I’m quitting WoT

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System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. I completly disagree….if you say WoT has BECOME bad..because that is just not true.
    I get that you get tired of it that is completly normal you can’t play a game forever. But don’t blame the game or wargaming for making the game worse because that is just a lie.
    Now I’m going through your critics and try to explain why they are not Justify in the sense of game has become worse.
    1.Play hulldown heavy shoot premium etc… well yeah thats most of the game of a heavy with good turret armor always has been e.g. is-7.
    2.Shooting gold…well that certainly has become “worse” but you just have to accept that Gold Ammo is part of the game and you can certainly afford it without spending any money on the game to shoot a lot of Gold that is not pay to win and just a matter of your personal economy and accepting that this is part of the game.
    3.getting shit on by arty….are you fucking kiding me your are saying that arty got worse???? I don’t know I rather get shot 5 times and be annoyed than being one shoted and going next battle before even doing anything…arty got better by alot and restricted by numbers per teams. Arty is annoying but it got less annoying over the years with changes by wargaming.
    4.Pay to win aspects with overpowered premiums..well premiums are very strong for a long time now BUT that is not necassarily pay to win as a lot of the strongest premiums were also marathons e.g. Caernarvon AX, EBR, Bourrasque etc… I would argue play to win! Also Wargaming is also buffing a lot of tech trees tanks nowadays Panther, Tiger 2, Caernarvon etc.. to bring it more on pair with the prems! So that is something that got worse but more recently a lot better again no reason to blame wargaming now.
    5. Bad map design…it is kinda hard to make balanced map that look good and be alot of them and than also being perfectly balanced I think the maps are fine and not really worse than they really were in the past especially nowadays you can actually lock maps so why don’t you just ban mInes if you don’t like it?
    6. Well EBR…I don’T really have a problem with it because most people cant really drive it and the problem really is that it is hard to hit and that is something people are getting better and better as the mindset for leading the shot for the speed are learned by more and more players. SOmething nice about the EBR that they can counter both arty and does half asleep hiding TDs camper. it made the game a little faster. what is the problem of getting spotted in the beginning? adapt to it wtf?!
    7. realisation The Game is not getting any better..that is the problem the game is not the problem it actually got a lot better but you apparently want an excuse to stop playing it and in my opinion it is not ok to blame the game for it that you got tired of it
    8. other lights become uselss..well they are certainly not as effective in spotting but they can certainly still play the support role as they mostly played anyway. Didn’t you say that LTs were always useless way in the past thats why you don’t like to play them?
    But I do have to say that I don’t really play LT as I can’t really play them and just welcome EBRs as they can really break some hardcore bush camps on some maps.
    9. Games are pointless to be a part of…well thats the biggest conformation bias I have heard in a while easy to show why: are you a good player? do you have more than 50% winrate conistently?… if yes than you certainly have impact…wtf
    I don’t want to hate you foch and I understand that at some point you want to stop playing the always same game but the reasoning here is just not reasonable.

    • You must be some WarGAYing worker haha, because the BS that you are saying is pile of crap x) I agree with Foch 10000%, this game became total trash, and all normal sensible people are quitting it…and there are more and more bots in it, to compensate those that left, so they can maintain the record-breaking number of “active players x). The gaming experience today VS 7 years ago (when i started) is just horrendous, and one must be really desperate to play it and lose their time in this crap. If you are not there yet, maybe you are not “mature” enough to realize all this, and you are lying to yourself because you are paying them for this trash haha and so you will need some additional time to realize what a waste of time and money this is 🙂

    • lol this game has sucked for years.

      artillery is literally the dumbest mechanic i have ever seen in any online game, and ive been playing games for 15 years.

      edit: I don’t even watch sirfoch’s videos or twitch, never have, never really liked the guy’s content, no disrespect intended, so no im not a shill.

  2. he’ll be back , i dunno if anyone has really successfully quit WoT, i been playing since closed beta , i hate almost the entire game and everything thats going on in it, AND i’m not even a good player, like that is the part i dont really understand about this quiting move, because like this other dude says, if you dont have 48% win ratio, 1100 avg wn8, 920 avg dmg per game then your still doing fine, like in the game you are not having THAT many one sided battles because it’s not impacting your win ratio and other stats, people like me though, it’s really difficult because there is no excuse really, there is nothing to blame, we are just not good enough players to change the outcome of battle, and also not good enough to have decent numbers even when we lose. i cannot even get a reward tank, i simply am not good enough nor am i lucky enough, i couldnt even finish my bonus mission today, be top player by damage done, because i never do the most damage hardly ever, maybe 1 out of 100 games, my win ratio for yesterday was 36% out of the 25 battles i did, and yet i cant quit, because i have thousands of dollars into the game (over the decade ive been playing)

    and those few times when your having a good night and your on the wining side over and over and your doing double your wn8 somehow even though you play the same way as always, it feels awesome, then the streak ends, and it’s back to loss mode, ive tried to quit , i made it for about a year then i came back, as bad as the game is, there just isnt anything like it thats better 🙁

