I’M INVINCIBLE!? T29 is Stronk (War Thunder Gameplay)

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War Thunder 1.59 T29 is INVICIBLE!

Thanks for watching!


  1. “I’m Invincible!” – Boris Grishenko!

    What tanks or planes should I take out next?

  2. Boudijn van es (lucky luck)

    why did you reupload the vid? and whats your intro song?

  3. “I’M FUCKING INVINCIBLE!” Sundowner

  4. Love U man!!

  5. nice intro song

  6. distinct olive (TK-526)

    Fly the HS-123

  7. I was in a m4a1 and a i kinda got shot by a tiger e and no damage

  8. war thunder logic brea

  9. SOOO is it worth it?

  10. HERRO!

  11. Dear Barron, can you make a video about the certain things( engine,
    radiator, tracks, etc) and crew in a tank, and what happens when you shoot
    them. I’ve been playing for a while, but am still curious as to what I
    should aim for and why. Anyway, BADASS GAMEPLAY LIIIIIIIKE ALWAYS!!!! :D

  12. This tank looks like it has a tumor lol.

  13. This tank does need to have a BR increase, better armour and gun than the
    M46, same BR? Worse mobility yes but not bad enough to offset the gun and
    turret armour

  14. Just “DatNLguy” on YT

    I played in a T-60 or a T-70 and everything bounced of the armour!
    I even managed to kill a Sherman with the little cannon on the T-60!

  15. +BaronVonGamez a day that it happened to me was on the same map in the
    beginning and I got 11 tk in a kv1 zis 5

  16. yes up said down

  17. Baron I have some pictures for Men of War.
    How can I show theme to you?

  18. Joaquin Hernandez

    T29 tiger heavy tank nice : )

  19. +BaronVonGamez tank kills not team kills

  20. Baron, Baron can you try company of heroes 2?

  21. Had a game in AB in the Centurion Mk3, we were getting spawncamped. As I
    spawned in my Centurion I went on a bit of a rampage, killing T10s, Maus,
    E100 and such until I ended up with 8 kills or so I believe.. was a good
    day. (Have it on my channel)

  22. Great video Baron, play the premium Tiger ll (H) next.

  23. i always cover that ass ;)

  24. I like the farting noise intro. all jk aside i really do like it

  25. su100y cant be killed :}

  26. “Your wish is my balls” 13:50

  27. Just got that one lucky invincible game today
    Fighting the last F 82 while flying the yak 9p at 700m under heavy AAA fire
    from his base and the ship around it
    still come out alive and victorious

  28. The gaming Crewe

    I got 10 kills in the cobra king

  29. The gaming Crewe

    10 kills in the cobra king

  30. i was in a Tiger 1H and was in the centre of the map and was put on one man
    army gunner. they kept hitting my chassis and i survived the whole game
    picking up an ace

  31. I had a Panzer IV-H and killed everything. I even shot down a plane with my
    75. For some reason nothing would penetrate and i had only one crewmember
    dead when the game ended.

  32. Złodziej Roweru Gońciarza

    That bass in the intro

  33. t 34

  34. E96x - наблюдение

    “what de fuck”

  35. Say Baron, I was the Jagdpanther that spawn camped you in your STRV on
    Tunisia earlier :3

  36. intro music anyone?

  37. I survived like 5 tanks in my M10

  38. Akaliptos O Megalos

    I had this kinda game today with a Tiger H1

  39. @BaronVonGamez Yesterday night, I went into a RB match in a B-17G and the
    map was [Operation] Ruhr. The enemy team had to Yak-15s. So after bombing
    the enemy airfield with 2×2000 lbs bombs, I was returning to base so I can
    re-arm and get repaired. On the way back to base, the Yak-15s came and
    intercepted me and had not wasted a single shot yet. The Yak-15’s armed
    with 8×23 mm cannons per Yak-15 with 120 rounds per cannon made it a total
    of 1,920 rounds. The Yak’s did strafing runs and unloaded all their cannon
    ammunition. I was absorbing all the rounds and my fellow B-29 bomber was
    seeing the entire action. So after unleashing all their rounds and not
    being able to kill me, one of them decided to kamikaze me.

  40. What is the intro music?

  41. Hudson’s a dick

  42. love the intro

  43. godzilla691138MW3

    This tank is an absolute monster. I’ve been killing tons of enemies with
    it. I really do love it. Just got to be careful because of it not having
    the best armor and how the gun mantle isn’t correct and needs to be fixed.

