Im So Happy To Be Out Of This CHINESE POS

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Source: LemmingRush

tbh its not the tank its the mm


  1. KaiserSchnitzel

    lol @ chinese mediums that you can skip

  2. Lem, You know you’re getting lazy when you enunciate acronyms…

  3. Great video as always Lemming but I found it hilarious that you enjoy this tank. I mean whats the point in playing undsrpowered T-34?

  4. My personal record is 39 losses in arrow.

  5. I have more wtf are you doing rage moments at T5 than any other tier. I have found lately that I’m enjoying tier 7 the most

  6. Whenever I’m in a chinese tank I feel like I’m being penalised for choosing the wrong communist tech tree.
    Edit: 5:00 Pz IVH derp fired AP instead of HE, they deserved to die 😉

  7. Finally done with the Type T-34, got the 59-16 and Type 58 researched so now i can sell it, getting the 58 for sure but don’t know if i should go down Chinese light line.

  8. Lemming Rush is so pissed at the start, like me all the time with a shit row of games

  9. Leon Felipe Banegas

    Some days/weeks ago you loved this thing.. heck you even call it a seal clubbing machine… what in the name of soviet jesus just happened?

  10. I enjoyed that tank

  11. Dylan van der Velden

    idk what today was man. on empires border i was in my kv 2 and within 4 minutes only 5 of us left. wtfffff.

  12. OI Exp often use the stock gun because its derp

  13. Dude I love your laugh, it sounds kinda like Tommy Wisseau’s 😀

  14. “I love playing tier five” next vid “I fucking hate playing tier 5”

  15. Yousef Sangkula

    Lemming X Taugrim Platoon Please ????

  16. I had far better stats with the type t-34 and the Type 58 than I did with their russian originals. Despite grinding the chinese versions first. Something about the Type 58 in particular just somehow worked for me.

  17. No more T5 tanking? It is a ton of fun watching something other than T10 games all time, regardless of whose video it is. Keep up the excellent game play.

  18. Justin McNuggets

    He said lmao… Unsubbed.

  19. Lemming your philosophical attitude to losses is admirable…I’d be kicking kittens and vomiting …LOL all those 3-15 losses make me mental.

  20. Done with 1 pos on to the next pos

  21. LemmingRush I’m curious as to what your thoughts are of the newer French Heavy line (AMX M4 54). I’m on the tier 9 and honestly I’ve loved every single one of em

  22. I love my Type T34 I have a 2 marks in it and 71% win rate

  23. Ibrahim Mamdouh

    I love your videos. I was hoping you’d do a video on the Cromwell, I’m almost done grinding it and I’d like to know how to play it as stock. I figured researching and using the howitzer would be fun but I’d like to know the playstyle

  24. Dutchguy From Holland

    Listen to what Lemming says at 5:40 Now listen to the first ten seconds of his previous vid. It made me smile

  25. I know this feeling so well. Wanting to get in your toughest tank and dismantle everyone in sight. How you react to this feeling and the results of this calculated & controlled pissed offedness is what determines real skill imo ahaha

  26. Why exactly do you hate tier V? Imo it’s by far the best tier in WOT. 4-7 tiers have relativelly little imbalance between tanks (except T-29) compared to 8-10 tiers where there are huge disparities between tanks of the same tier, and some ridiculously OP premiums.

  27. Your laugh lol

  28. “I kinda dislike tier 5’s”.

    In his last video he said he really likes tier 5, lul.

  29. how were you playing the chinese light tanks without grinding out the t-34 before now?

  30. The freaking mm got filled by muppets thanks to returning players and insta tier 6 without grinding for new players..

  31. please jesus help me be strong and stop me from reinstalling WoT….amen

  32. Last video, Tier 5s are great. This video : I’m so happy to sell this piece of sh*t !

  33. this is why i dont play tier 9 and 10 because players are the same and a loss costs too much.

  34. Fun fact: Type 58 isn’t a “Chinese knockoff”. It’s just exported Russian T-35-85 in stock configuration and with realistic (5 degrees) gun depression. China never manufactured their own T-34s. Look it up.

  35. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    LR’s laugh is just…

  36. You might want to try the Pz. 3 / 4. Decent gun, good hull armor, really fast

  37. You know when someone has a ton of bad games when they say 800 damage is a good game 4:00

  38. Where is the other game? 4:20

  39. Patience young Jedi. Just imagine how “regular” players feel……..

  40. Hey Lemming, can you post more of your livestreams?? The longer the better! Love your vids and Twitch!

  41. Hey LR, been a while… I hated that line so much as well until I got to tier 7 can’t wait to see what you do in the T-34-1. Been watching a lot of your vids lately almost makes me want to play WOT again after a 2 year break lol.

  42. Hi there, we would like to sponsor you on your channel, let me know if you interested, thanks. Email and Twitter @U4GM_COM

  43. When you realize the tier 6 is probably worse.

  44. Last video: I really love playing tier 5 tanks

    This video: fuck tier 5 tanks

  45. i like the type like 10k games on it ;”D

  46. It’s like Dr. Strangelove, stop worrying and love the bomb. Everything works out when you relax and just accept whatever 🙂

  47. WTF? The video ended so fast I didn’t even press like and had to go back to do it 🙂
    I can’t wait for you to play the T-34-1 – my fav tier7 med

  48. Tawelwch Gaming

    I had fun getting Masters on the tier 4 chinese medium

  49. I generally had good games in the Type T-34. I don’t think it’s amazing, but, it worked well enough and it has a lot of noob stomping potential. It’s armor was also pretty troll for me.

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