  3. Old player and viewer here (started 2012 and watching Foch since 2013). I would like to thank You, sir, for everything. Back in the XVM days I started watching you as yellow/green player, progressing to 3100+ WN8 thanks to guys like You. I have nice nostalgia in me, remembering your rage reviews, 30h streams, Xmas refugee streams, Circon platoons etc. You sold the E50M to me, You showed me a lot of usefull positions (Mines pocket etc.) I used your stream as a backround while doing house cleaning, listening to RASHA DADA COMRADE commentary. I am really sad to see You go, however, I totally understand. Shitton of new tanks were implemented, games are faster, imbalanced and strange lately, the OGs are outdated. Anyways, I wish you all the best in Your future. It would be nice to upload your last stream to YT as a nice farewell, alternatively compilation of your best moments would be really nice. F

  4. Game has been broken for years. Nothing but gold spammers, idiotic speed tanks, same 6 maps, too many arty, illegal mods, bots, etc, etc. Game is solely for pro players, unicums, cheaters, surely not for newer or us average or below average players. RNG broken, MM is MASSIVELY BROKEN BEYOND REPAIR. A better name for this game is WORN….Worn Out Rigged Nonsense. Click “Battle” and one team is completely wiped out in 3 or 4 minutes….so utterly boring. It has been a long time coming for sure. It was a good run WOT, but the time has come for this broken game to just die.
    As always……gg MM.

  5. War thunder welcomes you

  6. Vytautas Vaiciunas

    My respect for using normal ammo. Gold ammo is clearly a cheating to negate one of the main mechanics of the game. When WG will fix their own game?

  7. Wishing you all the best for the future Foch! Been here since 2012 and couldn’t agree with you more on the direction WoT is headed. I’ve gone from playing daily to the odd session every few weeks now and definitely enjoying it more for it. Can’t wait to see the new direction you’re headed with the channel, would love to see you get stuck into some rallying sims like WRC9 or Dirt Rally 2.0 as well as ACC. Good luck!

  8. 123 … the WG employees moms club almost complete

  9. Thought about getting back… I think I won’t.
    1. The release of the Defender was the point where I quit, it was like WG confessing that P2W is a thing and it seems like the trend continues. When premiums were first released, they usually had very good armor, medicore/bad guns and/or medicore/bad mobility which got compensated by better MM. It’s been quite balanced. I think the Type 59 was the first Tank to break that rule. Beeing as good or even better than many Tier 8’s back than AND having pref. MM.
    2. Furthermore, I got the feeling that many of the Maps (for instance Mines) are not suited for T10 matches because of the massive size of tanks and high view ranges. I personally enjoyed Tier 5-7 the most.
    3. On the gold spam, it’s been a huge mistake to remove many weakspots. Back in the day, when you couldn’t penetrate an enemy, you would look for a weakspot (most of the time, copulas, lower plates, cheeks or MG spots), so you could improve your performance with knowledge. Gold rounds, for me, were like a lender of last resort to make sure you get a final blow done.
    4. Powercreep and Loss of the “stone, paper, scissors”-principal. To be honest, the loss of that principal is inevitable when adding new tanks with new features but it’s still an issue. Back in the day, WoT had two layers of differentiation. Nations and Tank Types. For instance, German tanks were accurate and clunky with unsloped armor. Soviet Tanks were high dmg, low accuracy and medicore armor and mobility (they were still said to be somewhat OP back than), American Tanks were jacks of all trades with great gun depression and France had the unique autoloader. The principle is still intact even though it vanished a little bit (especially because of powercreep). However, the balance between tank classes (Heavy, Medium, Light TD (turreted/unturreted) tends to get out of hand. Right now, Heavy Tanks are dominating. Well, that’s not a new phenomenon. There were times where Arty’s were OP (btw. I think WG fixed them in a good manner), followed by OP TD’s (which made Heavys bad), followed by OP Meds (which made lights obsolete) and now we have a heavy/EBR meta. The point is, that WG uses powercreep to make people play and buy new tanks. With more than 300 Tanks, they simply can’t keep track of balancing and Premium Tanks tend to be the best Tier 8’s because people drive them with 6 perks crew to grind credits and have fun and WG makes money from sales and thus has an incentive to make premiums OP.
    5. Misc. They started selling the preorder tanks again some years (breaking their word/promise) ago and similar greedy stuff.