  44. I was using a flakpanzer 1 and I got 10 tank kills an 1 plane kill first
    time using it.

  45. The first time a had a game where I just couldn’t die, I was a Cromwell 3.7
    BR. I died in my Sherman VC countless times, but as soon as I hopped in my
    Cromwell I got shot by 5 tigers and only 1 penned, and it only took out my
    bow gunner and driver

  46. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    stop playing rb. it’s boring

    i won’t subscribe yet.

  47. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    Baron your intros are sounding like Wshh intro

  48. russian bia…. oh wait its american, everything fine

  49. WOuuuh SlicBee !!!

  50. I was sitting on top of a hill and was being hailed by fire and I was using
    the AAV-1 and latterly I was taking round after round and just would not

  51. “what was I driving?” ….T-35 xaxaxa))))

  52. Too bad the T29 was only a prototype it would have destroyed Nazis

  53. Si this tank russian

  54. I was driving a crusader mk III and I was against all Russian team. I got
    shot but never blew up, never got set on fire or got my crew killed.

  55. baron i forgot how fun arcade is, its so easy to grind now 😀
    love the video, its your voice

  56. why don’t you play with phly anymore. please stop avoiding the question.

  57. broken barrel: 18sec
    broken barrel + breach: 20sec

  58. Did you know literally doesn’t even mean litterally anymore

  59. lucien Ekkendonk

    nice intro

  60. hi baron

  61. I am INVINCIBLE Tiger 2 Nevre die

  62. Baron, can I send you a video of me in a T29 going on a 12 kill murder

  63. How about that bonus clip at the end though 😉
    #BaronVonSalt #bestteammate2016

  64. Try out the new boat

  65. That moment when you’re driving a zis-30 in arcade and no one cares about
    you, while you’re out in the open and everyone can see you and shoot you 😀
    and you kill every tank that goes in front of you :DD

  66. Hi Baron, what is the intro song ?

  67. is this a skin you can buy with eagles or is it one you can download if so
    does anyone have a link to it?

  68. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  69. Does the T29 in this game have a 90mm gun or a 105mm?

  70. Dude I love the t29 in wot

  71. can you play out the fw 190 a1 or a4???

  72. What’s that song in the intro? Baron never credits any of the music he uses

  73. I’ve had so many games were I could not die in the StuH 42, Dicker Max,
    StuG III A, and the M6A1 Heavy Tank.

  74. BlueRosse Gaming

    that was insane and yes mate we all have this tipe of game

  75. Baron, from rating of 1 Shashlik to 10 dried out Shashliks, how stronk is

  76. Once kv1 shot me 7 times and in the end i killed him the tank i was in
    ………. M18 HELLCAT can you believe it i was lmao

  77. THATS NOT A T29!!!!!!! IT has no EARS!!!!!!

  78. I once was in the Sherman jumbo…had 2 kv-2 3 85s 2 tigers 1 57 and 3 arty
    strikes on me before and note that was in arcade cause I felt like it. they
    gave up on me I mean really they just stopped shooting me. I took out 6
    tanks then won in first place aced with 2 crew. Sherman is no op enough.


  80. i had that in a kv1 l11 i was just standing on the point taking al the
    damage like a boss and i got victory for my team evry time and i had no
    cover or allies.

  81. that strange guy over there

    pls what is that intro song?

  82. is the turret not tough on that tank? You seemed to be taking a metric fuck
    ton of damage through the gun mantlet…

  83. T-29 gameplay! (gone sexual!) (almost died!) (goes wrong!)

  84. Falloutvacuum Ww2 xD

    I was in the m6 and I got 12 kills in it kapping and ran out of ammo and
    since I kapped I got more ammo and keep destroying till the end of the game
    and last second a hellcat got me

  85. TheScheisseGeist

    I can’t believe it’s not Russian

  86. One of the best WT games ever m8!!!

  87. BIG TANK

  88. Modern chaos maker

    I got 11 kills on M3 lee in Poland then i died

  89. i drove pz IV F2 and got 15 kills with 1 deaths

  90. Is anyone else already sick of into music or is it just me?

  91. Is it worth to buy a T29?

  92. Happened to me while driving my Panther A in arcade, results : 17 kill, 12
    assists and 4 point captured

  93. the new intro sucks

  94. It’s 4chan .org

  95. Baron, you should play Hearts of Iron IV! Beat the Soviets as Italy or
    something crazy like that.

  96. Man you didn’t see so many enemies in this video, when he was pointing them
    out to you, the panther MOVING while capturing the a point, then the
    panther to your left, you saw him in the minimap before you moved forward
    and shot you in the side.
    And that’s just halfway the video, are you doing this on purpose to be

  97. *inserts h3h3 gone sexual exe*

  98. f “Tier Z” vD

    I’M INVINCIBLE!? T69 is Sexual (War Thunder Gameplay)

  99. how feel with the tank I love that from world of tamos

  100. That tiny halftrack that’s small with the French gun and it’s like tier one

  101. Did someone knows the name of the intro song

  102. heh i had batt;es back in the day when the t34-100 was 6.3
    i went battle after battle with more than 10 or 15 kills per game

  103. TheRacingGamer321

    whats that intro music?

