I’M BACK! With the worst COMBO EVER? (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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I’M BACK! With worst COMBO EVER? ( Gameplay)


  1. UFO Combo 1-15, BT-7

  2. Do the nashorn and fw190 with rockets pls attempt #60.00009

  3. hey phly you should host a custom battle where planes become tanks no one
    can take off they can only taxi around and use there machine guns fighters
    are light tanks bombers are heavy tanks

  4. derp guns combo hs 129b-3 and brummbar

  5. attempt #2 phly take out a tank that you have made a fails video on= the
    centurion mk10 and a British plane of your choice for that battle rating

  6. do the sneaky breeky combo: zis 30 and tu 4

  7. How dare you not make videos for four days???!!! Your sole purpose for
    existing is to make videos for my amusement! So dance monkey!!!

  8. Happy new year phly

  9. I miss you Phly (:

    Welcome back to de world of War Tunder

  10. King Cobra and BF-109 F4 (US CAPTURE) attempt #6

  11. Land any plane equipped with a 75mm cannon on the ground and destroy a
    tank. Bonus points if you do it with the ME with the 50mm in the nose

    Has to be a tank(not spaa unless it’s the flak 88) and in tank RB in any

    Yep I’m back with that challenge it is technically attempt 21.

  12. Learman at War thunder

    T-54-1947 and LA-15 attempt one

  13. Or the American spy combo British Sherman 11 and the British f6f5 hellcat
    spy hard on those bloody brits!!

  14. Attempt #2 use any plane you want and always have some sort of flaps down
    and if they rip off you have to retry the challenge. Good luck my friend.
    Happy raging!

  15. bf109f2 and the bf109f1

  16. Phly today is my bday

  17. i had a happy robonica

  18. The I’m Braindead and Cancerous Combo (attempt 1)
    Zsu 57 2 (first spawn)
    IT 1 (second or last spawn)
    Tu. 4 (second or last spawn) w/ 8×1500
    Phly, go out there and ruin the top tier scene for all the people with

  19. Eggs Just Eggs Really Jyst Eggs

    Attempt#2 flakpanzer 1

  20. is the ho 229 v3 a bomber because you have like 5 do 17’s to get past to
    get it.

  21. yes i missed your awesome content

  22. M22 & PBYThe troll tank, and have fun trying to get a kill in that plane.

  23. Heavy weight American combo: M36 Jackson and the B17G.

  24. Man the rage at the end

  25. PhlyDaily what about the heavy combo t-29 Heavy tank and the b-29 heavy

  26. Challenge: cover or change the markings on a captured tank like the german
    churchill or something and be a spy.

  27. :O that combo WON!?!?!?!?!

  28. Phly try to kill a plane with artillery

  29. Death to the Thomas combos!

  30. Hey Phly do the GREAT RUSSIAN NAVEL BIAS with the SU-100Y and the PE-4 with
    the max load!

  31. For Hans Gruber! The Panther II and the Me 262 NARWHAL!!

  32. Destroyer of worlds COMB0

    KV-2 and PE-8


    T95 superheavy + B-29

    FV4005 + Jet bomber of your choice



    KV-2 , SU-100Y and The IL-28
    “try to fight me Imperialist scum!”

  33. You make me want to play that sucky tank again :(

  34. can you fly the hurricane Mk 4 with 40 mils please.

  35. My birthday is December 27

  36. My birthday is also the 26th of December, that’s so cool Phly

  37. happy birthday man

  38. Happy new year phly

  39. Phly,heres your challenge.
    Trustful German engineering
    Panther ausf D*
    Tiger E* (its a must, bringing you go to BR6.0)
    Tiger H1*
    to trust the German engineering)
    And try to kill 10 tanks.

  40. Happy late birthday

  41. Hey CHALLANGE TIME BT5 need to kill 4 leo’s in one battle :D

  42. #1 Phly take the obsolete combo the T-44-85 and the yak 9U

  43. I like you as a friend

  44. How do you use the binocluros in tanks??

  45. A different day, same old boring gameplay :-(

  46. PhlyDaily – the guy who turns “shitty combos” into WMDs lol…
    Actually seeing machine guns as an effective main armament gets me pumped
    for the Bradley to be added soon:3

  47. can you do pz 2 c and he 51 a1

  48. You must give us back the top plays man…

  49. Aaaaaah the M2A2… Missed the little guy. I had killed one A.I. M2A2 with
    the freaking gaz 4M by shooting the back like a madman and lighting him on

    P.s. No problem if A.I. but bonus points if player.

  50. Play the ultimate Soviet combo (attempt #3):
    I-153 m62 (reg or zhukovsky) with rockets and 72-K GAZ MM. Bring the pain
    to the capitalists.

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