    However, there are good things:
    – Graphics, physics and computer optimization improved greatly
    – MM improved a lot
    – A lot of new Tanks and Nations
    – Challenges to get “free” premiums (though, they are little too hard I think)
    – Arty re-balance
    – Black market
    (premiums for credits or rare premiums for gold)
    – New maps and playmodes
    – Fun events for Christmas, Helloween etc.
    – Tutorial for new players (The new player experience is still shit though)

    We just have to admit to ourselves that World of Tanks is WG’s cash cow. They change the game so that they can generate more money. It’s a balance between profit maximization and player satisfaction (so that the game is kept alive). Period. I wish it would be otherwise. I wish they would try to enlarge their playerbase and try harder to balance out maps and especially Tanks (including going back to their old premium tank and weakspot policy). But that won’t happen. So we have to make the decision weather to take the game as it is, or leave it. I can fully relate tp Foch, there is no right or wrong decision.
    I think SerB once said in a QA: “Don’t like artys? Don’t play the game than.”
    I wish you all the best.

  10. I.ve always agreed with you but what we all didn.t understand i think is the fact that this game is made especially for the russian market.otherwise i can.t explain their obsession for the russian bias.although the numbers are dropping there too it seems that the bussiness is still working.don.t know what to say…i was preffering you to fk them up everyday,to show them how retarded they are instead of quiting…

  11. I completely understand why you are dong this. The game is certainly becoming more and more one sided and difficult to make a difference

  12. True. Even Skill4ltu says Gold is the only way for other tanks, like the AMX 50B. And nowadays, if you play with Gold ammo you completely dominate the game. Take a look at the top players in the game. Do they use Regular Ammo? They wouldnt. Otherwise their Wn8 will flop.

    Good luck SirFoch, hey if you are looking for a new game to feel some new air with with why not play these:

    Warthunder = Wot but different mechanics

    Genshin Impact = Gacha Game with great gameplay

    Dark Souls = Death Extravaganza but the more you play the stronger you get

  13. Will make sure to stop by and support the new content

  14. Considering how much you dissed this game over the years and how honest you came off as while doing it, I’m not surprised. I am happy for you, because I expect quitting WoT will significantly improve your psychological health, seriously. Good luck for the future!

  15. Probably one of many, I have had the same feeling about uninstalling this game almost 2 years now because of the reasons mentioned in the video. It started with 268V4

  16. @TheFochYou I am 100 percent F2P with accounts on both SEA and EU servers. Let me say this. I understand all the points you have made and they are valid. However , there is something else you need to consider. Compared to some other games I feel the devs are at least doing something to get things moving. Of course they have a lot to do in the area of balance. However, it’s something with which I can work.
    Couple of months back I played the game regularly and then dropped and started to play another game which I’ll admit is different but there devs actually DON’T DO SQUAT.
    So this is what I do, from time to time I play WOT and I get lucky with a few good games and of course the rest are terrible. So if you try to minimize the time spent on this you get more enjoyment. Also I have given up on marking as I’ve realized it’s not worth the effort. Whatever marks I have I will be content with it. This has helped me to stress less playing this game. Perhaps if you adopt this sort of approach it might help out. Cheers!

  17. Simracing is good. Don’t limit to only ACC though. Even though it’s the best GT simulator at the moment.

  18. You’re speaking right out of my mouth. This game is sh1t.

  19. Totally agree with u

  20. It’s a good thing that you’ve made a decision and didn’t stayed in constant frustration. But it sounded like a generic “i’m leaving wot” post on reddit or any other wot community forum. May be you just can’t adapt to nowadays wot anymore. Anyway, good luck with simracing!

  21. Good call. I quit this game almost 3 years ago now (actually I played like 300+ battles since then which is almost nothing compared the time I used to waste) and didn’t regret that decision a single second.

    Approach WG took back in 2016 was beginning of the end of this game for me. Ruining competitive game, debalancing the game, basically forcing people to spam gold, introducing OP prem tanks on regular basis(it all started with Scorpion G and yet it is weak, out of meta tank now – it hasn’t been nerfed, newer tanks were even more OP).

    Game is supposed to be fun. There is no fun in being shitted every day by wargaming.

  22. Gg man I remember watching u with jingles, and I’ll miss those times

  23. Hope with ACC can have more fun Foch, thanks for all the content<3

  24. Give me Ur ACC if u dont play

  25. Pass to War Thunder Foch! It has some equally shitty devs but at least is fun.

  26. You won’t regret it. The game has been shit for ages, anyone that argues is just a huge fan boy with zero logic.

  27. Whatever makes you happy…. Well, not really, it’s mostly: whatever makes you money and doesn’t make you depressed.
    I guess the depression this game is causing is increasingly difficult to overcome (I wouldn’t know, I quit this game 2-3 years ago for good).
    Hopefully people enjoy your style and watching you play, whatever it is you play. Best of luck dude!

