als struggles in tier 6 games for this reason: it is forced to go into a given position in where it is inferior to any tier 6 tank.

    -kv-3 armor in tier 7 is not that impressive either.

    in short: it is not fun to play, and bad people are going to do bad in it. And good players know better to play other, way mroe broken tanks than this.

    edit: I forgot to mention the “bads dont know what to do against it” argument is true about many worse tanks. I heard many of tomatos being afraid of other, easily accessible tanks.

    Also, if this tank is broken, imagine how broken the Churchill 3 is then, it is a similar tank, people arent going to pen its front either so it having slightly weaker armor doesnt matter, and that tank has better pen better DPM and better accuracy than the 220.

    This video is just thinly veiled bragging. If you would be truly ashamed to play this tank then you would sell it , or at least pull it from the community poll.

  29. lol, I am a APCR gamer, all tanks with APCR shell would not using stupid AP shell.
    So when I am facing this KV-220 is cutting cheesecake, 90% penetrated by the stupid RNG hit huge track
    How come 150+mm APCR cannot penetrate 110mm plate?
    It is so easy to pen and kill this big soft cake.

  30. Its just a WG logic: lets change game physics, so it is no longer possible to circle heavy tanks doing 60km/h, lets make them light tanks slide. Then, lets release new wheeled vehicles, who dont slide doing 90km/h. OP tanks are good for WG in the short run. People spend money on buying them and gold (money) on killing them, that is obvious. Yet in the long run, it is not economically viable I think. It starts to show up now, after some time they started releasing things like Patriot, Defender, LT 432, etc.. Just look at how many people left the game since then… The numbers of active players are going down with each new update, dont they? As QB said.. its just another chip to add to others.

  31. I am pretty sure NA has more EU Gold shell user
    IF you play this tank in NA, it is just like regular tie 5, easy pen easy kill
    Many gold noobs or gold user will kill you useless RNG is on your side.

  32. I have a KV-220-2 – don’t remember paying the amount you mentioned. I have practically moved away from the game as it is no longer as much fun as it used to be – introduction of wheeled vehicles for example. Still, a lot invested, so free to play on occasion, or something nice from Twitch. Just checked played one game and won. But I have never been much of a heavy player so not suprised. Will have to have a look at the crew I guess.

  33. You keep saying people got this tank for 50 euros
    I got this for about 15-20 euros when it was last for sale🤔

  34. When u see this pay to win Kv tank, U are thinking why wargame removed WTF E-100…

  35. Play warthunder #1

  36. i agree with the unbalanced games for new players, what i think wg can do without removing these op low tiers is by making it easier to grind the low tiers, about 5 years ago when i had started watching your(qb’s) videos, you influenced me to get the game, before that i was young and didnt have my own laptop/gaming devices because how well my parents kept them away from me, when i had got my first laptop of my own it was the first time i have downloaded a multiplayer game, and it was world of tanks, but playing the game, all i really wanted was the tier 7 tiger i, which i have never reached even until i had deleted the game, this is imo because for people that are at school really they dont have the time to play any more than 4 rounds a day, for me i only played around 1/2 games each day back then, and for over 3 whole years i have been playing the game i had played over 1.6k games, and all i have achieved was three tier 6’s, the vk 30.01p, kv2 and the t150, which the vk and t150 were both left stock, to me at that time, it was too hard to get the credits even even 75% crew, so there was no fun nor entertainment at all playing those tanks which you would get rekt by a lower tier if they knew what they were doing, it took long even to grind for a tier 5. and almost 2 years ago i had got my eyes on the blitz version of world of tnaks, which had a only 7 minute round, 7 tanks on each team, i didnt mind it at first because its graphics were bad, but later after i had lost all my entertainment at low tiers in world of tanks pc and deleted it, i went on and downloaded the blitz version abit later for how i missed the gameplay, and for the 20 months i have been playing until now, i have 4k games played and over 60% wr without paying anything as i am a complete free to play player, i have achieved the the maus, is4, is7, vk72 and e100, t62A, any of these 5 tanks are what i have never dreamed to reach in world of tanks pc, i have played about 90% of tier 6 tech tree tanks and all the tier 5s, almost 50% of the tier 7s and 30% of tier 8, i remembered almost all the tanks below t9 and how to deal with them, dirty ways to deal with well armored tanks and where i can pen high explosive on certain tanks, and about 2 months ago i decided to get world of tanks pc again to have a fresh start as i thought i will no longer struggle with crew and ammunition, but i was shocked from how long it took to grind, i first went for the tiger i line, which was my dream back then, planning to reach it in 2 months at max spamming all the boosters when most useful. when i got the game, it gave out some low tier premium tanks, which two was kind of fun, i then found out that alot of the old low iter tech tree tanks had been put in to collectors, at first the stock tier 4 was ok, it was workable without too much issues, eccept getting one shotted oftenly out of nowhere, i then reached tier 5, where i found how long, the grind for the top modules are compared to blitz, so i dealt with that, and by the end of the first month i reached the tier 6 vk 36, it took long because alot of times i ran out of credits for maxing out the tank for more xp, but as i started grinding the tier 6 everything felt much easier than the tier 5 grind for some reason similarly it was a easy grind like the t4 but just it took way longer, but i had to pay for less modules, which i liked better than the t4 grind, but its armor is not what would be called a heavy in blitz, hull is only 110mm at max when at best angle and the turrent is easily penetrated if shot at the right spot(only 100mm), on today i have almost fully upgraded the t6, and about to start on tiger i, in the blitz version i have tested on an alt that i am easily able to get tiger i maxed out with boosters and no credit problems in one month, there is a significant difference in the difficulty of grinding low tiers between the two versions of world of tanks, and for me, i have almost gave up on the t5 grind in world of tanks pc because it was plain boring to play these tanks. I have spent like an hour typing this so hopefully someone will read it :p it is 99% true of my story on the both versions of world of tanks, time might be abit different since i cannot exactly remember. regards 😀