  104. Killed 10 with no deaths in sim with tiger H1

  105. I was in an M4 Sherman in the I got 40 kills in one game

  106. riku oskari haataja

    i liked the old intro better…

  107. Tiger e

  108. Lauren Beaty (TAZ)

    dude I aways have those games

  109. Lauren Beaty (TAZ)

    in the m18

  110. lukcy noobs….:-)
    BTW: use MAP !!!!! plz…..

  111. What’s that song in the intro? Baron never credits any of the music he uses

  112. I’m not going to lie, I would have team-killed that guy in the bonus clip,
    and been damned happy about it.

  113. Captain Dreadnought

    thats the problem with games like war thunder and WOT, because they’re team
    based everything goes to shit when you’re on your own

  114. what’s the name of intro song, it’s soo good

  115. Alexandar Vasiljevic

    I drove a Sherman hahahahahahaha XDDD

  116. I had that feeling in the M551! a Leo shot me twice and I didn’t die lol
    idk how the fuck that happened but I ended up getting 6 kills and never
    died on Normandy lol greatest match I’ve ever had ?

  117. pz. 4 f2 on poland 20 tank kills total 5 from the air and 8 air kills all
    in one life

    its an adrenalin rush to the max when you get pretty much every award

  118. Dat intro though.

  119. Gaming Hour with Anthony

    that’s me in the Hurricane Mk IIb, I’m too stronk in that plane

  120. t29… penned by EVERYTHING

  121. No… it’s suppose to be (Gone Sexual) lol

  122. was invincible in M10 GMC

  123. I actually hate your new intro, sorry Baron, it just doesn’t fit your type
    of content you know :(

  124. I was in a KV-1 and the enemy couldn’t get the shoot !!!

  125. Once upon a time I bounced 5 direct hits of an T34-85 I’m my Panzer IV H

  126. Sigurd Kristvik (Linktwo)

    I managed to go two game without dying in Tier 1… well my opponent were
    newer players than me.
    I think I used an M2A4 and just drove to the capture and dodged shells and
    The machine gun and the main gun can panic unexperience players.

  127. dulpartchment18 tiger

    I was driving a panzer 3f and died 6 min later

  128. I had one of these games in my SMK. got down tiered and was one shotting
    everything i looked at.

  129. Baron what is that skin called?

  130. cheeseontoast 51

    Tbh Baron I would have tk’d the guy in the bonus clip

  131. Does any one like the Super Pershing, do the Super Pershing or the M-60.

  132. Bob The Builder Dupstep

    this is cancer

  133. Lol reminds me of my second ever game in the kv-1

  134. I had a game yesterday in the LVT where I got 8 kills and didn’t take a
    hit. I have no idea how that happened.

  135. Pffft…
    BaronVonHax is more like it…
    No such thing, as too much fun.

  136. You and Slick are such dickheads when you play together. I love it. Don’t

  137. Blackwater Lucas

    i had an match on Eastern Europa in the Tiger H and we where 3 man squad.
    End of the round I got 9kills another one 7 And the last one 6 :D

  138. You guys are hilarious in this one. :)

  139. talk about best games m-18 16-0 on ash river on my ps4

  140. Are you gonna do another T95 video with the new T13 APBC shells?

  141. T-50 got 16 kills annoying enemy Sherman 105s and stugs etc

  142. Lol, on slick bee channel 

  143. I drove t34 got 16 kills 0 deaths no matter what I did I just get more
    kills even rushing Germans in the face lol

  144. t29 = tier 4 kv1

  145. I had that game before a tiger II (H) sla.16 and went 19-0 on carpathians

  146. You survived because this Panther Gun deals as much explosion damage like a
    snow ball.

  147. Slick is the best, Im not even joking, makes me laugh so much!

  148. that panther’s turret is most probably got fucked up… or maybe its the
    panther D which have a slow-ass turet ones.

  149. Intro song?

  150. I had one game where I was in a light tank and I recked the other team. it
    was……..funny to say the least.

  151. Are you guys are teenagers?

  152. I was in the first game in this video. Strepsi_WT, finally crossed paths
    with Baron and Slick after three years of playing WT haha!

