I’m Invincible. My Best Game – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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Tanks Gameplay – !

Thanks for watching,


  1. Is it better to be lucky, or to be skilled?

  2. i remember my first time on warthunder this happened but i was playing aircraft i got 14 kills and i was like is this normal xD

  3. happy Sunday


  5. 5:53 You could say he is “On fire”. 🙂

  6. The other day I had a great match in the M4 I one shot every enemy and bounced a ton of damaged was great best game I have ever had in the tank 😀

  7. why did you not make the vid 1 second longer D: Sick game tho!

  8. Happy Sunday, Baron! I always feel like it’s a holiday 😛

  9. The games utter shite

  10. 666 likes??

  11. Nvm now 669

  12. Challenge play war Thunder realistic battle planes and tanks in ps4.

  13. i was in a reserve match playing as the germans and got killed by a hunter

  14. I think my best match was 18 kills with T34-100 T44-122 and IS2.

  15. God i hate russian tanks specially while im playing SHERMAN

  16. Can you go over the new American heavy tank

  17. the m4 series qas never at the wrong BR.
    the BR changes have put the shermans in a seal clubber position

  18. Baron Von Hax

  19. m y best tank was in soviet gun tractor ZIS-30 ,6 kills no deaths and a long range pilot snipe then a month later i learned about war thunder show and lost the replay :l and i cryed in my head

  20. Canada utilized the Firefly to it greatest potential.

  21. i never get this lucky.. the jumbo is pure trash right now.

  22. American Bias.

  23. use the 76mm m4a1

  24. French D1 vs panzer 4 panzer wins

  25. what tank is this

  26. are you going to play war thunder with phly

  27. TBE CLAN bikerider_1

    my first video

  28. The M4 is honestly a highly underrated tank. It’s definitely a solid competitor at it’s BR.

  29. skilled Baron skilled

  30. Woah, 1337 af video lol

  31. hey barron are u near Daytona and did u go this weekend

  32. You know that there will be the update 1.67 with the m14 heavy tank that will reak all the lower tier tanks.

  33. if u have u can show us t-44 122

  34. My best round : 19 kills, 4 Plane kills


  36. total war rome/rome2/attila/warhammer

    Baron please do bv 238 vs lots of biplanes

  37. This game trys to make shitty murican tanks better than what they really were in real life. murican tanks were a joke to the germans 100% in WW2 baron cant handle the truth its so funny

  38. more blackwake?? 😀

  39. its a howitzer xDDDDD cant even pen by ballzack

  40. Coming up to 400k! Watching this channel grow from 20k has been awesome. You sir know how to make some good content. Keep it up, and see you on the battlefield!

  41. American Bias Confirmed!

  42. Baron give me some tips how to kill tanks as a beginner

  43. skills to pay the bills.

  44. Emil & Isak Karlsson

    it’s amazing how he’s almost at 400k and still being soooo bad at the game

  45. James bond goldeye: im invincible

  46. love my black cat and jumbo

  47. how do you record war thunder?

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