I’m so sorry Churchill lovers this video will hurt you inside (War Thunder Phail)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Beautiful Thumbnail – https://live.warthunder.com//684329/en/


  1. This was really fun to watch 😛

  2. You want to play as a team, have a strategy or simply have fun?
    — Get nuked —
    *Slow claps for Gajin*

  3. I believe it’s pronounced


  4. “Imagine Fury but with english tanks”

    Squire already made a video about that cenario.

  5. If given the opportunity, I shoot KV-1’s under the back of the turret where there’s a big gap and the round bit

  6. Glad this did hurt me from the outside….
    Crying in the inside

  7. I like the shirt idea tho have the maus fade away like it got thanos snapped

  8. What a squad, i wish i had a team like that to derp around

  9. 1:07 Glad I joined the Discord. Otherwise I wouldn’t have known Culusion was a fucking weeb. Cheers, mate.

  10. I love islanders and their affiliates accents. Says a German 🙂

  11. FYI Fury with British tanks is basically the book “tramp in armour” which is about a Matilda 2 and it’s crew trapped behind enemy lines at the time of the Dunkirk retreat. An old book, but well worth a read if you can get a copy.

  12. Stalin’s ghost ü x

    I don’t play war thunder often but I’m pretty god on Kursk I wish you tired that with me in a game

    God guys I’m just shit talking calm down

  13. Finally, I said it in the last Brümmbär video and I’ll say it again.

    This map is either a blessing or a Kursk.

  14. Comrade Moist Nugget #0101

    Can we get a Girls und panzer video??

  15. How are you playing British and Japanese at the same time? Cant do that in rb right?

  16. 20:05 – Begins Smoking the Bong in victory celebration.
    20:19 – Gets bomb’d by the German FCS.

  17. Love MK V7 been top tank lots of battles with it

  18. Smoke for cover? NO
    Smoke for Bombing instructions? YES

  19. Fury is good except the Tiger I scene. That was just major historical inaccuracy bullshit after another.

  20. God I hate the Churchill.

  21. Nimble_doughnut 97

    You should have a anti air with you guys next time you go out in a formation, it might be a little safer. ? keep er goin phly

  22. PE 8 is a No Fun Police. Like carriers in world of warships

  23. pe8 is so fuckin broken.

  24. Phly plz respond to my message you wont be disappointed!!

  25. I know a fair bit of Japanese and even the lyrics of some Japanese songs, and when you started playing Silhouette when you looked at that pink Chi-Ri II at the start, I starting singing along. I have no idea what that makes me.

  26. 30 to 40 minute videos would be amazing

  27. I love the churchill but u hav to angle it

  28. You might hide 4 Churchills in the middle of a field where the Tigers can’t see them, but you do make a perfect bomb target. 🙂

  29. Me too phly. Every time.

  30. You havent played T-62 for a along time

  31. Pe-8s are just getting ridicolous. Even BUILDINGS on cologne don’t stop them.

  32. It’s missing the meme British Grenadier song

  33. Finally u play Churchill

  34. 9:24 – where to shoot – turret ring, even Matilda can do this 🙂

  35. Proposed question Phly, BMPT-72 Ramka “Terminator” or no?

  36. Play naval battle and use plane to kamikaze
    Attemp #1
    Trust me its work!

  37. make a video of a jumbo formation

  38. The sillhouette theme went hard 0:58

  39. Maus: I’m not feeling too well …….

  40. 19:53
    So glorious!!!!

  41. they remove the coelian because it’s immune to bullets…
    they replace it with ostwind II which is just as easy to kill as the regular ostwind
    ….TANK RB and still catering to plane players

  42. Love the memes

  43. Lieutenant-Александр War Thunder

    Do Girls Und Panzer Stuff

  44. Creeper Aw man

  45. What about the Charioteer? It’s never been featured here!

    Thanks for everything Phly and the community!

  46. Do a war thunder he111 formation for the further land

  47. Bro will you play Modern Warfare?or any fps games like rainbow six siege,or do more squad and insurgency while waiting for 1.91

  48. British grenadier song, the same our hero Brenton tarrant listened to when he cleansed this world a little from the islamic cancer 🙂

  49. Phly be like *I’m the leader I’m the leader!!!!

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