  153. Lovin that intro

  154. the week i got the game i was in a stug 3 f. went into the game ap loaded
    matilda comes out and knocks out the gunner in my tank and tracks me.
    gunner comes back up and i nail him. then three people sitting on a hill
    are being fired at by artillery and i shoot at them and i hit artillery mid
    air get credit for all three guys. then i kill 4 m4a2 before im finally

  155. What if the Grille 15 German TD was added to War Thunder? I think that
    would be awesome, with it’s long shlong.

  156. Holland Bakowsky

    Best game: bounced 3 IS-2 rounds in an M-18
    Worst game: Wirbel Wind on my team killed me in one shot to the engine in a

  157. T-34-85, first 5 minutes, down to 2 crew members, after that, I became
    invincible))) And I murdered the whole enemy team by flanking and spanking
    dat booty

  158. MLG Pro War Thunder, Great Video!

  159. Baron, what’s the name of your intro music?

  160. Baron was Mailman from Hot Shots! in this battle…

  161. used the sherman jumbo and literally hold the entire team of german and
    russian tanks, i got i few kills but in ran out of rounds but still not
    dead we won the match because they were to pre-occupied with me than notice
    my team had flank them. But the most funniest thing was me and my team was
    laughing like made men because of what the enemy team were typing in chat.

  162. That’s your intro music now? ?

  163. 8 KILLSTREAK IN T-50. I killed a fucking sherman head on… he could not

  164. why your is your game commentary so boring bro?

  165. america gets another tank that if used correctly can kill tanks = american
    this game is so broken

  166. Baron you sound like peter griffin in the first few seconds

  167. ATGM vs aircraft. You know this has to be done.

  168. I was driving a Pz.IV H on that castle map. Held down the castle for the
    entire game. Killed 3 Tigers, a panther, an IS1 and like 2 or 3 other
    tanks…was redonk. People using those APCR rounds or whatev, they go right
    through tanks but they don’t do as much damage as ballistic cap rounds
    (default rounds)

  169. I would have shot that guy, or pushed him out of cover and used him as a
    meat shield.

  170. im sad to see my fav tank a premium tank. it feels like every tank that
    comes out is premium its ridiculous.

  171. The Flying Führer

    All thanks to that grade A freedomsteel.

  172. why don’t you play world of warships anymore? Why don’t you play with Phly
    anymore? :(

  173. DW2 WOT

  174. Was raking out the Hetzer (Hetzer’s gotta Hetz) and for some reason my team
    wouldn’t push up. So I come driving by at 10mph (this was at CC gear 2) and
    drove past them like it was nothing. Then started taking shots from a KV-1
    and a T-34-76. Only thing they wanted to do was blow my tracks off. Until
    the T-34 got the idea to start shooting for my transmission. Eventually he
    did kill me, but not before I got his KV-1 friend that was with him.

  175. aaron walsh (epiclolz9)

    I was flying a He-112 A0 and I wiped the enemy team and nobody on my team
    got a kill. I literally robbed my teammates.

  176. I was driving a Panzer 2 H (The Little Premium tier 1 tank) and in custom
    battles i tooken out A Tiger H1and A Panther Even after being shot twice!
    then i died by a Light American tank

  177. What’s the song you used for your intro?

  178. I was solo capping A on Stalingrad in my valentine mk7. I got two kills,
    and was a bit scared. Out of nowhere, 2 panzer 4’s came at me and put me at
    two crew and almost all my modules where damaged critically. I survived the
    ordeal and killed them both, successfully capping A. I decided to hold down
    the line where I got bum rushed by 12 enemies varying in bt5s, t26s, more
    panzer 4s, and I got tracked. I somehow bounced shot after shot, and killed
    them all after being shot at point blank and rammed. I was easily MVP, and
    had no idea how I survived an assault by 12 tanks AT ONCE.

  179. I WANT STURMTIGER!!!!!!!!!

  180. My best games were in the panzer 3s when British tanks came out, the 50 mm
    is unbelievably accurate and the Brits had massive driver hatches

  181. I had an invincible moment yesterday in World of Tanks in the Dicker Max, I
    was knocked down to 300hp and I managed to knock out 6 out of 7 enemy

  182. Brandon Fitzgerald


  183. baron von swag in the houseeee whaddup peeeeps rack it!!!

  184. baron da gangsta

  185. Baron, play the T26E4 super pershing. You had some premium footage, but no
    gameplay! Let Murica have an upgrade!