  37. Eric van der Sommen

    It seems a little bit hypocritical to criticize the use of such OP vehicles if you consider that if you are a player that doesn’t want to pay money, will automatically fight against opponents in the same tanks because they have been able to buy and install premiums like turbo, gun rammers, premium consumables, gold ammo,….. So QB, if you think playing such a vehicle is filthy while at the same time spamming gold and installing these premium items, you merely showing that WG is feeding players with the filth they desire.
    And frankly; I think that the new rules about transferring equipment are more damaging for a level playing field than these unicum tanks.

  38. I think W.O.T. should start a new game mode for seal clubbing bots so players can get their frustrations out of their system. Sometimes I want to club bots with my KV-220-2 or my tier 3 Pz. IIJ on the S.A. server, but I get sick of it after only a couple of games as the challenge is lost, and you’re right – I feel guilty. I would much rather have my shell go where I shoot it and be rewarded for good play and aiming/timing/moving. It has become way too frustrating when you know your shots are all going to go wild, miss or bounce because the algorithm has decided the other team is going to win. It would give me a feeling of having control of my own performance, whereas now I feel the outcome is like shooting craps.

  39. Michael LaBossiere

    Welcome to capitalism, comrade Quicky.

    But, seriously, you are presenting a solid criticism of how current capitalism works using WoT as an amazing analogy.

  40. I don’t remember KV-220 being as OP as you say, there are more than a few guns able to pen its turret with standard AP and it was easily outflanked / outmaneuvered. Back when I was still playing WoT the 220 wasn’t even on my list of favorite mid tiers trolling vehicles (in tier V specifically my favorites were the LeFH arty, the T67 and occasionally the O-I Exp).

  41. I have it 220-T and I absolutely love it lmao but I only play it rarely and limit the use of APCR

  42. 2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

  43. It’s a normal tank. If the playerbase was not brainwashed to think that play some tiers is “bad” or “shameful” or whatever the bullshit they are listening to, and we could have more skilled players across all tiers we would find out how many tanks aren’t “so good” or “so bad” as everyone is saying. Another misleading video from our quickyquack.

  44. Brick Fox Productions

    Fair points.

  45. alexander hennessy

    can you do another SU-122-44 at some point please

  46. 2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  47. how can i complete my arty missons? i hava s51 and i need 1500 support damage, teams sucks everytime and its so fucking boring to play im waiting 40 seconds finishing the game in the 3 and everytime loss, they dont even shoot the tanks i shocked or i deal damage they just fucking sit and wait, is there easier tank to komplete this shitty forcing missions?

  48. Thanks for the info QB. I received one of these in my Christmas boxes and it has languished in my garage. I will be taking this out more now.

  49. I used to feel this awesome in my t14 before they nerfed it’s armor into the ground

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