I’m BACK! (War Thunder Gameplay)

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Gameplay – , Queen of the Desert. After a brief time away, I’m back!

Thanks for watching,


  1. So after a little bit of time away working on some secret projects, I’m back in War Thunder. What vehicle should we take out next? BRIGADE….where you at!?

  2. H E T Z E R

  3. Thorbjørn Ragnar

    DUUUUUDE you re shooting heat ! xDDD

  4. The Duke of Norton

    My grandfather drove these in North Africa.

  5. I’m back baby

  6. Panzer Vor!!

  7. potato bary came back boys!!

  8. #bringmenofwarmondaysback

  9. play di french tank amx 50 100

  10. That tiger with the turret jam was done by one of 3 Churchill tanks

  11. Gr8 video as usual 🙂
    hey I have an idea, what if they would implement smokescreen artillery so you could choose between smoke and high explosive.
    What would you guys think about that? Or they could buff it because I think it’s pretty useless as it is

  12. yay baron & slick o7 love to see you play together.

    PD: play the tortoise ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    ya back

  14. Remember when war thunder had planes? It’s hard because there’s been 1 video in them in the last year. lol.

  15. Let’s do some japs how about the A6M5

  16. you played the 3 inch gun you said it was the best

  17. Hey baron can you play the f-84 cause I got it and I haven’t kill anything jet

  18. Love the St. Gloriana thumb 🙂 Panther D is my favorite tank ever, and literally no-one shows it the love it needs. Give it a shot!

  19. Wow they got in a game with the tblf people lol

  20. I think the gun that jammed the tiger turret was a six pounder.

  21. fav german ww2 pilot adolf galand

  22. Lmao Baron confirmed for weeb

    Panzer vor! o7

  23. Try getting back with WoWs please >_<

  24. holy shit I was there

  25. you can use smoke grades like this tank seen first if it has those side tubes those are smoke grenade launchers

  26. Lone survivalist314

    Just imagine if they had ever angled that frontal plate at like 40 degrees even…

  27. Baron take the sturmpanzer II into top tier battles and get 3 to 5 kills

  28. Matildas never really faced Tigers as far as I know? Possibly in Tunisia but nthey were hardly front line tanks by then.

  29. or more

  30. baron I cant find the control that allows you to look around while not moving you turret. little help?

  31. play HE 100 D 1

  32. If the Matilda is the Queen of the Desert then does that make the KV-1 the King of the Tundra?

  33. DeRandomPlayer // DeRP

    BT-7 kill 3 tanks but you have to keep moving (no stopping)

  34. Fuck matilda shitty little shemale tank.

  35. Mark of the Ghost

    Matilda served me well. I once was confronted with a panzer III f. i already used 1 of my fire extinguishers and was critically injured. The panzer III was trying to penetrate my armour, but he couldn’t. I finally repaired after 45 seconds and killed him. I went on to destroy 10 more tanks that game. I have a request for varon to play. can you please play the comet and challenger?

  36. Hey Baron, can you get Bee to clarify the name of his favourite historical pilot (@1:05ish)? Google isnt helping. I took WT up as a means to play up my favourite history subject – ww2 – and am always on the lookout for more additions to the library. Fair winds to ye

  37. 6pdr shell from at guns jammed the turret ring and the crew panicked to escape and left it intact

  38. Attempt#3 Battlefield 1 warthunder challenge: maintain air superiority in tank rb with biplanes or P 26s only. Guys up vote it. I think its fresh.

  39. He went and said it now he gotta olay it. I’m calling for Baron to play the 3 inch gun carrier

  40. “I’m back”
    “I play pokemon go E-VE-RY-DAY!”

  41. The shell was from a churchill’s 75mm. Hit the barrel then richochet into bottom edge of the mantlet and into the turret ring.

  42. Take out the Sturmpanzer in a tier 4 battle or do the STRV 81 and Wyvern combo in realistic.

  43. RBT-7 or the new Russian Matilda mkII make Putin great again.

  44. Too lewd, Baron… Too lewd

    It’s okay though, I still love you

  45. Alexei Maresyev was a I-16 pilot that lost both his legs when he got shot down. so naturally he recovered and continued fighting with no legs. can’t think of a more badass pilot then that.

  46. Welcome back dude!

  47. … I honestly never noticed you were gone.

  48. Have you seen Steel Divisions: Normandy 44 yet? It’s pretty boss

  49. St. Gloriana Gaming Academy

    lovely thumbnail

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