  186. All those repairs must’ve cost you a fortune

  187. “you dont have balls”

    -slick 2016

  188. Rafael Lemgruber

    that happens to me A LOT when i’m in the Jagdpanzer IV

  189. You know, my epic fail moment was when I was in the American m3 lee and my
    gun and engine were damage, I decided to drive up hill to repair. This is
    gets funny. An enemy german tank came right in-front of my and of all the
    moments I repaired right there and I was stuck there with a 2 minute repair
    and I couldn’t do anything otherwise it would stop. During those 2 very
    long minutes the german tank continued firing shot after shot at my front,
    and they kept bouncing. 2 minutes later I repair, 1 shot and he dies.

  190. theoverworked farmer

    Baron plz do some br 2 tanks

  191. baron is going into the phlydaily intro style

  192. I’ve had a few “Invincible” games with the American 105mm. :D

  193. Slick owned this one :D

  194. Your inrto is genius????

  195. Its an american tiger 2 (h)
    Finally something that doesn’t suck balls for anerica


  197. T-28, cause… y’know… hey Barron I wanna see you play that

  198. srleraja Srleraja

    Bt-5 I was invincible in it..until a plane….

  199. Baron, why aren’t you making videos with Phly anymore?

  200. HDAnimeFightz Kami

    t 34 57 I got shot and penned 7 times and got 7 kills lol and survived the

  201. One time, in Arcade, I was using a British Tretarch mk 1, and I went on an
    absolute fucking killstreak. 15 kills with it before I burnt down.

  202. that T-44 were secretly stalking and saving your ass baron!
    he use the russian bias power.

  203. How fo you have a crosshair for bombs at realistic battles??? I never have

  204. please kill yourself

  205. In my T29 I had a game on Carpathians where I was 15-2 and I won the game
    for my team the 2 was because I had back ups was a really good game for me.

  206. TheEpicCrumpet 69

    i have been invincible one time with a T34 100

  207. TheEpicCrumpet 69

    i have been invincible one time with a T34 100

  208. I had a similar game in a sherman on Jungle map. They shot me so many
    times, engine, transmission, 2 crew members and tracks gone. They’ve put
    artillery on me like 2-3 times and it was hitting inches from my tank. Got
    11 kills in that game. In that moment the music “The Descent by Kevin
    MacLeod” was playing in my head. Most epic moment I’ve ever had in War

  209. 6:03

    Baron come on mate you know well that that boxy metal object isn’t a rock.

  210. Harrison Rawlinson

    Baron, I love ur videos man but can I ask something? In your intros, don’t
    put as much of the games content in? It’s just a little complaint but it
    feels like a spoiler as I know what is going to happen. Thanks

  211. Intro: Luckiest Moddafucka out there

  212. Jumbo76 shot by tiger2 3times none pen

  213. new intro music is pretty cool

  214. Baron Von Hacking

  215. M4A3 105mm Derp

    Versing PzIV F2

    All crew shotout apart from Gunner and Driver

    Survived the whole game whilst being shot from all sides

  216. Baron for your intro get someone to remix it so its all aircraft guns
    firing, like brrrrrr, brr, burrrr, brrrrr brrrrrrrru buuuhrrrrrr is an a-10
    firing, and the dun Unun dun Unun in the background is like a ac-130 40 mm
    firing then there’s like the 105 mm and everything that would sound cool

  217. The invincible bf-109 f-4 in a 6.7 game.

  218. Michael Richards

    Nope, never had those games. There is a reason my tank has “Fire Ball”
    sprayed on it’s side.

  219. nice intro ∆_∆

  220. is3 again please please…

  221. i was in one of the first Russian tanks and was on a hill in the middle of
    the map with no cover and got like 12 kills and survived the entire game

  222. what song is at 0:33? Kinna cool

  223. Baron, plz take out the panther II.

  224. Rip baron, I didn’t mean to bump you at the end

  225. there should be Warships in War Thunder or maybe their working on that I
    thought of this by that how there is the map Pearl Harbor and a few other
    harbor maps in the game which would be suiting Warship maps and there is
    even a warship on the War Thunder logo with warships that would add a small
    tier the Australian tier tanks and warships only…

  226. T 34-85 (that better) and JAK 9 (chose you favorite)

  227. Baron,can you make La-15 review?

  228. Oh my ! Shitballs

  229. one of them rocket tanks

  230. T29 GONE SEXUAL!!!

  231. Darth Revan Peace Is A Lie

    I live for these games

  232. If only I could afford the Centurion Advanced Pack, things would be more
    fun. But Nooo.. :(

  233. commander 7777777

    I remember i had an amazing game with a m24 chaffee and the enemy consisted
    of lo armored pz 4s and i snapshoted most of them and survived the whole

  234. T-34 42 mod got a triple ace :D

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