  28. you should sell your account after you uninstall

  29. I am going to miss you sir. You were one of the few who called the trash out for what it was.

    Looking forward to what you do next!

  30. Man, watching Foch streams carried me through high school, kind of unbelievable that it’s about to end. But I guess we all grow up, so cheers Foch! Thank you for the good times, and best of luck in the future.

  31. WOT has turned into shit fest , pay to win , the only interest WG have in the player base is to suck ever dollar out of your wallet

  32. Best of luck with ACC, that said I would love to see you play some other, story based games from time to time as well. Your Mafia 2 streams were some of the best I’ve ever seen.

  33. Thank you for good content, sad that you are leaving

  34. SirFoch, I started a new clan to express my opinion for WOT in few years ago. (hopefully you can make some opinion about that :D)
    This clan is only suitable for the haters of OP tanks in World of Tanks.

    Hi, Wargaming! If you want more player to enjoy, relax, excite, pay real money and having fun when playing World of Tanks, please review your tank balancing as soon as possible.

    For example,

    STOP Introducing any premium tank which is better then its counter part when comparing over all stats

    NERF High Win Rate Tanks (Including Premium Tanks!)

    RETURN AP/APCR/HEAT shells of SPGs and REMOVE STUN Mechanism


    If you feel annoying when against over-powered vehicles in World of Tanks, feel free to join this clan to support a balanced game play environment in WOT.

    For Reference

    NEW OP stupid tank LT-432, EBRss

    Completely OP Tank
    T10- 430U, 907, IS-7, 268V4,Chieftain
    T9- 430, 53/55
    T8- 4190, Nameless
    T7- 1357, E25
    T6- 64, 3485M

    Slightly OP Tank
    T10- 100LT, 140, P65, 5A, 277, S. Conqueror
    T9- T54LT, 257,T54
    T8- 5/1,P46,T-44-100,Type59,T54P1, 50TP, 252,Skorpion G,IS-3A
    T7- T71DA, T29, 100M1
    T6- M44

  35. wonderful, i will quit too someday…this game is the worst thing what has happened to me. For me RNG is broken, unicums have better rng than rest ones, unfair, shit game.

  36. I quit 2 years ago, because of the same reasons, it gets boring and you can’t play the game without premium and gold.

  37. I’m glad you decided to stop suffering in that shitty game, man. I will miss your content. It’s funny, I’m still getting your 6-8 year old “Is it worth the grind?” videos in my recommended. The only reason why I touched wot at all in the past ~4 years was because of your videos, I hope the new ones will be similarly salty.

  38. Good Luck Foch, I feel your pain.

  39. You dont have to be such a diva about quitting. Just say that you got bored with the game and you want to try something else. Dont have to try and trash the game for everyone else. For example you did not even mention the new game modes. Also i think the equipment 2.0 is nice, since half of the old equipment was completely useless. While there is real criticism (especially EBR), but you come off like a whiny b who was left by gf.

  40. Congrat’s, i feel the same way about WOT. Thats why i stop plaing it a 2 years ago.I am a sim racer in Iracing. For me the Assetto corsa is great, but Iracing is the best sim right now. If you never try it give it a shot, you will not regret.

  41. Good luck for future endeavours mate. Your unbiased opinions about the game really made us think differently. And do let us know if you are making another chanel for different content. Best wishes and Regards.

  42. Good luck out there with your next endeavors SirFoch! Very encouraging to see someone who has so much stake in this product to declare he’s had enough. I quit WoT back in 2017 but kept up watching your videos and occasionally streams to have that tiny taste of a game I used to love but would never want to play again. Now seeing your decision is probably going to give me the final push to quit World of Warships too, a game that I was already on the way out of. I’m such an idiot, taking up another Wargaming game after I left WoT somehow thinking they wouldn’t make the exact same mistakes all over again. Yet here we are, another rather unique and complex game powercrept to hell and consistently dumbed down to the lowest common denominator.
    I hope your skill, sense of humor (and killer taste in music) will see you through on whatever you choose to do next, be that streaming or not.

  43. Whqt about the acount

  44. Started playing the game in 2012 and tbh I always thought the meta revolved too heavily around broken mechanics and unbalanced features. It became very apparent that new content was purposely made overpowered. Players would then spend money to rush experience in order to stay current in the meta. Don’t get me wrong the early days were rough with PTW gold shells and tier Vs getting matched with tier Xs, but the game was so forward thinking that it didn’t really matter.

  45. If you fell that you don’t have impact on game what about me? Average Joe? I do struggle as shit in game. It 8s 5 minutes tsunami.

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